CASE Families living in Indiana in 1920.
This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here.

NameLocationBirth Year
+- 1 year
Birth State RelationshipPage #
{Family 1}
Fern Blue Creek, Adams1910OhioGranddaughter
{Family 2}
Charles M Decatur, Adams1877New YorkHead192b
Jona [Iona]Decatur, Adams1881OhioWife
{Family 3}
JamesDecatur, Adams1867IndianaHead
{Family 4}
Jese [Jesse]St Marys, Adams1890IndianaHead115
Elda E St Marys, Adams1894OhioWife
Welma M [Wilma]St Marys, Adams1914IndianaDaughter
{Family 5}
Mary E St Marys, Adams1869IndianaHead
Roy R St Marys, Adams1895IndianaSon
Elizabeth St Marys, Adams1898IndianaDaughter
Vaughn St Marys, Adams1900IndianaSon
Rufus St Marys, Adams1891IndianaSon
{Family 6}
EdwardFort Wayne Ward 2, Allen1882OhioHead
Carrie Fort Wayne Ward 2, Allen1878IndianaWife
{Family 7}
Jack Fort Wayne Ward 3, Allen1863IndianaPrisoner
{Family 8}
Mary Fort Wayne Ward 6, Allen1850OhioMother-in-law
{Family 9}
Calvin Fort Wayne Ward 6, Allen1890OhioHead
Rose Fort Wayne Ward 6, Allen1891IndianaWife
{Family 10}
Florence Fort Wayne Ward 9, Allen1893OhioCousin
{Family 11}
Charles A Fort Wayne Ward 10, Allen1866IndianaHead
Harriet Fort Wayne Ward 10, Allen1869IndianaWife
Russel Fort Wayne Ward 10, Allen1896IndianaSon
Mildred Fort Wayne Ward 10, Allen1900IndianaDaughter
Velma Fort Wayne Ward 10, Allen1903IndianaDaughter
Izora Fort Wayne Ward 10, Allen1903IndianaDaughter
{Family 12}
George L Fort Wayne Ward 10, Allen1880IndianaHead
Glennah Fort Wayne Ward 10, Allen1878IndianaWife
{Family 13}
Roy H Columbus Ward 3, Bartholomew1883IndianaHead
Elva Columbus Ward 3, Bartholomew1886IndianaWife
{Family 14}
Oscar Columbus Ward 4, Bartholomew1849OhioHead131b
Marietta Columbus Ward 4, Bartholomew1857IndianaWife
{Family 15}
Jennie Deer Creek, Carroll1841IndianaHead135b
{Family 16}
Horace S Jackson, Carroll1847New YorkHead
Amelia Jackson, Carroll1855CanadaWife
{Family 17}
John A
Surnames listed Cue
Jackson, Carroll1851OhioHead
MalindaJackson, Carroll1853IndianaWife
ClarenceJackson, Carroll1883IndianaSon
{Family 18}
Fred S
Surnames listed Cose
Jackson, Carroll1885IndianaHead
SophiaJackson, Carroll1886IndianaWife
John AJackson, Carroll1917IndianaSon
Anna AJackson, Carroll1919IndianaDaughter
{Family 19}
William C Jefferson, Cass 1838IndianaFather-in-law
{Family 20}
Fred Logansport Ward 1, Cass1896IndianaHead
Marie Logansport Ward 1, Cass1919IndianaWife
Frederick Logansport Ward 1, Cass1918IndianaSon
{Family 21}
Albert Logansport Ward 3, Cass1867OhioHead162b
Dora Logansport Ward 3, Cass1870IndianaWife
Myrl Logansport Ward 3, Cass1901IndianaDaughter
Frank Logansport Ward 3, Cass1882IndianaSon-in-law
Emma Logansport Ward 3, Cass1889IndianaDaughter
Olhello [Othello]Logansport Ward 3, Cass1908IndianaSon
{Family 22}
Harry Logansport Ward 4, Cass1898IndianaSon-in-law195b
Marine C [Maxine]Logansport Ward 4, Cass1899IndianaDaughter
{Family 23}
Craten Logansport Ward 5, Cass1884OhioHead250b
Anna (Rhoda Anna)Logansport Ward 5, Cass1883OhioWife
Rosa M Logansport Ward 5, Cass1907OhioDaughter
Herman E Logansport Ward 5, Cass1910OhioSon
Albert [Elbert]Logansport Ward 5, Cass1911OhioSon
Harvey J Logansport Ward 5, Cass1914OhioSon
{Family 24}
[Herbert] Charlestown, Clark1900KentuckyHead260
Della Charlestown, Clark1900KentuckyWife
Katherine Charlestown, Clark1919IndianaDaughter
{Family 25}
John H Charlestown, Clark1860KentuckyHead
Margaret E Charlestown, Clark1861KentuckyWife
Lucy H Charlestown, Clark1903KentuckyDaughter
{Family 26}
James Jeffersonville Ward 1, Clark1917IndianaGrandson
{Family 27}
Bessie Frankfort Ward 2, Clinton1895IndianaDaughter
Carl H Frankfort Ward 2, Clinton1885IndianaSon-in-law
Mary F Frankfort Ward 2, Clinton1915IndianaGranddaughter
Marjorie J Frankfort Ward 2, Clinton1918IndianaGranddaughter
{Family 28}
Sarah H [Laura] Jackson, Decatur1859IndianaMother-in-law59b
{Family 29}
Elmer Fairfield, De Kalb1859New YorkHead
Rosie Fairfield, De Kalb1861IndianaWife
{Family 30}
Thomas Wilmington, De Kalb1867CanadaFather-in-law
Melitta Wilmington, De Kalb1869CanadaMother-in-law

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