CASE Families living in Massachusetts in 1920.
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This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here.

NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 61}
Winthrop W
Surnames listed Cose
West Springfield, Hampden1864New HampshireHead
AdelineWest Springfield, Hampden1903MassachusettsDaughter
BurnhamWest Springfield, Hampden1901MassachusettsSon
{Family 62}
FrankAmherst, Hampshire1854ConnecticutHead
{Family 63}
Carleton BBelchertown, Hampshire1858New YorkHead
Ella NBelchertown, Hampshire1864WisconsinWife
{Family 64}
Frank EGreenwich, Hampshire1869MichiganHead
Clara LGreenwich, Hampshire1873MichiganWife
Gilbert EGreenwich, Hampshire1896MichiganSon
HellenGreenwich, Hampshire1900MichiganDaughter
{Family 65}
FrankHatfield, Hampshire1890Russia;PolandHead
AlexandriaHatfield, Hampshire1897Russia;PolandWife
AndrewHatfield, Hampshire1917MassachusettsSon
{Family 66}
Esther CNorthampton Ward 3, Hampshire1829EnglandGranddaughter
{Family 67}
Lucy BNorthampton Ward 4, Hampshire1866New JerseyPatient
{Family 68}
John EActon, Middlesex1857MaineHead
Lilly CActon, Middlesex1858New YorkWife
{Family 69}
Walter M
Surnames listed Wynder
Cambridge Ward 8, Middlesex1880DenmarkHead261
Henriette ECambridge Ward 8, Middlesex1882DenmarkWife
John HCambridge Ward 8, Middlesex1903DenmarkSon
{Family 70}
Frederick LEverett Ward 5, Middlesex1886MassachusettsHead
Julia EEverett Ward 5, Middlesex1890MassachusettsWife
{Family 71}
Martha GFramingham, Middlesex 1858New YorkHousekeeper
{Family 72}
Surnames listed Cose
Littleton, Middlesex1836New BrunswickHead
Letitia JLittleton, Middlesex1875MaineDaughter
Myrtle BLittleton, Middlesex1888New BrunswickDaughter
{Family 73}
H W Owtt [Scott]Lowell Ward 6, Middlesex1888New HampshireHead
Marie Lowell Ward 6, Middlesex1889VermontWife
Marie R Lowell Ward 6, Middlesex1914New HampshireDaughter
{Family 74}
Howard BMaynard, Middlesex1883MassachusettsSon-in-law
Esther EMaynard, Middlesex1886CanadaDaughter
James BMaynard, Middlesex1915MassachusettsGrandson
{Family 75}
William BMaynard, Middlesex1852MaineHead
Lucy JMaynard, Middlesex1855MassachusettsWife
{Family 76}
Ralph WMaynard, Middlesex1882MassachusettsHead
SadieMaynard, Middlesex1885MassachusettsWife
Frank WMaynard, Middlesex1905MassachusettsSon
{Family 77}
James EMelrose Ward 7, Middlesex1890MassachusettsHead
MabelMelrose Ward 7, Middlesex1889MassachusettsWife
EilleenMelrose Ward 7, Middlesex1915MassachusettsDaughter
James Jr.Melrose Ward 7, Middlesex1916MassachusettsSon
{Family 78}
Herbert ENewton Ward 4, Middlesex1877Rhode IslandHead
Ada RNewton Ward 4, Middlesex1880Rhode IslandWife
Roger HNewton Ward 4, Middlesex1906GuamSon
Raymond JNewton Ward 4, Middlesex1915MassachusettsSon
{Family 79}
LeroyNorth Reading, Middlesex1890MassachusettsHead
ElizabethNorth Reading, Middlesex1887ScotlandWife
Roger WNorth Reading, Middlesex1918MassachusettsSon
{Family 80}
NellieSomerville Ward 5, Middlesex1869ConnecticutMother-in-law
CharlesSomerville Ward 5, Middlesex1896ConnecticutSon
{Family 81}
HenrySomerville Ward 7, Middlesex1883VermontLodger
{Family 82}
Isabella ETewksbury, Middlesex1871MassachusettsPatient
{Family 83}
AnnieWaltham Ward 5, Middlesex1888NewfoundlandBoarder
{Family 84}
WilliamWatertown, Middlesex1912MassachusettsFather
{Family 85}
LouisWatertown, Middlesex1877AustriaHead
MargaretWatertown, Middlesex1880MassachusettsWife
{Family 86}
MarionWeston, Middlesex1866MassachusettsHead
{Family 87}
Charles LWinchester, Middlesex1865MassachusettsHead
Harriette F BWinchester, Middlesex1865MassachusettsWife
Charles DWinchester, Middlesex1896New YorkSon
Rhoda BWinchester, Middlesex1900New YorkDaughter
Richard SWinchester, Middlesex1901New YorkSon
CathleenWinchester, Middlesex1905IllinoisDaughter
{Family 88}
Charles LWinchester, Middlesex1865MassachusettsHead
Harriett F BWinchester, Middlesex1866MassachusettsWife
Charles DWinchester, Middlesex1896New YorkSon
Rhoda BWinchester, Middlesex1900New YorkDaughter
Richard SWinchester, Middlesex1901New YorkSon
CathleenWinchester, Middlesex1905IllinoisDaughter
{Family 89}
Fred M
Surnames listed Care
Woburn Ward 1, Middlesex1879CanadaHead
Ida FWoburn Ward 1, Middlesex1888MassachusettsWife
William AWoburn Ward 1, Middlesex1912MassachusettsSon
Freda MWoburn Ward 1, Middlesex1913MassachusettsDaughter
Barbara AWoburn Ward 1, Middlesex1916MassachusettsDaughter
Ira BWoburn Ward 1, Middlesex1918MassachusettsSon
{Family 90}
Ira BWoburn Ward 4, Middlesex1878CanadaHead
Ella M Woburn Ward 4, Middlesex1887ConnecticutWife
Leroy MWoburn Ward 4, Middlesex1909MassachusettsSon

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