CASE Families living in Illinois in 1920.
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This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here.

NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 272}
Surnames listed Pase
Peoria Ward 7, Peoria1882IllinoisHead
EnnaPeoria Ward 7, Peoria1881BavariaWife
LeetaPeoria Ward 7, Peoria1912IllinoisDaughter
WilbertPeoria Ward 7, Peoria1914IllinoisSon
{Family 273}
Paul Peoria Ward 7, Peoria1883IllinoisLodger
GertrudePeoria Ward 7, Peoria1893IllinoisLodger
{Family 274}
PaulinePeoria Ward 7, Peoria1915IllinoisDaughter
{Family 275}
Nancy JPeoria Ward 8, Peoria1845IllinoisHead
MartinPeoria Ward 8, Peoria1868IllinoisSon
{Family 276}
Luther SPeoria Ward 8, Peoria1877IowaHead
MiniePeoria Ward 8, Peoria1882IllinoisWife
{Family 277}
WilburPrinceville, Peoria1895IllinoisHead
AgnesPrinceville, Peoria1896IllinoisWife
Wilbur JrPrinceville, Peoria1919IllinoisSon
{Family 278}
VernaDu Quoin, Perry1886KentuckyHead
{Family 279}
AlmonKarnak, Pulaski1867TennesseeHead
Mary AKarnak, Pulaski1857TennesseeWife
{Family 280}
FrankCoe, Rock Island1895IllinoisHired Man
{Family 281}
Surname listed Carr
Moline Ward 6, Rock Island1916IllinoisGranddaughter
{Family 282}
AmbrosePort Byron, Rock Island1849PennsylvaniaHead
Emma LPort Byron, Rock Island1857IllinoisWife
RaymondPort Byron, Rock Island1900IllinoisSon
WilliamPort Byron, Rock Island1902IllinoisSon
{Family 283}
Lorraiore [Lorrain]Rock Island Precinct 2, Rock Island1848New YorkHead
Clayton RRock Island Precinct 2, Rock Island1875IllinoisSon
{Family 284}
AugustRock Island Precinct 8, Rock Island1862WisconsinLodger
{Family 285}
BlandineRock Island Precinct 14, Rock Island1867GermanyHead
Charles DRock Island Precinct 14, Rock Island1905IllinoisSon
{Family 286}
John ERock Island Precinct 19, Rock Island1885IllinoisHead
Marcella MRock Island Precinct 19, Rock Island1898IowaWife
Elenor SRock Island Precinct 19, Rock Island1919IllinoisDaughter
{Family 287}
Harry E
Surnames listed Care
Rock Island Precinct 27, Rock Island1882IllinoisHead
ElizabethRock Island Precinct 27, Rock Island1883IllinoisWife
MartinRock Island Precinct 27, Rock Island1904IllinoisSon
RuthRock Island Precinct 27, Rock Island1908IllinoisDaughter
{Family 288}
Clyde WRock Island Precinct 28, Rock Island1881IllinoisHead
VioletRock Island Precinct 28, Rock Island1884IllinoisWife
HarriettRock Island Precinct 28, Rock Island1911IllinoisDaughter
Clyde WRock Island Precinct 28, Rock Island1913IllinoisSon
Bernice ERock Island Precinct 28, Rock Island1915IllinoisDaughter
{Family 289}
Charles BSpringfield Precinct 37, Sangamon1875New YorkLodger
{Family 290}
Surname listed Care
Dry Point, Shelby1844OhioCousin
{Family 291}
Daniel OBelleville Ward 3, St. Clair1895MissouriHead
EthelBelleville Ward 3, St. Clair1897IllinoisWife
Ingnita SilaBelleville Ward 3, St. Clair1914IllinoisDaughter
Delmer HBelleville Ward 3, St. Clair1918IllinoisSon
Kenneth OBelleville Ward 3, St. Clair1919IllinoisSon
{Family 292}
HattieEast St Louis Ward 6, St. Clair1882IllinoisHead
RoyEast St Louis Ward 6, St. Clair1900IllinoisSon
{Family 293}
Edward East St Louis Ward 4, St. Clair1870IllinoisBoarder
{Family 294}
HarmonEast St Louis Ward 5, St. Clair1860MichiganBoarder
{Family 295}
Harmon DEast St Louis Ward 5, St. Clair1861MichiganHead
Lula MEast St Louis Ward 5, St. Clair1873ArkansasWife
EstherEast St Louis Ward 5, St. Clair1903IllinoisDaughter
RuthEast St Louis Ward 5, St. Clair1915IllinoisDaughter
{Family 296}
CharlesEast St Louis Ward 8, St. Clair1879IllinoisHead
MarieEast St Louis Ward 8, St. Clair1878MissouriWife
{Family 297}
GustavusStites, St. Clair1903MissouriServant
{Family 298}
Ina EWashington, Tazewell1916IllinoisNiece
{Family 299}
Surname listed Carr
Danville Ward 1, Vermilion1855IndianaLodger191
{Family 300}
Jesse [Josie]
Surnames listed Cass
Danville Ward 1, Vermilion 1873USAHead191
Emma Danville Ward 1, Vermilion1905IllinoisDaughter
Helen Danville Ward 1, Vermilion1908IllinoisDaughter
Ruth Danville Ward 1, Vermilion1910IllinoisDaughter
{Family 301}
LouisDanville Ward 3, Vermilion1859IllinoisFather
{Family 302}
Eva LDanville Ward 3, Vermilion1867IllinoisHead
{Family 303}
ClarenceDanville Ward 6, Vermilion1894MinnesotaHead
{Family 304}
William WJamaica, Vermilion1867IllinoisHead171
Myrtle AJamaica, Vermilion1888IllinoisWife
Berman EJamaica, Vermilion1914IllinoisSon
James LJamaica, Vermilion1915IllinoisSon
WilliamJamaica, Vermilion1919IllinoisSon
{Family 305}
HenryRoss, Vermilion1863IllinoisHead
Cora IRoss, Vermilion1872IndianaWife
Henry DRoss, Vermilion1913IllinoisSon
{Family 306}
Micholas BRoss, Vermilion1866IllinoisHead
CarrieRoss, Vermilion1870OhioWife
Mitchiel BRoss, Vermilion1900IllinoisDaughter
Esten MRoss, Vermilion1903IllinoisSon
Henry ARoss, Vermilion1906IllinoisSon
{Family 307}
Frank WRoss, Vermilion 1866IllinoisHead
EffieRoss, Vermilion1871OhioWife
{Family 308}
Theodore WFriendsville, Wabash1879IllinoisHead
LulaFriendsville, Wabash1880IllinoisWife
BerteFriendsville, Wabash1903IllinoisDaughter
Harold WFriendsville, Wabash1908IllinoisSon
CleoFriendsville, Wabash1911IllinoisDaughter
EleanorFriendsville, Wabash1916IllinoisDaughter
{Family 309}
Surnames listed Care
Lick Prairie, Wabash1882IllinoisHead
Clara BLick Prairie, Wabash1890IllinoisWife
{Family 310}
WalterMount Carmel Ward 3, Wabash1900IllinoisHead
OlolaMount Carmel Ward 3, Wabash1900IllinoisWife

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