CASE Families living in Illinois in 1920.
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This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here:

NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 152}
Corrington C [Corington]Oak Park Precinct 5, Cook1842OhioHead136
Levenia Oak Park Precinct 5, Cook1847MassachusettsWife
{Family 153}
Carl D
Surnames listed Carl
Oak Park Precinct 14, Cook1869MinnesotaHead
Ellen MOak Park Precinct 14, Cook1871KentuckyWife
KatharineOak Park Precinct 14, Cook1903New JerseyDaughter
{Family 154}
EmmaOak Park Precinct 15, Cook1850New YorkRoomer
{Family 155}
Ulysses GrantOak Park Precinct 17, Cook1875PennsylvaniaHead
EmmaOak Park Precinct 17, Cook1880PennsylvaniaWife
Eugene RussellOak Park Precinct 17, Cook1902EnglandSon
DorothyOak Park Precinct 17, Cook1909IllinoisDaughter
Lawrence FrancisOak Park Precinct 17, Cook1913IllinoisSon
{Family 156}
Charles E
Surnames listed Core
Oak Park Precinct 18, Cook1860MichiganHead
Margaret DOak Park Precinct 18, Cook1859New YorkWife
{Family 157}
Tanny E [Tammy]
Surname listed Cose
Oak Park Precinct 19, Cook1863MichiganMother-in-law
{Family 158}
HarryProviso, Cook1890IllinoisHead
ElizebethProviso, Cook1890IowaWife
LouisaProviso, Cook1915IllinoisDaughter
{Family 159}
AnneProviso, Cook1886IllinoisSister-in-law
FranklinProviso, Cook1910IllinoisNephew
{Family 160}
JohnProviso, Cook1854EnglandHead
CharlotteProviso, Cook1858MichiganWife
{Family 161}
ClarenceProviso, Cook1876IndianaHead273b
NoraProviso, Cook1882TexasWife
ElizabethProviso, Cook1919New MexicoDaughter
D MotteProviso, Cook1909New MexicoSon
Marvin HProviso, Cook1915New MexicoSon
OliverProviso, Cook1916IllinoisSon
{Family 162}
Fred MDe Kalb, Dekalb1844WisconsinHead
Esta LDe Kalb, Dekalb1849WisconsinWife
{Family 163}
Marrian Santa Ana, Dewitt1849IllinoisHead
{Family 164}
Orin S Wapella, Dewitt1900IllinoisStepson
{Family 165}
JamesArcola, Douglas1887IllinoisHead
MaudArcola, Douglas1895MissouriWife
RalphArcola, Douglas1915IllinoisSon
EuniceArcola, Douglas1917IllinoisDaughter
{Family 166}
JamesArcola, Douglas1852OhioHead
MelvinArcola, Douglas1892IllinoisSon
{Family 167}
Harry S Downers Grove, Dupage1894IllinoisRoomer
{Family 168}
AnnaDowners Grove, Dupage1854CanadaHousekeeper
{Family 169}
Weldford [Welsford]
Surnames listed Cose
Downers Grove, Dupage1889CanadaHead115b
Hazel Downers Grove, Dupage1889MassachusettsWife
Iran Downers Grove, Dupage1913CanadaSon
Earle Downers Grove, Dupage1915IllinoisSon
Kenneth Downers Grove, Dupage1919IllinoisSon
{Family 170}
John JVilla Park, Dupage1866IllinoisHead
FrancisVilla Park, Dupage1875IllinoisWife
John PVilla Park, Dupage1898IllinoisSon
Catharine LVilla Park, Dupage1899IllinoisDaughter
Constance MVilla Park, Dupage1900IllinoisDaughter
Frances MVilla Park, Dupage1900IllinoisDaughter
Clara AVilla Park, Dupage1902IllinoisDaughter
Lucine MVilla Park, Dupage1908IllinoisDaughter
ConstanceVilla Park, Dupage1841GermanyMother
{Family 171}
Jesse L Bone Gap, Edwards1884IllinoisHead
Evea MBone Gap, Edwards1886IllinoisWife
Wilma BBone Gap, Edwards1906IllinoisDaughter
Benjiman FBone Gap, Edwards1908IllinoisSon
Ruth IBone Gap, Edwards1909OklahomaDaughter
Eldora EBone Gap, Edwards1918IllinoisSon
Melvin LBone Gap, Edwards1918IllinoisSon
{Family 172}
Siuman W [Truman]Effingham Ward 3, Effingham1862IllinoisHead
Malinda LEffingham Ward 3, Effingham1863IllinoisWife
Truman J Jr.Effingham Ward 3, Effingham1903IllinoisSon
{Family 173}
Eric [Edie]Paris Ward 2, Edgar1896IllinoisDaughter140b
Charles AParis Ward 2, Edgar 1894IllinoisSon-in-law
{Family 174}
Curtis JParis Ward 5, Edgar1880IndianaHead
LuluParis Ward 5, Edgar1885IndianaWife
ElrenaParis Ward 5, Edgar1904IndianaDaughter
EvelynParis Ward 5, Edgar1908IndianaDaughter
{Family 175}
JamesLone Grove, Fayette1874PennsylvaniaHead
CarieLone Grove, Fayette1894IllinoisWife
IrvinLone Grove, Fayette1914IllinoisSon
JamesLone Grove, Fayette1916IllinoisSon
GenevaLone Grove, Fayette1919IllinoisDaughter
{Family 176}
Surnames listed Care
Brenton, Ford1879IllinoisHead
Elsie LBrenton, Ford1881IllinoisWife
Willis GBrenton, Ford1901IllinoisSon
HowardBrenton, Ford1904IllinoisSon
Mable FBrenton, Ford1911IllinoisDaughter
{Family 177}
Sarah W [Bulah?]
Surnames listed Care
Drummer, Ford1898IllinoisDaughter48
LeslieDrummer, Ford1918IllinoisGrandson
{Family 178}
Howard R
Surnames listed Gose
Drummer, Ford1894KentuckyHead
LullaDrummer, Ford1899IllinoisWife
Roscoe WDrummer, Ford1917IllinoisSon
William EDrummer, Ford1919IllinoisSon
{Family 179}
Surnames listed Care
Drummer, Ford1863KentuckyHead
AnnaDrummer, Ford1873KentuckyWife
Casey JDrummer, Ford1904IllinoisDaughter
CecilDrummer, Ford1907IllinoisSon
{Family 180}
Charles WBenton, Franklin1862New YorkHead
LydiaBenton, Franklin1862CanadaWife

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