CASE Families living in Idaho in 1920.
This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here.

NameLocationBirth Year
+- 1 year
Birth State RelationshipPage #
{Family 1}
Iona Boise, Ada1875MissouriHead
John D Boise, Ada1893IdahoSon
{Family 2}
Elizabeth Boise, Ada1867CanadaHead
William R Boise, Ada1889CanadaSon
{Family 3}
PlinyMeridian, Ada1875OhioHead
MarielMeridian, Ada1879IowaWife
EthelMeridian, Ada1904NebraskaDaughter
FermMeridian, Ada1906NebraskaDaughter
{Family 4}
Spencer B
Surnames listed Cose
Grace, Bannock 1897UtahHead
EvelynGrace, Bannock1900IllinoisWife
{Family 5}
Helen Pocatello Ward 3, Bannock1897IdahoDaughter
{Family 6}
Carrie M Wardboro, Bear Lake1891NebraskaDaughter
Clinton CWardboro, Bear Lake1914NebraskaGrandson
Helen MWardboro, Bear Lake1918NebraskaGranddaughter
{Family 7}
Ernest E Tensed, Benewah1882IowaHead
InaTensed, Benewah1888MissouriWife
EdnaTensed, Benewah1914IdahoDaughter
{Family 8}
Fred Aberdeen, Bingham1873MinnesotaHead
Elsie Aberdeen, Bingham1883IowaWife
{Family 9}
George W Blackfoot Precinct 1, Bingham1874UtahPatient236
{Family 10}
Fred WIdaho Falls, Bonneville1893ColoradoRoomer
{Family 11}
Paul LCaldwell Ward 2, Canyon1880KansasHead
Fannie E Caldwell Ward 2, Canyon1884NebraskaWife
Elizabeth LCaldwell Ward 2, Canyon1913WisconsinDaughter
Aghsta JCaldwell Ward 2, Canyon1918IdahoDaughter
{Family 12}
Ralph S [T]Burley, Cassia 1895North CarolinaHead
LeliaBurley, Cassia1896IowaWife
{Family 13}
Amos M
Surnames listed Cose
Fraser, Clearwater1874South CarolinaHead
Adaline MFraser, Clearwater1880TennesseeWife
Roy DFraser, Clearwater1900TennesseeSon
{Family 14}
Riley FGlenns Ferry, Elmore1873ArkansasHead
Grace AGlenns Ferry, Elmore1877ArkansasWife
ClayGlenns Ferry, Elmore1901ArkansasSon
JasperGlenns Ferry, Elmore1904ArkansasSon
AustinGlenns Ferry, Elmore1906ArkansasSon
MaxineGlenns Ferry, Elmore1908OregonDaughter
RueGlenns Ferry, Elmore1910OregonSon
HaroldGlenns Ferry, Elmore1914IdahoSon
GraceGlenns Ferry, Elmore1915IdahoDaughter
{Family 15}
Lester DEmmett, Gem1899MontanaHead
Mildred IEmmett, Gem1902WyomingWife
Margaret PEmmett, Gem1918MissouriDaughter
{Family 16}
ThurmanWendell, Gooding 1889MissouriHead
DelphaWendell, Gooding1887MissouriWife
Wallie EWendell, Gooding1913MissouriSon
AlphusWendell, Gooding1915MissouriSon
AlmaWendell, Gooding1916MissouriDaughter
ZelmaWendell, Gooding1919IdahoDaughter
{Family 17}
AshleyKootenai, Kootenai1890MichiganHead
JuliaKootenai, Kootenai1859MichiganMother
{Family 18}
VioletGenesee, Latah1902TexasStepdaughter
Elsie JaneGenesee, Latah1919IdahoStepdaughter
{Family 19}
Rufus SFairview, Idaho1892North CarolinaHead
Corintha EFairview, Idaho1895NebraskaWife
Dale RFairview, Idaho1918IdahoSon
{Family 20}
Leonard SFerdinand, Idaho1892OregonHead
LucindaFerdinand, Idaho1893OregonWife
WilberFerdinand, Idaho1915IdahoSon
ClareneFerdinand, Idaho1916IdahoDaughter
{Family 21}
John Pahsimari, Lemhi1880MissouriHead
Alice Pahsimari, Lemhi1880MissouriWife
{Family 22}
Surnames listed Care
Culdesac, Nez Perce 1872IowaHead
NolaCuldesac, Nez Perce1890NebraskaWife
AsaCuldesac, Nez Perce1910ColoradoSon
HowardCuldesac, Nez Perce1902WashingtonSon
HelenCuldesac, Nez Perce1912ColoradoDaughter
NormanCuldesac, Nez Perce1917OregonSon
{Family 23}
EthelLewiston, Nez Perce1893PennsylvaniaLodger
{Family 24}
DonaldLewiston, Nez Perce1912IdahoGrandson
{Family 25}
William DPayette, Payette1862IllinoisHead
Bertha MPayette, Payette1869IllinoisWife
{Family 26}
DeanKellogg, Shoshone1889MissouriHead
ElizebethKellogg, Shoshone1888MinnesotaWife
{Family 27}
MaryKellogg, Shoshone1864WisconsinSister
{Family 28}
AlbertWallace, Shoshone1880MinnesotaHead
FlorenceWallace, Shoshone1881OregonWife
AlbertWallace, Shoshone1902WashingtonSon
LesterWallace, Shoshone1904WashingtonSon
Vera GraceWallace, Shoshone1912MontanaDaughter
{Family 29}
Clarence WFiler, Twin Falls1887IllinoisHead
EmmaFiler, Twin Falls1888IllinoisWife
DorothyFiler, Twin Falls1914IdahoDaughter
MargaretFiler, Twin Falls1918IdahoDaughter
{Family 30}
John WKimberly, Twin Falls1851IllinoisHead
Mary JKimberly, Twin Falls1861IllinoisWife
Clarence GKimberly, Twin Falls1887IllinoisSon
EllaKimberly, Twin Falls1903IllinoisDaughter
{Family 31}
Jessie O Twin Talls Ward 1, Twin Falls1893IllinoisHead
ElvaTwin Talls Ward 1, Twin Falls1891IdahoWife
Vera NellTwin Talls Ward 1, Twin Falls1917IdahoDaughter
{Family 32}
NellieTwin Talls Ward 2, Twin Falls1890IowaLodger

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