CASE Families living in Indiana in 1920.
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This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here:

NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 211}
Ze?? Fairbanks, Sullivan1886IndianaHead114b
Mur?? Fairbanks, Sullivan1907IndianaSon
Hear??d Fairbanks, Sullivan1912IndianaSon
Earl Fairbanks, Sullivan1914IndianaSon
Freda Fairbanks, Sullivan1915IndianaDaughter
{Family 212}
Marten H Fairbanks, Sullivan1907IndianaGrandson
{Family 213}
Job Hamilton, Sullivan1856IndianaHead
Mary I Hamilton, Sullivan1861IndianaWife
{Family 214}
James H Hamilton, Sullivan1872IndianaHead
Evaline Hamilton, Sullivan1870IndianaWife
{Family 215}
Surnames listed Care
Jackson, Sullivan1864IndianaHead
Marrietta BJackson, Sullivan1914IndianaWife
FloydJackson, Sullivan1903IndianaSon
{Family 216}
Nellie Jackson, Sullivan1902IndianaNiece20
Erie [Exie?]Jackson, Sullivan1905IndianaNiece
{Family 217}
Irvin Fairfield, Tippecanoe1887KentuckyHead
Anna Fairfield, Tippecanoe1887GermanyWife
Elmore Fairfield, Tippecanoe1908IndianaSon
Leroy Fairfield, Tippecanoe1910IndianaSon
Irene Fairfield, Tippecanoe1914IndianaDaughter
Elizebeth Fairfield, Tippecanoe1915IndianaDaughter
Lilian Fairfield, Tippecanoe1918IndianaDaughter
{Family 218}
Benjiman Lafayette Ward 6, Tippecanoe1880IndianaHead
Clara Lafayette Ward 6, Tippecanoe1878IndianaWife
Homer Lafayette Ward 6, Tippecanoe1909IndianaSon
Opel Lafayette Ward 6, Tippecanoe1906IndianaDaughter
{Family 219}
Amy Evansville Ward 3, Vanderburgh1864IndianaMother-in-law
{Family 220}
Surname listed Coel
Fayette, Vigo1904IndianaSister-in-law
{Family 221}
Harvey Terre Haute, Vigo1894KentuckyBoarder
Robert Terre Haute, Vigo1916IndianaBoarder
{Family 222}
Ralph Terre Haute Ward 2, Vigo1888IndianaLodger
{Family 223}
William Terre Haute Ward 2, Vigo1875PennsylvaniaHead
Gertrude Terre Haute Ward 2, Vigo1880IndianaWife
{Family 224}
Dan Terre Haute Ward 3, Vigo1874IndianaHead
Bonnie Terre Haute Ward 3, Vigo1888IndianaWife
Wayne Terre Haute Ward 3, Vigo1910IndianaSon
{Family 225}
Manford E Terre Haute Ward 7, Vigo1884IndianaHead
Mary Terre Haute Ward 7, Vigo1885IndianaWife
{Family 226}
Lawrence Terre Haute Ward 7, Vigo1882IndianaHead
Jennie Terre Haute Ward 7, Vigo1889IndianaWife
{Family 227}
Nancy Terre Haute Ward 7, Vigo 1913IllinoisMother-in-law
{Family 228}
Garr W Wabash Ward 1, Wabash1885IndianaHead145
Amy C Wabash Ward 1, Wabash1886IndianaWife
Beatrice C Wabash Ward 1, Wabash1907IndianaDaughter
{Family 229}
Frank H Wabash Ward 3, Wabash1870IndianaLodger
{Family 230}
Gabriel Kent, Warren1847IndianaHead
{Family 231}
Hiram G
Surnames listed Care
Saltillo, Washington1847IndianaHead110b
ElizabethSaltillo, Washington1878IndianaDaughter
Vera MSaltillo, Washington1904IndianaDaughter
Cherney C [Chesney]Saltillo, Washington1908IndianaGrandson
{Family 232}
Edwin F Wayne, Wayne1871IndianaPatient
{Family 233}
Benjamin F Richmond Ward 1, Wayne1870OhioHead
Mary E Richmond Ward 1, Wayne1874OhioWife
Bernice L F Richmond Ward 1, Wayne1899OhioDaughter
{Family 234}
James W Big Creek, White1890IndianaBrother-in-law
{Family 235}
Musad C [Manard?]Monon, White1871IndianaHead165
Sarah Monon, White1873IndianaWife
Chester Monon, White1902IndianaSon
Orvin [Orrin]Monon, White1908IndianaSon
{Family 236}
Arthur J West Point, White1882OhioHead
Sarrah L West Point, White1880IndianaWife
Helen J West Point, White1918IndianaDaughter
Thyra G West Point, White1919IndianaDaughter
{Family 237}
Thora J Columbia, Whitley1900IndianaNiece

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