CASE Families living in Illinois in 1920.
This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here.

NameLocationBirth Year
+- 1 year
Birth State RelationshipPage #
{Family 1}
FredRiverside, Adams1882IllinoisHead
VernaRiverside, Adams1888IllinoisWife
ArnoldRiverside, Adams1912IowaSon
VernonRiverside, Adams1915IllinoisSon
{Family 2}
[J] Edward Quincy Ward 1, Adams1863MissouriHead34b
Lona [Leona]Quincy Ward 1, Adams1895MissouriDaughter
{Family 3}
Carlina M [Carlins]Burgess, Bond1851OhioHead119
Alise H [Alice]Burgess, Bond1857IllinoisWife
Earl MBurgess, Bond1905IllinoisGrandson
Nora ABurgess, Bond1908IllinoisGranddaughter
{Family 4}
Charles LBurgess, Bond1891IllinoisHead119b
LillianBurgess, Bond1893IowaWife
Charles JohnBurgess, Bond1914IllinoisSon
{Family 5}
WarrenBurgess, Bond1883IllinoisHead
JanetteBurgess, Bond1889IllinoisWife
AlbertBurgess, Bond1908MissouriSon
GeorgeBurgess, Bond1911IllinoisSon
HellenBurgess, Bond1916IllinoisDaughter
{Family 6}
MarionBurgess, Bond1879IllinoisHead
BerthaBurgess, Bond1889IllinoisWife
ArvellBurgess, Bond1910IllinoisSon
LouiseBurgess, Bond1914IllinoisDaughter
{Family 7}
MelissaBelvidere Ward 1, Boone1846OhioHead
MabelBelvidere Ward 1, Boone1877IllinoisDaughter
{Family 8}
Harry H
Surnames listed Cass
Flora, Boone1889IllinoisHead
Eloise M Flora, Boone1891MichiganWife
Chas A Flora, Boone1918IllinoisSon
{Family 9}
David LFlora, Boone1851IllinoisHead
Emaline AFlora, Boone1853MassachusettsWife
{Family 10}
G Edwin
Surnames listed Cass
Mineral, Bureau1842OhioHead
Annie Mineral, Bureau1845KentuckyWife
{Family 11}
George E Princeton, Bureau1870ConnecticutHead
Darlene L Princeton, Bureau1873IllinoisWife
Marian D Princeton, Bureau1903IllinoisDaughter
Reginald Princeton, Bureau1907IllinoisSon
{Family 12}
Francis OSelby, Bureau1895TennesseeRoomer
{Family 13}
Nathan JOregon, Cass1862IllinoisHead
SusanOregon, Cass1866IllinoisWife
CarrieOregon, Cass1887IllinoisDaughter
HowardOregon, Cass1899IllinoisSon
Hallie EveOregon, Cass1908IllinoisDaughter
TheodoreOregon, Cass1905IllinoisSon
LulaOregon, Cass1908IllinoisDaughter
{Family 14}
ThomasOregon, Cass1896IllinoisHead
ElsieOregon, Cass1891IllinoisWife
ThelmaOregon, Cass1918IllinoisDaughter
William NOregon, Cass1893IllinoisBrother
{Family 15}
AmandaEast Bend, Champaign1843IllinoisSister
{Family 16}
WmOgden, Champaign1867IllinoisHead279
Laura SOgden, Champaign1867IllinoisWife
Veoge [Vera]Ogden, Champaign1904IllinoisDaughter
{Family 17}
Roy LOgden, Champaign1892IllinoisHead281
Malle M [Mable]Ogden, Champaign1897IllinoisWife
{Family 18}
FrankCasey, Clark1881OhioHead
AnnaCasey, Clark1885OhioWife
EllenCasey, Clark1906IndianaDaughter
GlenCasey, Clark1910IllinoisSon
LorenCasey, Clark1914IllinoisSon
{Family 19}
Charlotte Harter, Clay1830VermontRoomer
{Family 20}
Marion J Harter, Clay1862OhioHead80b
Florence A Harter, Clay1863IndianaWife
Lenord N [Leonard] Harter, Clay1897IllinoisSon
Mary Irene Harter, Clay1887IllinoisDaughter
Charner D [Chlorus]Harter, Clay1901IllinoisSon
{Family 21}
George C Larkinsburg, Clay1872IllinoisHead105b
Ema E Larkinsburg, Clay1868IllinoisWife
Velma M Larkinsburg, Clay1900IllinoisDaughter
Claud R Larkinsburg, Clay1902IllinoisSon
William J W Larkinsburg, Clay1904IllinoisSon
Raymon H Larkinsburg, Clay1907IllinoisSon
Virgil G Larkinsburg, Clay1909IllinoisSon
Clay N Larkinsburg, Clay1911IllinoisSon
Opal M Larkinsburg, Clay1914IllinoisDaughter
{Family 22}
Hary EXenia, Clay1888IllinoisHead
DellaXenia, Clay1892MissouriWife
TeddyXenia, Clay1912IllinoisSon
{Family 23}
Ernest E
Surnames listed Rose
Xenia, Clay1884IllinoisHead
Fanny EXenia, Clay1890IllinoisWife
{Family 24}
G HardinCarlyle, Clinton1872IllinoisHead
JuliaCarlyle, Clinton1874IllinoisWife
{Family 25}
IsaacHutton, Coles1879IndianaHead
ClaraHutton, Coles1882IndianaWife
HubertHutton, Coles1902IndianaSon
MayHutton, Coles1904IndianaDaughter
ArthurHutton, Coles1905IndianaSon
UnaHutton, Coles1907IndianaDaughter
JoeHutton, Coles1910IndianaSon
LucileHutton, Coles1914IndianaDaughter
{Family 26}
Harry EBellwood, Cook1879New YorkHead
Jennie EBellwood, Cook1882PennsylvaniaWife
DoralBellwood, Cook1904MassachusettsDaughter
HelenBellwood, Cook1905ConnecticutDaughter
HaroldBellwood, Cook1906New YorkSon
RobertBellwood, Cook1911OhioSon
{Family 27}
William H
Surname poss. Casey
Bremen, Cook1882CanadaPatient39
{Family 28}
Peter J Bremen, Cook1851IrelandPatient
{Family 29}
William RChicago Ward 1, Cook1883IllinoisLodger
{Family 30}
E GChicago Ward 1, Cook 1863IllinoisHead
Mrs. E GChicago Ward 1, Cook 1865New YorkWife

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