CASE Families living in Louisiana in 1920.
This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here.

NameLocationBirth Year
+- 1 year
Birth State RelationshipPage #
{Family 1}
Jerome KKinder, Allen1888LouisianaHead
AnnieKinder, Allen1887LouisianaWife
ThelmaKinder, Allen1908LouisianaDaughter
FloydKinder, Allen1910LouisianaSon
NewtonKinder, Allen1912LouisianaSon
{Family 2}
Elmer EPolice Jury Ward 4, Allen1862New YorkHead
ElizabethPolice Jury Ward 4, Allen1855LouisianaWife
{Family 3}
Surnames listed Rose
Police Jury Ward 5, Allen1874MichiganHead
AnnaPolice Jury Ward 5, Allen1888TexasWife
HowardPolice Jury Ward 5, Allen1909LouisianaSon
MaryPolice Jury Ward 5, Allen1913LouisianaDaughter
{Family 4}
Surnames listed Cace
Arcadia, Bienville1893MississippiHead
ErmaArcadia, Bienville1903MississippiWife
{Family 5}
Lane Police Jury Ward 1, Bossier 1892LouisianaBoarder
{Family 6}
William S
Surnames listed Care
Police Jury Ward 2, Caddo1870IowaHead
PearlPolice Jury Ward 2, Caddo1888UtahWife
{Family 7}
John Police Jury Ward 2, Caddo1872ArkansasHead7b
Louisa Police Jury Ward 2, Caddo1882ArkansasWife
Louise Police Jury Ward 2, Caddo1909LouisianaDaughter
I L Police Jury Ward 2, Caddo1911LouisianaSon
{Family 8}
Surnames listed Roeae
Shreveport Precinct 1, Caddo1890TexasHead83b
EabraShreveport Precinct 1, Caddo1892TexasWife
Clarence JShreveport Precinct 1, Caddo1911TexasSon
{Family 9}
Meta Police Jury Ward 4, Caldwell1903LouisianaDaughter247b
{Family 10}
Milton Homer, Claiborne1870TexasRoomer
{Family 11}
Elisa JJennings, Jefferson Davis1837IndianaHead
RuthJennings, Jefferson Davis1878WisconsinDaughter
AliceJennings, Jefferson Davis1903LouisianaGranddaughter
EthelJennings, Jefferson Davis1905LouisianaGranddaughter
William LeeJennings, Jefferson Davis1907LouisianaGrandson
{Family 12}
Nittie Police Jury Ward 4, De Soto1830LouisianaHead157
{Family 13}
Harry T Police Jury Ward 5, De Soto1877PennsylvaniaHead
Allice E Police Jury Ward 5, De Soto1876IowaWife
Theadore H Police Jury Ward 5, De Soto1898New YorkSon
Irine Police Jury Ward 5, De Soto1900PennsylvaniaDaughter
Dorthy Police Jury Ward 5, De Soto1905PennsylvaniaDaughter
{Family 14}
AgnesPolice Jury Ward 4, East Baton Rouge1901CaliforniaAdopted Daughter
{Family 15}
Albert Lake Providence, East Carroll1858TennesseeHead
Sylvia Lake Providence, East Carroll1860GeorgiaWife
{Family 16}
Sylvester Police Jury Ward 6, East Feliciana1917LouisianaGrandson
{Family 17}
James M Police Jury Ward 7, Franklin1876MississippiHead
Mary Police Jury Ward 7, Franklin1876MississippiWife
Agnes Police Jury Ward 7, Franklin1901MississippiDaughter
Willie E Police Jury Ward 7, Franklin1912MississippiSon
{Family 18}
Charles LNew Orleans Ward 8, Orleans1870LouisianaHead273
Daisy RNew Orleans Ward 8, Orleans1895MississippiWife
Marie LNew Orleans Ward 8, Orleans1853LouisianaMother
Leslie BNew Orleans Ward 8, Orleans1897LouisianaSon (Brother?)
{Family 19}
TheodoreNew Orleans Ward 11, Orleans1877LouisianaHead
LydiaNew Orleans Ward 11, Orleans1880LouisianaWife
HenryNew Orleans Ward 11, Orleans1906LouisianaSon
ElliottNew Orleans Ward 11, Orleans1915LouisianaSon
LouiseNew Orleans Ward 11, Orleans1908LouisianaDaughter
LydiaNew Orleans Ward 11, Orleans1910LouisianaDaughter
DoriaNew Orleans Ward 11, Orleans1912LouisianaDaughter
KaieNew Orleans Ward 11, Orleans1914LouisianaDaughter
MarthaNew Orleans Ward 11, Orleans1918LouisianaDaughter
{Family 20}
SamNew Orleans Ward 11, Orleans1881LouisianaHead
{Family 21}
Gordon Staples
Surname listed Care
New Orleans Ward 12, Orleans1889TennesseeBoarder118b
{Family 22}
Thomas DNew Orleans Ward 12, Orleans1882MississippiLodger
AnnaNew Orleans Ward 12, Orleans1888ArkansasLodger
Rose MNew Orleans Ward 12, Orleans1913MississippiLodger
{Family 23}
Juliet New Orleans Ward 14, Orleans1874LouisianaHead
F FrankNew Orleans Ward 14, Orleans1899LouisianaSon
{Family 24}
FlorenceNew Orleans Ward 14, Orleans1883North CarolinaMaid
{Family 25}
Glenn ENew Orleans Ward 15, Orleans1899ConnecticutNaval Academy175
{Family 26}
Louis BurtonNew Orleans Ward 17, Orleans1849IndianaHead
MaryNew Orleans Ward 17, Orleans1855AlabamaWife
{Family 27}
T A Police Jury Ward 2, Ouachita1887MississippiHead38
Bonnie Police Jury Ward 2, Ouachita1892MississippiWife
Ruth Police Jury Ward 2, Ouachita1912LouisianaDaughter38b
Leo Police Jury Ward 2, Ouachita1914LouisianaSon
T J Police Jury Ward 2, Ouachita1916LouisianaSon
{Family 28}
Perry Police Jury Ward 2, Ouachita1884MississippiHead38b
Odis Police Jury Ward 2, Ouachita1913LouisianaSon
Byron Police Jury Ward 2, Ouachita1915LouisianaSon
Gladdis Police Jury Ward 2, Ouachita1915LouisianaDaughter
Vicoria Police Jury Ward 2, Ouachita1834MississippiMother
{Family 29}
Marshel Police Jury Ward 2, Ouachita1901LouisianaSon38b
Louis Police Jury Ward 2, Ouachita1902LouisianaSon
Allie Police Jury Ward 2, Ouachita1905LouisianaDaughter
{Family 30}
Robert Police Jury Ward 5, St John The Baptist1895MississippiBoarder

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