CASE Families living in Indiana in 1920.
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NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 181}
William Millgrove, Steuben1865OhioHead177
Orlen [Celia]1892IndianaDaughter
Roberta 1904IndianaDaughter
{Family 182}
Russell Millgrove, Steuben1896IndianaHead176
Lois 1897IndianaWife
{Family 183}
Frank M Mishawaka, St Joseph1863MichiganHead220
Laure May 1864OhioWife
{Family 184}
M*Ad C [Muratte O]Monon, White1871IndianaHead165
Chester 1902IndianaSon
{Family 185}
MelvinMontgomery, Gibson1906IndianaBrother-in-law98
{Family 186}
Frank BMuncie Ward 1, Delaware1848IndianaFather-in-law71b
Mary J 1855IndianaMother-in-law
{Family 187}
David FMuncie Ward 1, Delaware1882IndianaHead39b
Clara May1883OhioWife
Mary Catherine1907IndianaDaughter
Virginia Ellen1910IndianaDaughter
{Family 188}
Elmira Muncie Ward 2, Delaware1839IndianaMother-in-law109
{Family 189}
AnnaMuncie Ward 2, Delaware1885New YorkDaughter107
Mildred 1912IndianaGranddaughter
{Family 190}
Austin (Surnames listed Care)Muncie Ward 4, Delaware1853IndianaHead180
Harriet F1854IrelandWife
Emma L (Surname listed Case)1879IndianaDaughter180b
{Family 191}
Calvin H Muncie Ward 4, Delaware1879ColoradoHead197
Ruby G 1880IndianaWife
Chester H 1904IllinoisSon
Charlotte H 1915IllinoisDaughter
{Family 192}
Lee Muncie Ward 7, Delaware1885IndianaHead261
Cecil 1913IndianaSon
Pauline 1915IndianaDaughter
Marguerite 1917IndianaDaughter
Helen 1919IndianaDaughter
{Family 193}
Wanita GraceMuncie Ward 7, Delaware1899IndianaDaughter263b
Earl Edward 1898IndianaSon-in-law
{Family 194}
John Muncie Ward 8, Delaware1856IndianaHead83b
Angeline 1862KentuckyWife
Sophronia E 1903IndianaDaughter
{Family 195}
Harry Muncie Ward 8, Delaware1891IndianaHead83b
Minnie 1891IndianaWife
Edith 1914IndianaDaughter
Ivan 1918IndianaSon
Ruby 1920IndianaDaughter
{Family 196}
Oliver Muncie Ward 8, Delaware1893IndianaHead85
Belle 1896KentuckyWife
Elmer C 1914IndianaSon
Burns L 1916IndianaSon
Johnnie B 1919IndianaSon
Clarence A 1920IndianaSon
{Family 197}
Evert Muncie Ward 8, Delaware1897IndianaHead63
Mary 1903IndianaWife
Louise F 1920IndianaDaughter
{Family 198}
JohnNew Albany, Floyd1889IndianaPatient18
{Family 199}
Joseph ANew Albany Ward 6, Floyd1866IndianaHead180
Maggie 1868IndianaWife
{Family 200}
Ida MayNew Albany Ward 7, Floyd1865IndianaHead226
Carleton E 1899IndianaSon
Anna 1901KentuckyDaughter-in-law
{Family 201}
Howell Noblesville Ward 2, Hamilton1881IndianaHead46
Linna 1886IndianaWife
Delvert 1905IndianaSon
Mary 1906IndianaDaughter
Ansel 1910IndianaSon
Hazel 1913IndianaDaughter
Margaret 1915IndianaDaughter
Maurice 1920IndianaSon
{Family 202}
Charles Orange, Noble1875OhioHead95
Perry A 1837PennsylvaniaFather
Amanda M 1847IndianaMother
Carl C 1904IndianaSon
{Family 203}
J WPeru Ward 3, Miami1878IndianaHead203b
Paul W1905West VirginiaSon
Kenneth 1906IndianaSon
Eva 1903IndianaDaughter
{Family 204}
Leny JPipe Creek, Madison1861IndianaHead151
Lilly B1870IndianaWife
Anna R1899IndianaDaughter
{Family 205}
Joel MPipe Creek, Madison1874IndianaHead151
Meriam M1909IndianaDaughter
Elizabeth J1915IndianaDaughter
{Family 206}
Wilbert JPipe Creek, Madison1897IndianaHead151b
Myrtle M1900OhioWife
{Family 207}
Ezra SPipe Creek, Madison1869IndianaHead151b
Edith L1898IndianaDaughter
Mildred L1909IndianaDaughter
Myrtle L1912IndianaDaughter
{Family 208}
Hiram Pleasant, Steuben1866IndianaHead196b
{Family 209}
Lewis Pleasant, Steuben1852IndianaHired Man196b
William 1854OhioHead
{Family 210}
Grover Pleasant, Steuben1894IndianaHead193

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