CASE Families living in Kansas in 1920.
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This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here.

NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 61}
Harry HOlathe, Johnson1867KansasHead
Mabel MOlathe, Johnson1880KansasWife
{Family 62}
Sheldon EOlathe, Johnson1869KansasHead
Carrie AOlathe, Johnson1868IllinoisWife
Ruth EOlathe, Johnson1902KansasDaughter
HelenOlathe, Johnson1904KansasDaughter
Harriet EOlathe, Johnson1911KansasDaughter
{Family 63}
FroniaRichland, Labette1847New YorkHead
{Family 64}
NelsonOswego, Labette1845PennsylvaniaHead
Georgie Anna PearOswego, Labette1870IowaWife
Miner WOswego, Labette1901KansasDaughter
HertenceOswego, Labette1903KansasDaughter
{Family 65}
JohnSpring Creek, Lane1870KansasHead
AdaSpring Creek, Lane1856KansasWife
{Family 66}
Catherine ELeavenworth Ward 4, Leavenworth1838PennsylvaniaHead
William ELeavenworth Ward 4, Leavenworth1862KansasSon
Matilda SLeavenworth Ward 4, Leavenworth1870KansasDaughter
John MLeavenworth Ward 4, Leavenworth1872KansasSon
Crawford JLeavenworth Ward 4, Leavenworth1877KansasSon
{Family 67}
John H
Surnames listed Cass
Leavenworth Ward 6, Leavenworth1839New JerseyHead
SarahLeavenworth Ward 6, Leavenworth1850EnglandWife
{Family 68}
J HenryLeavenworth Ward 6, Leavenworth1876KansasHead
BessieLeavenworth Ward 6, Leavenworth1888MissouriWife
{Family 69}
FloydUs Penitentiary, Leavenworth1901New YorkPrisoner
{Family 70}
C PearlOrange, Lincoln1896KansasHead
LuluOrange, Lincoln1901KansasWife
L VirginiaOrange, Lincoln1919KansasDaughter
{Family 71}
I ClydeOrange, Lincoln1890KansasHead
D MaryOrange, Lincoln1896MissouriWife
M MabelOrange, Lincoln1914KansasDaughter
K AliceOrange, Lincoln1916KansasDaughter
H CharlesOrange, Lincoln1919KansasSon
{Family 72}
Florence MEmporia Ward 3, Lyon1870IndianaDaughter
{Family 73}
Mare P [Marie?]Pike, Lyon1845AustriaMother-in-law
{Family 74}
RosseMarion, Marion1873KansasHead
Emma EMarion, Marion1873PennsylvaniaWife
Alex HMarion, Marion1900KansasSon
Corinne LMarion, Marion1901KansasDaughter
ClariceMarion, Marion1905KansasDaughter
{Family 75}
Alex EMarion, Marion1839PennsylvaniaHead
Maria HMarion, Marion1848PennsylvaniaWife
{Family 76}
IsabelOsawatomie, Miami1870IllinoisHead
Frank WOsawatomie, Miami1895KansasSon
Julian EOsawatomie, Miami1897KansasSon
Ida BOsawatomie, Miami1901KansasDaughter
Charles MOsawatomie, Miami1905KansasSon
{Family 77}
John LOsawatomie, Miami1892KansasHead
Candace MOsawatomie, Miami1892KansasWife
Martha BOsawatomie, Miami1917KansasDaughter
{Family 78}
WillisCuster, Mitchell1905KansasStepson
{Family 79}
Edwin F
Surnames listed Carr
Coffeyville Ward 2, Montgomery1892KansasHead
Ellenor MCoffeyville Ward 2, Montgomery1894KansasWife
Callie CCoffeyville Ward 2, Montgomery1915KansasSon
{Family 80}
Thomas ECoffeyville Ward 2, Montgomery1862IllinoisHead
Artie MCoffeyville Ward 2, Montgomery1864OhioWife
Clyde HCoffeyville Ward 2, Montgomery1899KansasSon
Jesse FCoffeyville Ward 2, Montgomery1902KansasSon
{Family 81}
A SIndependence Ward 4, Montgomery1875CaliforniaHead
Bertha GIndependence Ward 4, Montgomery1880KansasWife
LillianIndependence Ward 4, Montgomery1904KansasDaughter
{Family 82}
Leonard EChanute Ward 2, Neosho1894KansasHead
MaudeChanute Ward 2, Neosho1895KansasWife
{Family 83}
Charles EGrant, Neosho1910TexasHead
DelphaGrant, Neosho1912TexasDaughter
{Family 84}
Alvin LFranklin, Ness1886IowaHead
Marie PFranklin, Ness1886IllinoisWife
Arol LFranklin, Ness1906CaliforniaSon
Jessie BFranklin, Ness1911KansasDaughter
{Family 85}
LuluNorton, Norton1896KansasRoomer
{Family 86}
L Isaac
Surnames listed Care
West Union, Norton1888KansasHead
L GoldiaWest Union, Norton1894NebraskaWife
A OrvalWest Union, Norton1912KansasSon
L MedredWest Union, Norton1913KansasDaughter
M DelmaWest Union, Norton1914KansasDaughter
B CarlWest Union, Norton1915KansasSon
A ChesterWest Union, Norton1917KansasSon
{Family 87}
S Everett
Surnames listed Care
West Union, Norton1881KansasHead
M AnanisWest Union, Norton1891MissouriWife
E AlfordWest Union, Norton1908KansasSon
L HarryWest Union, Norton1909KansasSon
E EarlWest Union, Norton1911KansasSon
K NormanWest Union, Norton1913KansasSon
O NellieWest Union, Norton1915KansasDaughter
D NuttieWest Union, Norton1917KansasSon
{Family 88}
ThomasLiberty, Osborne1877KansasHead
Maggie SLiberty, Osborne1884KansasWife
Clarence TLiberty, Osborne1899KansasSon
Floyd LLiberty, Osborne1908KansasSon
{Family 89}
Lovina JNatoma, Osborne1852IllinoisHead
Dora ZNatoma, Osborne1894KansasDaughter
{Family 90}
Arthur EValley, Osborne1889KansasHead
LonaValley, Osborne1891IowaWife
Marvel AValley, Osborne1910KansasSon
Elza LValley, Osborne1913KansasSon
Cleo VValley, Osborne1915KansasSon
Elbon GValley, Osborne1916KansasSon
Geraldine EValley, Osborne1919KansasDaughter

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