CASE Families living in Illinois in 1920.
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This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here:

NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 181}
WilliamFrankfort, Franklin1888IllinoisRoomer
{Family 182}
SarahUnion, Fulton1834New YorkMother
{Family 183}
DNew Haven, Gallatin1860IllinoisHead9
MabelNew Haven, Gallatin1891IllinoisDaughter
{Family 184}
Tom HShawnee, Gallatin1885IllinoisHead
Cilla BShawnee, Gallatin1882IllinoisWife
Hendrick MShawnee, Gallatin1908IllinoisSon
Cora MShawnee, Gallatin1912IllinoisDaughter
LovellShawnee, Gallatin1913IllinoisSon
Rose LeeShawnee, Gallatin1914IllinoisDaughter
Mable EShawnee, Gallatin1918IllinoisDaughter
Thomas BShawnee, Gallatin1845IndianaFather
{Family 185}
G SRoodhouse, Greene1892KentuckyRoomer
{Family 186}
Shelby CPilot Grove, Hancock 1895IllinoisHead
Margaret EPilot Grove, Hancock1885IllinoisWife
Cathrine EPilot Grove, Hancock1913IllinoisDaughter
Helen CPilot Grove, Hancock1914IllinoisDaughter
Mary RPilot Grove, Hancock1919IllinoisDaughter
{Family 187}
Eleanor IClover, Henry1889IllinoisSister-in-law
{Family 188}
ElwoodKewanee, Henry1900IllinoisHead
NolaKewanee, Henry1902IllinoisWife
{Family 189}
DonaldKewanee, Henry1900New YorkHead
Cora HKewanee, Henry1897IllinoisWife
Jane CoreeceKewanee, Henry1919IllinoisDaughter
{Family 190}
LeviBeaver, Iroquois1844New YorkHead
LouisBeaver, Iroquois1851CanadaWife
{Family 191}
Eli H Onarga, Iroquois1863IllinoisHead
Sarah P Onarga, Iroquois1836OhioMother
{Family 192}
HenryPapineau, Iroquois1871IllinoisHead
CaraPapineau, Iroquois1874IllinoisWife
{Family 193}
Percy Papineau, Iroquois1896IllinoisHead
Lena R Papineau, Iroquois1899IllinoisWife
Drucilla Papineau, Iroquois1917IllinoisDaughter
Philis Papineau, Iroquois1918IllinoisDaughter
{Family 194}
PhilipPapineau, Iroquois1880IllinoisHead
Mary LPapineau, Iroquois1879IllinoisWife
Lara CPapineau, Iroquois1902IllinoisDaughter
Wesley LPapineau, Iroquois1905IllinoisSon
{Family 195}
Frank Webber, Jefferson1881IllinoisHead
Florence Webber, Jefferson1884IllinoisWife
Lester Webber, Jefferson1909IllinoisSon
Marlow Webber, Jefferson1914IllinoisSon
{Family 196}
Thomas AJersey, Jersey1861IllinoisHead
Albertie RJersey, Jersey1867IllinoisWife
Margaret FJersey, Jersey1903IllinoisDaughter
{Family 197}
Thomas AOtter Creek, Jersey1862IllinoisHead
Rosalie AOtter Creek, Jersey1867IllinoisWife
Margret FOtter Creek, Jersey1903IllinoisDaughter
{Family 198}
GraceAurora Ward 1, Kane1856IllinoisHead
{Family 199}
George O Aurora Ward 6, Kane1877IllinoisHead
Sarah MAurora Ward 6, Kane1878IllinoisWife
{Family 200}
Granby S Aurora Ward 6, Kane1843New YorkHead
Alice EAurora Ward 6, Kane1846VermontWife
{Family 201}
MabelSaint Charles, Kane1899ConnecticutBoarder
{Family 202}
Mabel DSaint Charles, Kane 1881IllinoisHead238
Mararie [Marjorie]Saint Charles, Kane1903IllinoisDaughter
CarolynSaint Charles, Kane1905IllinoisDaughter
AllanSaint Charles, Kane1908IllinoisSon
RobertSaint Charles, Kane1914IllinoisSon
{Family 203}
Clara Aroma, Kankakee1883IllinoisDaughter
BradfordAroma, Kankakee1913CaliforniaGrandson
{Family 204}
HarryAroma, Kankakee1885IllinoisHead
StellaAroma, Kankakee1890IllinoisWife
ZeldaAroma, Kankakee1912IllinoisDaughter
{Family 205}
Surnames listed Care
Aroma Park, Kankakee1876IllinoisHead
MurlAroma Park, Kankakee1899IllinoisSon
AltaAroma Park, Kankakee1911IllinoisDaughter
{Family 206}
C C Jr
Surnames listed Cose.
Ganeer, Kankakee1894IllinoisHead
Anne Ganeer, Kankakee1892IllinoisWife
Donna Bell Ganeer, Kankakee1914IllinoisDaughter
{Family 207}
Mary R [E]Ganeer, Kankakee1891IllinoisDaughter
Edward EGaneer, Kankakee1917IllinoisGrandson
{Family 208}
ChristopherKankakee, Kankakee1853IllinoisHead
MaryKankakee, Kankakee1862IllinoisWife
RayKankakee, Kankakee1896IllinoisSon
{Family 209}
Ray Kankakee Ward 1, Kankakee1885IllinoisHead
WandaKankakee Ward 1, Kankakee1893IllinoisWife
MarvellaKankakee Ward 1, Kankakee1912IllinoisDaughter
KennethKankakee Ward 1, Kankakee1917IllinoisSon
{Family 210}
Stanley EKankakee Ward 6, Kankakee1891IllinoisHead
Alvera Kankakee Ward 6, Kankakee1896IllinoisWife
DonaldKankakee Ward 6, Kankakee1915IndianaSon
StanleyKankakee Ward 6, Kankakee1918IllinoisSon

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