CASE Families living in Massachusetts in 1920.
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NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 151}
Herbert E West Boylston, Worcester1882MassachusettsSon-in-law290b
Hattie A  1879MassachusettsDaughter
{Family 152}
Herbert G  West Springfield, Hampden1892MassachusettsHead259
Marguerite F  1891MassachusettsWife
Nancy R  1919MassachusettsDaughter
{Family 153}
Winthrop W  West Springfield, Hampden1864New HampshireHead259
Adeline  1903MassachusettsDaughter
Burnham   1906 MassachusettsSon
{Family 154}
Mary C Westborough, Worcester1868New JerseyInmate199b
{Family 155}
Abbie J  Westfield, Hampden1861New YorkHead247b
{Family 156}
Marion Weston, Middlesex1866MassachusettsHead273
{Family 157}
Samuel L Weymouth, Norfolk 1880 ColoradoHead293b
Sara O 1880ColoradoWife
Nelson P 1905ColoradoSon
{Family 158}
Frank N Williamstown, Berkshire1879VermontHead156b
Almeta 1883VirginiaWife
Sigrid 1908MassachusettsDaughter
Hubert  1910MassachusettsSon
Frank 1912MassachusettsSon
Donald 1915MassachusettsSon
Vicent (Vincent?)1917MassachusettsSon
{Family 159}
Leon R Winchendon, Worcester1890New HampshireHead252
Nellie 1889MassachusettsWife
{Family 160}
Charles L Winchester, Middlesex1865MassachusettsHead4
Harriette F B 1865MassachusettsWife
Charles D 1896New YorkSon
Rhoda B 1900New YorkDaughter
Richard S 1901New YorkSon
Cathleen 1905IllinoisDaughter
{Family 161}
Charles A  Winthrop, Suffolk1878MassachusettsHead285
Annie C1835EnglandMother
{Family 162}
Clarence O  Winthrop, Suffolk1879New YorkHead203
Anna L 1890MassachusettsWife
{Family 163}
Fred M  Woburn, Middlesex1879CanadaHead120b
Ida F  1888MassachusettsWife
William A   1913 MassachusettsSon
Freda M  1914MassachusettsDaughter
Barbara A   1917 MassachusettsDaughter
Ira B   1919 MassachusettsSon
{Family 164}
Ira B Woburn, Middlesex1878CanadaHead212b
Ella M  1887ConnecticutWife
Leroy M 1909MassachusettsSon
{Family 165}
Emma  Worcester Ward 3, Worcester1858MassachusettsLodger82
{Family 166}
Alfred Worcester Ward 3, Worcester1877New YorkHead121
Flemen 1878CanadaWife
Exilda 1907MassachusettsDaughter
Wilfred 1901MassachusettsSon
{Family 167}
Coriene  Worcester Ward 3, Worcester1905MassachusettsRoomer121
Exilda  1899MassachusettsRoomer
{Family 168}
Olive R Worcester Ward 4, Worcester1851MassachusettsMother-in-law235
{Family 169}
Sophie Worcester Ward 4, Worcester1851CanadaHead142b
Adelor William 1889MassachusettsSon
Addelor William 1910MassachusettsGrandson
Hazel 1912MassachusettsGranddaughter
Lucille 1917MassachusettsGranddaughter
{Family 170}
Benjamin F Worcester Ward 4, Worcester1879ConnecticutHead118b
Florence 1888MassachusettsWife
Bernice M 1907MassachusettsDaughter
Robert W 1908MassachusettsSon
Mildred A 1909MassachusettsDaughter
Walter E 1914MassachusettsSon
Evelyn C 1916 MassachusettsDaughter
Lloyd A 1919 MassachusettsSon
{Family 171}
John T Worcester Ward 6, Worcester1887MassachusettsHead11
Mary S 1890MassachusettsWife
John S 1919 MassachusettsSon
{Family 172}
John W Worcester Ward 8, Worcester1857MassachusettsHead173
Bridget A 1858IrelandWife
Russel E 1896MassachusettsSon
{Family 173}
Rena M Worcester Ward 8, Worcester1894MassachusettsLodger109b
Anna M 1885MassachusettsLodger
{Family 174}
James Arling Worcester Ward 8, Worcester1896New JerseyHead192
Margaret 1894PennsylvaniaWife
{Family 175}
Mary Worcester Ward 9, Worcester1847Rhode IslandLodger201b
{Family 176}
Susie W  Worcester Ward 10, Worcester1873MassachusettsHead129
{Family 177}
Frederick H Worcester Ward 10, Worcester1881ConnecticutHead250b
Clara S 1882ConnecticutWife
Frederick H Jr.1909MassachusettsSon
Lebbeus S 1914MassachusettsSon
Phillip II  1920 MassachusettsSon

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