CASE Families living in Kansas in 1920.
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This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here:

NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 91}
John WValley, Osborne1885NebraskaHead
Ethel MValley, Osborne1891OklahomaWife
Lloyd AValley, Osborne1909KansasSon
Elsie AValley, Osborne1913KansasDaughter
DalbertValley, Osborne1915KansasSon
DellaValley, Osborne1916KansasDaughter
{Family 92}
Dora M
Surname listed Cose
Larned, Pawnee1888KansasPatient
{Family 93}
Wesley OArcade, Phillips1873IowaHead
Amelia AArcade, Phillips1875MissouriWife
Walter RArcade, Phillips1900MissouriSon
RoyArcade, Phillips1903KansasSon
EarlArcade, Phillips1909KansasSon
Velma JdArcade, Phillips1913KansasDaughter
{Family 94}
Roy L O [L A]Deer Creek, Phillips1899MissouriHead
RubyDeer Creek, Phillips1900KansasWife
{Family 95}
Surname listed Carl
Lawonka, Phillips1852OhioHead
{Family 96}
Charles CLogan, Phillips1886IllinoisHead
LoisLogan, Phillips1884IllinoisWife
Clarence FLogan, Phillips1908KansasSon
Mary OLogan, Phillips1911IllinoisDaughter
{Family 97}
Art WPhillipsburg, Phillips1894MissouriHead
Daisy HPhillipsburg, Phillips1897KansasWife
Thelma IPhillipsburg, Phillips1916KansasDaughter
Bessie LPhillipsburg, Phillips1918KansasDaughter
{Family 98}
AlonzoPlainview, Phillips1878MissouriHead
PearlPlainview, Phillips1881KansasWife
Willie CPlainview, Phillips1900KansasSon
Lozan APlainview, Phillips1902KansasSon
Gladie SPlainview, Phillips1904KansasDaughter
Grace MPlainview, Phillips1909KansasDaughter
Victor APlainview, Phillips1914KansasSon
{Family 99}
I M [Ida?]Plum, Phillips1863IowaHead
BessiePlum, Phillips1862MissouriWife
{Family 100}
R GlinPlum, Phillips1893ColoradoHead
EvaPlum, Phillips1890KansasWife
DorothyPlum, Phillips1918KansasDaughter
{Family 101}
Robert FBelvue, Pottawatomie1863PennsylvaniaHead
Jenetta JBelvue, Pottawatomie1871IndianaWife
{Family 102}
John C
Surnames listed Cade
Belvue, Pottawatomie1866PennsylvaniaHead
Anna MBelvue, Pottawatomie1908PennsylvaniaSister
MatildaBelvue, Pottawatomie1850PennsylvaniaMother?
{Family 103}
Markus PBlue Valley, Pottawatomie1845DenmarkHead
E MargaretBlue Valley, Pottawatomie1848DenmarkWife
Anna CBlue Valley, Pottawatomie1890ColoradoDaughter
{Family 104}
Charles WCenter, Pottawatomie1887KansasHead
NellCenter, Pottawatomie1887KansasWife
HowardCenter, Pottawatomie1911KansasSon
AliceCenter, Pottawatomie1913KansasDaughter
LucileCenter, Pottawatomie1915KansasDaughter
MarlynCenter, Pottawatomie1919KansasDaughter
{Family 105}
M DMill Creek, Pottawatomie1868IllinoisHead
IdaMill Creek, Pottawatomie1872KansasWife
EmileMill Creek, Pottawatomie1894KansasSon
{Family 106}
G Ray
Surnames listed Coss
Galt, Rice1889KansasHead
GertraudGalt, Rice1890KansasWife
W HurshelGalt, Rice1912KansasSon
B KennethGalt, Rice1913KansasSon
A DeaneGalt, Rice1916KansasSon
E CurtisGalt, Rice1919KansasSon
{Family 107}
Samel J
Surnames listed Sylvester
Lyons, Rice 1863MinnesotaHead
EllenLyons, Rice1876IllinoisWife
VLyons, Rice1896KansasSon
RufusLyons, Rice1901KansasSon
Alicico [Alice E]Lyons, Rice1905KansasDaughter
RaymondLyons, Rice1906KansasSon
AmeliaLyons, Rice1911KansasDaughter
RobertLyons, Rice1915KansasSon
{Family 108}
RalphMitchell, Rice1893KansasHead
LelaMitchell, Rice1894KansasWife
MerleMitchell, Rice1919KansasSon
{Family 109}
Cecil LOdessa, Rice1891KansasHead
Lizzie AOdessa, Rice1893IllinoisWife
Harry VOdessa, Rice1915KansasSon
Wayne ROdessa, Rice1915KansasSon
Alice FOdessa, Rice1919KansasDaughter
{Family 110}
AdamWashington, Rice1860MissouriHead
ArthurWashington, Rice1896KansasSon
WilliamWashington, Rice1891KansasSon
PansyWashington, Rice1888KansasDaughter-in-law
ArthurWashington, Rice1911KansasSon
RichardWashington, Rice1913KansasSon
VirginieWashington, Rice1915KansasDaughter
Glenn IWashington, Rice1917KansasSon
{Family 111}
Hiram CWinan, Rice1872MinnesotaHead
Luola NWinan, Rice1878MinnesotaWife
George EWinan, Rice1902KansasSon
Clifford EWinan, Rice1902KansasSon
Harold TWinan, Rice1908KansasSon
Ruth WWinan, Rice1910KansasDaughter
{Family 112}
John H
Surnames listed Carie
Winan, Rice1868EnglandHead
Minnie CarieWinan, Rice1883PennsylvaniaWife
{Family 113}
AlbertManhattan, Riley1842OhioHead
Mary AManhattan, Riley1843PennsylvaniaWife
{Family 114}
Roy MManhattan Ward 4, Riley1889KansasHead
Emily MManhattan Ward 4, Riley1895KansasWife
Clifton OManhattan Ward 4, Riley1914TexasSon
Ruth MManhattan Ward 4, Riley1916KansasDaughter
Bernice IManhattan Ward 4, Riley1918KansasDaughter
{Family 115}
Gorden PCamp Funston, Riley1897Missouri?
{Family 116}
Arthur APlainville, Rooks1888KansasHead
Phyllis PPlainville, Rooks1896KansasWife
Walter TPlainville, Rooks1918KansasSon
Cullum MPlainville, Rooks1919KansasSon
{Family 117}
William TStockton, Rooks 1863IowaHead
Sarah BStockton, Rooks1867IowaWife
Leona EStockton, Rooks1901KansasDaughter
Verda NStockton, Rooks1905KansasDaughter
Rupert MStockton, Rooks1909KansasSon
{Family 118}
Edgar HStockton, Rooks1894KansasSon-in-law
Pearline CStockton, Rooks1897WisconsinDaughter
{Family 119}
Franke BWaldo, Russell1885KansasHead
Charles EWaldo, Russell1906KansasSon
Ruby AWaldo, Russell1908KansasDaughter
William AWaldo, Russell1910KansasSon
{Family 120}
Georg WWaldo, Russell1873NebraskaHead
MaudeWaldo, Russell1898KansasDaughter
VioletWaldo, Russell1900KansasDaughter
Ina MayWaldo, Russell1902KansasDaughter
FannyWaldo, Russell1902KansasDaughter
VestaWaldo, Russell1903KansasDaughter
ElmerWaldo, Russell1906KansasSon
HoraceWaldo, Russell1909KansasSon
RalphWaldo, Russell1911KansasSon
PaulWaldo, Russell1912KansasSon
AnnaWaldo, Russell1914KansasDaughter

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