CASE Families living in Louisiana in 1920.
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NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 31}
John Police Jury Ward 2, St Martin1855LouisianaHead66
Sabra 1862LouisianaWife
John 1880LouisianaSon
William 1884LouisianaSon
Ernest 1892LouisianaSon
Frank 1893LouisianaSon66b
George 1895LouisianaSon
Dan 1910LouisianaAdopted Son
{Family 32}
Curry [Cyrus]Police Jury Ward 2, St Martin1888LouisianaHead
Ethel 1890LouisianaWife
Hilda 1913LouisianaDaughter
Victor 1913LouisianaSon
Harry 1916LouisianaSon
{Family 33}
James Police Jury Ward 2, St Martin1888LouisianaHead65
Rose 1888LouisianaWife
Emma 1907LouisianaDaughter
Samueal 1910LouisianaSon
Regnald 1912LouisianaSon
Hebert 1914LouisianaSon
Harold 1916LouisianaSon
Margeret 1918LouisianaDaughter
{Family 34}
Elmer E Police Jury Ward 4, Allen1862New YorkHead189
Elizabeth 1855LouisianaWife
{Family 35}
Meta Police Jury Ward 4, Caldwell1903LouisianaDaughter247b
{Family 36}
Nittie Police Jury Ward 4, De Soto1830LouisianaHead157
{Family 37}
Agnes Police Jury Ward 4, East Baton Rouge1901CaliforniaAdopted Daughter77b
{Family 38}
William (Surnames listed Rose)Police Jury Ward 5, Allen1874MichiganHead232
{Family 39}
Harry T Police Jury Ward 5, De Soto1877PennsylvaniaHead214
Allice E 1876IowaWife
Theadore H 1898New YorkSon
Irine 1900PennsylvaniaDaughter
Dorthy 1905PennsylvaniaDaughter
{Family 40}
Robert Police Jury Ward 5, St John the Baptist1895MississippiBoarder256b
{Family 41}
Sylvester Police Jury Ward 6, East Feliciana 1917LouisianaGrandson141
{Family 42}
James M Police Jury Ward 7, Franklin1876MississippiHead183
Mary 1876MississippiWife
Agnes 1901MississippiDaughter
Willie E 1912MississippiSon
{Family 43}
John E Roseland, Tangipahoa1860MississippiHead21b
Mary J 1863MississippiWife
Isaac H 1904MississippiSon
Nollie M 1903MississippiGrandson
Gracie M 1907MississippiGranddaughter
{Family 44}
Otis A Roseland, Tangipahoa1894MississippiHead22b
Alma E 1895LouisianaWife
Clarence V 1918LouisianaSon

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