CASE Families living in Indiana in 1920.
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This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here:

NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 181}
Ora Jefferson, Owen1869IndianaHead
Nettie Jefferson, Owen1878IndianaWife
Alma Jefferson, Owen1908IndianaNiece
{Family 182}
Fred M Raccoon, Parke1862IndianaHead209b
Anna M Raccoon, Parke1866IndianaWife
Brold M [Arold]Raccoon, Parke1888IndianaSon
Ralph C Raccoon, Parke1889IndianaSon
{Family 183}
Seba Raccoon, Parke1874IndianaHead
Ethel Raccoon, Parke1880IndianaWife
Max Raccoon, Parke1901IndianaSon
Marvin Raccoon, Parke1907IndianaSon
{Family 184}
Sharon Reserve, Parke1839OhioFather-in-law226b
{Family 185}
Joseph W Rockville, Parke 1891IndianaHead
Alta Rockville, Parke1897IndianaWife
James W Rockville, Parke1916IndianaSon
John Paul Rockville, Parke1918IndianaSon
{Family 186}
Mary E Jefferson, Pike1866IndianaHead
{Family 187}
Surname listed Cass
Center, Porter1905IndianaGranddaughter35b
{Family 188}
Surname listed Casa
Floyd, Putnam1864IndianaDaughter31
Mary L
Surnames listed Case
Floyd, Putnam1898IndianaGranddaughter
Francis J Floyd, Putnam1901IndianaGranddaughter
{Family 189}
Surnames listed Care
Rushville, Rush1889KentuckyHead220b
FloraRushville, Rush1892IndianaWife
MildredRushville, Rush1914IndianaDaughter
MargaretRushville, Rush1915IndianaDaughter
ThomasRushville, Rush1916IndianaSon
LowellRushville, Rush1917IndianaSon
DonaldRushville, Rush1918IndianaSon
HallRushville, Rush1919IndianaSon
MaryRushville, Rush1860KentuckyMother
{Family 190}
Jasper D Rushville, Rush1857OhioHead
Sallie B Rushville, Rush1874KentuckyWife
J Deryl Rushville, Rush1907IndianaSon
{Family 191}
Eilene Clay, St Joseph1898IndianaWaitress61b
{Family 192}
Elgin Clay, St Joseph1854MichiganFoster Brother63
{Family 193}
Frank M Mishawaka, St Joseph1863MichiganHead
Laure May Mishawaka, St Joseph1864OhioWife
{Family 194}
Surname listed Cose
South Bend Ward 5, St Joseph1875MichiganNiece
{Family 195}
Nillie [Willie]South Bend Ward 4, St Joseph1883IndianaHead
Mardell South Bend Ward 4, St Joseph1911IndianaSon
Marcia South Bend Ward 4, St Joseph1912IndianaDaughter
{Family 196}
Clifford Shelbyville Ward 1, Shelby1869IndianaBoarder
{Family 197}
Clinton Shelbyville Ward 5, Shelby1853IndianaHead
Rebecca Shelbyville Ward 5, Shelby1901IndianaWife
Donald Shelbyville Ward 5, Shelby1908IndianaSon
{Family 198}
Clifford Shelbyville Ward 5, Shelby1899IndianaHead
Marie Shelbyville Ward 5, Shelby1905IndianaWife
{Family 199}
Daniel Angola, Steuben1834OhioHead
Alma Angola, Steuben1866IndianaDaughter
{Family 200}
Lewis Angola, Steuben1851OhioHead
{Family 201}
Russell Millgrove, Steuben1896IndianaHead
Lois Millgrove, Steuben1897IndianaWife
{Family 202}
William Millgrove, Steuben1865OhioHead
Celia Millgrove, Steuben1892IndianaDaughter
Roberta Millgrove, Steuben1904IndianaDaughter
{Family 203}
Grover Pleasant, Steuben1894IndianaHead
{Family 204}
Hiram Pleasant, Steuben1866IndianaHead
{Family 205}
Lewis Pleasant, Steuben1852IndianaHired Man
{Family 206}
William Pleasant, Steuben1854OhioHead
{Family 207}
Willard Pleasant, Steuben1905IllinoisFoster Child197
{Family 208}
Elnora Pleasant, Steuben 1864IndianaInmate
{Family 209}
Ora Steuben, Steuben1874IndianaHead270b
Mannie [Nannie]Steuben, Steuben1878OhioWife
Allene Steuben, Steuben1907IndianaDaughter
{Family 210}
Cora A
Surname listed Cose
Curry, Sullivan1869IndianaHead

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