CASE Families living in Illinois in 1920.
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This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here.

NameLocation AgeBirth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 311}
Elmer G
Surnames listed Carl
Mount Carmel Ward 3, Wabash1886IllinoisHead
SarahMount Carmel Ward 3, Wabash1887IllinoisWife
MableMount Carmel Ward 3, Wabash1906IllinoisDaughter
FrancisMount Carmel Ward 3, Wabash1908IllinoisSon
DortheyMount Carmel Ward 3, Wabash1911IllinoisDaughter
RaymondMount Carmel Ward 3, Wabash1914IllinoisSon
HarilMount Carmel Ward 3, Wabash1917IllinoisSon
{Family 312}
HenryMount Carmel Ward 5, Wabash1857ArkansasHead
EllenMount Carmel Ward 5, Wabash1867IndianaWife
ZellaMount Carmel Ward 5, Wabash1898IndianaSon
Mervin Mount Carmel Ward 5, Wabash1908IndianaSon
AlvaMount Carmel Ward 5, Wabash1911IndianaSon
{Family 313}
Myrtie Four Mile, Wayne1901IllinoisStepdaughter
{Family 314}
J LIndian Prairie, Wayne1869OhioHead
MaryIndian Prairie, Wayne1869IllinoisWife
{Family 315}
Andres Indian Prairie, Wayne1888IllinoisHead
MarthaIndian Prairie, Wayne1891IllinoisWife
NorvellIndian Prairie, Wayne1909IllinoisSon
LuellaIndian Prairie, Wayne1911IllinoisDaughter
AgnessIndian Prairie, Wayne1914IllinoisDaughter
HenryIndian Prairie, Wayne1919IllinoisSon
{Family 316}
L RIndian Prairie, Wayne1872IllinoisHead
EffieIndian Prairie, Wayne1878IllinoisWife
{Family 317}
FrankBraidwood Ward 1, Will1909IllinoisGrandson
HarryBraidwood Ward 1, Will1910IllinoisGrandson
JamesBraidwood Ward 1, Will1912IllinoisGrandson
{Family 318}
MargeretWilton, Will1863IllinoisHead
JamesWilton, Will1899IllinoisSon
EvelynWilton, Will1902IllinoisDaughter
RuthWilton, Will1904IllinoisDaughter
JohnWilton, Will1897IllinoisSon
{Family 319}
BellJoliet Ward 7, Will1855IllinoisMother-in-law622b
{Family 320}
William E
Surname listed Cose
Camp Grant, Winnebago1895MassachusettsSoldier
{Family 321}
Chas CCherry Valley, Winnebago1849IllinoisHead
Charlotte HCherry Valley, Winnebago1850IndianaWife
{Family 322}
MahlonGuilford, Winnebago1846New YorkHead
Marilla EGuilford, Winnebago1850IllinoisWife
JacobGuilford, Winnebago1890IllinoisSon
EbbaGuilford, Winnebago1888IllinoisDaughter
{Family 323}
GilbertRockford Ward 3, Winnebago1894IllinoisHead
AnnaRockford Ward 3, Winnebago1895PennsylvaniaWife
{Family 324}
Anna LRockford Ward 4, Winnebago1861IllinoisHead95b
{Family 325}
AnnaRockford Ward 4, Winnebago1870IllinoisHead136b
DorothyRockford Ward 4, Winnebago1913IllinoisInmate
RobertRockford Ward 4, Winnebago1914IllinoisInmate
ElizabethRockford Ward 4, Winnebago1917IllinoisInmate
GraceRockford Ward 4, Winnebago1909IllinoisDaughter137
{Family 326}
HerbertRockford Ward 6, Winnebago1900IllinoisHead17b
Dellar [Della]Rockford Ward 6, Winnebago1899IllinoisWife
HaroldRockford Ward 6, Winnebago1918IllinoisSon
{Family 327}
Chas WRockford Ward 7, Winnebago1858New YorkHead
HarrietRockford Ward 7, Winnebago1864IllinoisWife
{Family 328}
Howard F Sr.South Beloit, Winnebago1894WisconsinHead
BlancheSouth Beloit, Winnebago1892IllinoisWife
GeorgeSouth Beloit, Winnebago1916WisconsinSon
Thresa BSouth Beloit, Winnebago1917IllinoisDaughter
Howard CSouth Beloit, Winnebago1919IllinoisSon
{Family 329}
Esther JSouth Beloit, Winnebago1865IllinoisHead
{Family 330}
Irene ESouth Beloit, Winnebago1850ConnecticutHead
Carrie JSouth Beloit, Winnebago1859ConnecticutSister
{Family 331}
William M
Surname listed Caso
South Beloit, Winnebago1836VermontHead

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