CASE Families living in Indiana in 1920.
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NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 241}
Ellery PSwan, Noble1877OhioHead160
Jolanah 1878IllinoisWife
Mary 1904IndianaDaughter
Anna 1906IndianaDaughter
Leo 1908IndianaSon
Eva 1910IndianaDaughter
Elnora 1915IndianaDaughter
Frances 1919IndianaDaughter
{Family 242}
OscarTaylor, Harrison1886IndianaHead254b
Annie 1898IndianaSister255
Pearl 1899IndianaSister
Jessie 1901IndianaBrother
Roy 1904IndianaBrother
{Family 243}
Henry HTerre Haute, Vigo1859IndianaHead223
Fred L1891KansasSon
{Family 244}
Harvey Terre Haute, Vigo1894KentuckyBoarder268b
Robert 1916IndianaBoarder
{Family 245}
William Terre Haute Ward 2, Vigo1875PennsylvaniaHead111b
Gertrude 1880IndianaWife
{Family 246}
Ralph Terre Haute Ward 2, Vigo1888IndianaLodger3b
{Family 247}
Dan Terre Haute Ward 3, Vigo1874IndianaHead24
Wayne 1910IndianaSon
{Family 248}
Lawrence Terre Haute Ward 7, Vigo1882IndianaHead174b
Jennie 1889IndianaWife
{Family 249}
Manford E Terre Haute Ward 7, Vigo1884IndianaHead162b
{Family 250}
Nancy Terre Haute Ward 7, Vigo1853IllinoisMother-in-law178
{Family 251}
Harlow Turkey Creek, Kosciusko1839PennsylvaniaHead152
Sarah A 1855IndianaWife
{Family 252}
Sanford Vincennes, Knox1872KentuckyHead18
Addie 1874IndianaWife
{Family 253}
Ulysess G Vincennes Ward 4, Knox1877IndianaHead98
Emily S1876IndianaWife
W Thomas 1901IndianaSon
{Family 254}
John J Vincennes Ward 6, Knox1850IndianaHead185b
Adaline 1853IndianaWife
G* L [Goodlet]1885IndianaSon
{Family 255}
Garr WWabash Ward 1, Wabash1885IndianaHead145
Amy C1886IndianaWife
Beatrice C 1907IndianaDaughter
{Family 256}
Frank HWabash Ward 3, Wabash1870IndianaLodger206
{Family 257}
TabithaWashington, Adams1851IndianaInmate167
{Family 258}
JannettaWashington (Gaston), Delaware1859IllinoisHead276b
Margaret 1885IndianaDaughter
Omer 1890IndianaSon
{Family 259}
Elmer Washington, Delaware1875IndianaHead283
Cora 1881IndianaWife
Gilbert 1902IndianaSon
Fred 1905IndianaSon
Paul 1907IndianaSon
Cecil 1909IndianaSon
Dane 1912IndianaSon
Rex 1914IndianaSon
{Family 260}
Dora A Washington, Delaware1884IndianaHead275b
Alice 1884IndianaWife
Hazel 1902IndianaDaughter
Ralph 1911IndianaSon
{Family 261}
John L Washington, Marion1872IndianaBoarder249
{Family 262}
Clara BWayne, Jay1866IndianaMother-in-law187
lines striked out
{Family 263}
ThelmaWayne, Marion
{Family 264}
Clinton M Wayne, Noble1851IndianaHead191
Mary A 1856IndianaWife
{Family 265}
Edwin FWayne, Wayne1871IndianaPatient135b
{Family 266}
Arthur J West Point, White1882OhioHead271b
Sarrah L 1880IndianaWife
Helen J 1918IndianaDaughter
Thyra G 1919IndianaDaughter
{Family 267}
Absalom R Whitewater, Franklin1824IndianaHead284b
Julia M 1860IndianaDaughter
{Family 268}
Edwin FWhitewater, Franklin1872IndianaHead185b
Catharine K1870OhioWife
Hazel E1899IndianaDaughter
Harold E1903IndianaSon
{Family 269}
Harrison Whiting Ward 3, Lake1844IndianaRoomer158
Nell 1881IndianaRoomer
{Family 270}
Thomas Wilmington (Butler), De Kalb1867CanadaFather-in-law274b
Melitta 1869CanadaMother-in-law
{Family 271}
Jennie Wolcottville, LaGrange1843IndianaHead3b
{Family 272}
Marvin BYorktown, Delaware1866New YorkHead187
Urilla B1866OregonWife
Nannie A1900IndianaDaughter
Harry W 1902IndianaSon
Ogretta M 1904IndianaDaughter

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