CASE Families living in Louisiana in 1920.

NameLocationBirth Year
+- 1 year
Birth State RelationshipPage #
{Family 1}
Charles (Surnames listed Cace)Arcadia, Bienville1893MississippiHead35b
{Family 2}
John Bogalusa, Washington1876MississippiHead98
Jodie 1884MississippiWife
Bernice 1902MississippiDaughter
Myrtis 1906MississippiDaughter
Charley 1908MississippiSon
Minnie Lee 1910MississippiDaughter
{Family 3}
Chester Hammond, Tangipahoa1866MississippiHead259
Emma 1866MississippiWife
Minnie 1899MississippiDaughter
Luther 1901MississippiSon
Helen 1908LouisianaDaughter
Dorothy 1911LouisianaDaughter
{Family 4}
Lula (Surname listed Cose)Hammond, Tangipahoa1880LouisianaHead262
{Family 5}
Milton Homer, Claiborne1870TexasRoomer250b
{Family 6}
Elisa J Jennings, Jefferson Davis1837IndianaHead49
Ruth 1878WisconsinDaughter
Alice 1903LouisianaGranddaughter
Ethel 1905LouisianaGranddaughter49b
William Lee 1907LouisianaGrandson
{Family 7}
Sidne (Surnames listed Core)Kentwood, Tangipahoa1882MississippiHead272b
Frank (Surnames listed Cose)Kentwood, Tangipahoa1890MississippiHead272b
{Family 8}
Jerome K Kinder, Allen1888LouisianaHead126
Annie 1887LouisianaWife
Thelma 1908LouisianaDaughter
Floyd 1910LouisianaSon
Newton 1912LouisianaSon
{Family 9}
Albert Lake Providence, East Carroll1858TennesseeHead236
Sylvia 1860GeorgiaWife
{Family 10}
Eli Madisonville, St Tammany1866LouisianaHead4b
Cora 1883LouisianaWife
Eli Jr.1905LouisianaSon
Caroline 1906LouisianaDaughter
Bertha 1904LouisianaDaughter
Beatrice 1902LouisianaDaughter
{Family 11}
Elmer Madisonville, St Tammany1871MichiganHead9b
Lilly 1889LouisianaWife
{Family 12}
John Morgan, St Mary1898LouisianaHead232b
Florence 1901LouisianaWife
{Family 13}
Charles L New Orleans Ward 8, Orleans1870LouisianaHead273
Daisy R 1895MississippiWife
Marie L 1853LouisianaMother
Leslie B 1897LouisianaSon
{Family 14}
Theodore New Orleans Ward 11, Orleans1877LouisianaHead26
Lydia 1880LouisianaWife
Henry 1906LouisianaSon
Elliott 1916LouisianaSon
Louise 1908LouisianaDaughter
Lydia 1910LouisianaDaughter
Doria [Doris]1912LouisianaDaughter
Kaie [Katie] 1914LouisianaDaughter26b
Martha 1919LouisianaDaughter
{Family 15}
Sam New Orleans Ward 11, Orleans1881LouisianaHead213b
{Family 16}
Thomas D New Orleans Ward 12, Orleans1882MississippiLodger178b
Anna 1888ArkansasLodger
Rose M 1913MississippiLodger
{Family 17}
Gordon Staples (Surname listed Care)New Orleans Ward 12, Orleans1889TennesseeBoarder118b
{Family 18}
Wid (Widow?) Juliet New Orleans Ward 14, Orleans1874LouisianaHead264
F Frank 1899LouisianaSon
{Family 19}
Florence New Orleans Ward 14, Orleans1883North CarolinaMaid159b
{Family 20}
Glenn E New Orleans Ward 15, Orleans1899ConnecticutSailor175
{Family 21}
Louis Burton New Orleans Ward 17, Orleans1849IndianaHead279b
Mary 1855AlabamaWife
{Family 22}
Lane Police Jury Ward 1, Bossier 1892LouisianaBoarder21
{Family 23}
William S CarePolice Jury Ward 2, Caddo1870IowaHead2b
{Family 24}
John (Case???)Police Jury Ward 2, Caddo1872ArkansasHead7b
Louisa 1882ArkansasWife
Louise 1909LouisianaDaughter
I L 1911LouisianaSon
{Family 25}
T A Police Jury Ward 2, Ouachita1887MississippiHead38
Bonnie 1892MississippiWife
Ruth 1912LouisianaDaughter38b
Leo 1915LouisianaSon
T J 1917LouisianaSon
{Family 26}
Perry Police Jury Ward 2, Ouachita1884MississippiHead38b
Odis 1913LouisianaSon
Byron 1915LouisianaSon
Gladdis 1916LouisianaDaughter
Vicoria [Victoria] 1834MississippiMother
{Family 27}
Marshel Police Jury Ward 2, Ouachita1901LouisianaSon38b
Louis 1902LouisianaSon
Allie 1905LouisianaDaughter
{Family 28}
Pavol [Pearl] (Surnames listed Cose)Police Jury Ward 2, Ouachita1880MississippiHead37
Minnie Lee 1891ArkansasWife
J Lee 1907LouisianaSon
Cecil 1911LouisianaSon
M C 1915LouisianaSon
Robert 1916LouisianaSon
{Family 29}
Jerry Police Jury Ward 2, St Martin1863LouisianaHead66
Mary 1888LouisianaWife
Richard 1908LouisianaSon
Marvin 1910LouisianaSon
Ruth 1911LouisianaDaughter
Rachieal 1911LouisianaDaughter
Bertha 1913LouisianaDaughter
Mary 1916LouisianaDaughter
Jerry 1918LouisianaSon
E Delias 1920LouisianaSon
{Family 30}
Jessie Police Jury Ward 2, St Martin1890LouisianaHead66
Bertha 1892LouisianaWife
Eddie 1913LouisianaSon
Augusta 1915LouisianaDaughter
Bessie 1919LouisianaDaughter

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