CASE Families living in Kentucky in 1920.
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This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here:

NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 121}
W ECovington Ward 5, Kenton1887KentuckyHead
LucyCovington Ward 5, Kenton1894KentuckyWife
EdwardCovington Ward 5, Kenton1919KentuckySon
{Family 122}
William EdCovington Ward 5, Kenton1892LouisianaHead34
EstelCovington Ward 5, Kenton1892AlabamaWife
VelpahCovington Ward 5, Kenton1918AlabamaDaughter
{Family 123}
JosephCovington Ward 6, Kenton1855KentuckyHead
LulaCovington Ward 6, Kenton1870IndianaWife
MaryCovington Ward 6, Kenton1900KentuckyDaughter
{Family 124}
Charles NCovington Ward 6, Kenton1869KentuckyHead
AliceCovington Ward 6, Kenton1874KentuckyWife
LeonCovington Ward 6, Kenton1898KentuckySon
RobertCovington Ward 6, Kenton1902KentuckySon
NellieCovington Ward 6, Kenton1905KentuckyDaughter
{Family 125}
Raymer HLudlow, Kenton1889KentuckyHead164b
Otta R [Alta]Ludlow, Kenton1893TennesseeWife
{Family 126}
Theodore JLudlow, Kenton1894KentuckyHead
Martha VLudlow, Kenton1894OhioWife
MargaretLudlow, Kenton1917KentuckyDaughter
{Family 127}
IdaLudlow, Kenton1851KentuckyHead
JohnLudlow, Kenton1882KentuckySon
StephenLudlow, Kenton1887KentuckySon
{Family 128}
MaryLudlow, Kenton1871KentuckySister
{Family 129}
Jacob JWhitis Tower, Kenton1864KentuckyHead223b
AliceWhitis Tower, Kenton1864KentuckyWife
CharlesWhitis Tower, Kenton1894KentuckySon
WilliamWhitis Tower, Kenton1905KentuckySon
HermanWhitis Tower, Kenton1907KentuckySon
{Family 130}
John F
Surnames listed Cose
Siberia, Larue1868KentuckyHead
John T Siberia, Larue1904KentuckySon
{Family 131}
CynthiaLittle Blaine, Lawrence1912KentuckyAdopted Daughter
{Family 132}
Surnames listed Cass
New Virginia, Lee1887KentuckyHead71b
Gatha [Gathie] New Virginia, Lee1882KentuckyWife
Elcie New Virginia, Lee1910KentuckyDaughter
Ammie New Virginia, Lee1911KentuckySon
Carah D New Virginia, Lee1915KentuckyDaughter72
{Family 133}
Hiarne [Hearman]New Virginia, Lee1887KentuckyHead72b
GathieNew Virginia, Lee1882KentuckyWife
EllieNew Virginia, Lee1910KentuckyDaughter
AmyNew Virginia, Lee1911KentuckyDaughter
CecialNew Virginia, Lee1914KentuckySon
CarahNew Virginia, Lee1915KentuckyDaughter
{Family 134}
John TTollesboro, Lewis1856KentuckyFather-in-law
{Family 135}
Surnames listed Carl
Tollesboro, Lewis1867KentuckyHead
Lucy JTollesboro, Lewis1867KentuckyWife
Harry FTollesboro, Lewis1897KentuckySon
Clarence MTollesboro, Lewis1899KentuckySon
MaryTollesboro, Lewis1903KentuckyDaughter
Lucy CarlTollesboro, Lewis1906KentuckyDaughter
{Family 136}
WalterPaducah, McCracken1871TennesseeHead
NanniePaducah, McCracken1879TennesseeWife
MaryPaducah, McCracken1908KansasDaughter
WalterPaducah, McCracken1916KentuckySon
{Family 137}
JohnRumsey, McLean1862TennesseeHead
MarryRumsey, McLean1864TennesseeWife
WadeRumsey, McLean1895TennesseeSon
JohnRumsey, McLean1904KentuckySon
{Family 138}
Surnames listed Carr
Rumsey, McLean1895KentuckyHead
NolaRumsey, McLean1903KentuckyWife
{Family 139}
Surnames listed Carr
Sacremento, McLean1885KentuckyDaughter
WaniteSacremento, McLean1915KentuckyGranddaughter
FremanSacremento, McLean1917KentuckyGrandson
WillardSacremento, McLean1919KentuckyGrandson
{Family 140}
James CDietrich, Mason1875KentuckyHead
Georgie MDietrich, Mason1884KentuckyWife
{Family 141}
John C
Surnames listed Cose
Germantown, Mason1853KentuckyHead
Melvina FGermantown, Mason1853KentuckyWife
{Family 142}
William J Germantown, Mason1875KentuckyHead
Annie LGermantown, Mason1873KentuckyWife
Lamuel JGermantown, Mason1908KentuckySon
Ruth DGermantown, Mason1911KentuckyDaughter
{Family 143}
DimmittGermantown, Mason1892KentuckyHead88
EriaGermantown, Mason1894KentuckyWife
Harry JGermantown, Mason1914KentuckySon
MariaGermantown, Mason1853KentuckyMother
{Family 144}
WillisGermantown, Mason1884KentuckyHead
Ida FGermantown, Mason1892KentuckyWife
EdithGermantown, Mason1911KentuckyDaughter
CecilGermantown, Mason1914KentuckySon
DorothyGermantown, Mason1916KentuckyDaughter
Anna LGermantown, Mason1917KentuckyDaughter
{Family 145}
WalterLewisburg, Mason1876KentuckyHead
LattieLewisburg, Mason1884KentuckyWife
MarthaLewisburg, Mason1902KentuckyDaughter
WalterLewisburg, Mason1906KentuckySon
LessieLewisburg, Mason1909KentuckyDaughter
InaLewisburg, Mason1911KentuckyDaughter
{Family 146}
Omar Maysville, Mason1898KentuckyHead19
Clara Maysville, Mason1903KentuckyWife
Roy HMaysville, Mason1919KentuckySon
{Family 147}
SaraMaysville, Mason 1852?KentuckySister28
FannieMaysville, Mason1882KentuckyNiece
{Family 148}
RobertMaysville, Mason1870KentuckyHead
AnnieMaysville, Mason1879IllinoisWife
{Family 149}
Surnames listed Cave
Maysville, Mason1863KentuckyHead
AnnieMaysville, Mason1864KentuckyWife
Roy AMaysville, Mason1895KentuckySon
{Family 150}
McAtee Maysville, Mason 1884KentuckyHead53
EmmaMaysville, Mason1865KentuckyWife

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