CASE Families living in Indiana in 1920.
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NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 211}
Willard Pleasant, Steuben1905IllinoisFoster Child197
{Family 212}
Elnora Pleasant, Steuben1864IndianaInmate198
{Family 213}
IrwinPlymouth, Marshall1851IndianaFather-in-law64b
{Family 214}
Clara Portland, Jay1864IndianaMother-in-law259
{Family 215}
MargaretPrinceton, Gibson1858IndianaCompanion215
{Family 216}
Fred M Raccoon, Parke1871IndianaHead209b
Anna M 1866IndianaWife
Harold M1888IndianaSon
Ralph C 1889IndianaSon
{Family 217}
SebaRaccoon, Parke1874IndianaHead215
Ethel 1880IndianaWife
Max 1901IndianaSon215b
Marvin 1907IndianaSon
{Family 218}
Sharon Reserve, Parke1849OhioFather-in-law226b
{Family 219}
Benjamin TRichmond, Wayne1870OhioHead157b
Mary E 1874OhioWife
Bernice L F 1899OhioDaughter
{Family 220}
Joseph WRockville, Parke1891IndianaHead107
Alta 1897IndianaWife
James W 1917IndianaSon
John Paul 1919IndianaSon
{Family 221}
Dayton TRoss, Lake1860IndianaHead219
Eliza J1857IndianaWife
{Family 222}
Jasper D Rushville, Rush1857OhioHead258
Sallie B 1874KentuckyWife
J Deryl 1907IndianaSon
{Family 223}
ThomasRushville, Rush1889KentuckyHead220b
{Family 224}
Hiram GSaltillo, Washington1847IndianaHead110b
Vera M1904IndianaGranddaughter
Chesney C1908IndianaGrandson
{Family 225}
David (Surname listed Car?)Saltillo, Washington1859IndianaHead110
{Family 226}
AlbertSeymour, Jackson1861IndianaHead155b
{Family 227}
CliffordShelbyville Ward 1, Shelby1869IndianaBoarder18
{Family 228}
ClintonShelbyville Ward 5, Shelby1853IndianaHead114
Rebecca 1901IndianaWife
Donald 1908IndianaSon
{Family 229}
Clifford Shelbyville Ward 5, Shelby1899IndianaHead116
Marie 1905IndianaWife
{Family 230}
Charley CSheridan, Hamilton1885IndianaHead144b
Maude E 1884IndianaWife
{Family 231}
InaSouth Bend Ward 1, St Joseph1885IndianaRoomer4b
{Family 232}
Nillie [Nellie]South Bend Ward 4, St Joseph1883IndianaHead116b
Mardell 1911IndianaSon
Marcia 1912IndianaDaughter
{Family 233}
CoraSouth Bend Ward 5, St Joseph1875MichiganNiece247
{Family 234}
EmeleusSpencerville, De Kalb1838IndianaHead177b
{Family 235}
AlbertSpringfield, LaGrange1853IndianaHead66
{Family 236}
Dana Springfield, LaGrange1881IndianaHead65
Gertrude 1890CaliforniaWife
Elsie Mary 1919IndianaDaughter
{Family 237}
Mary ESt Marys, Adams1869IndianaHead
Roy R 1895IndianaSon116
Elizabeth 1898IndianaDaughter
Vaughn 1900IndianaSon
Rufus 1891IndianaSon
{Family 238}
JesseSt Marys, Adams1890IndianaHead115
Elda E 1894OhioWife
Welma M1914IndianaDaughter
{Family 239}
Edward W Steen, Knox1898IllinoisHead105b
Edith M 1897IllinoisWife
{Family 240}
OraSteuben, Steuben1874IndianaHead270b
Allene 1907IndianaDaughter

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