CASE Families living in Iowa in 1920.
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This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here:

NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 151}
Barton Davenport Ward 1, Scott1874IowaHead261b
AnnaDavenport Ward 1, Scott1874ColoradoWife
LouisDavenport Ward 1, Scott1898IowaSon
CharlesDavenport Ward 1, Scott1899IowaSon
Carrine [Corrine]Davenport Ward 1, Scott1903IowaDaughter
John A [E]Davenport Ward 1, Scott1905IowaSon
{Family 152}
Milner [Milnor]WDavenport Ward 4, Scott1892IllinoisSon-in-law237
ElsieDavenport Ward 4, Scott1897IowaDaughter
Nancy MDavenport Ward 4, Scott1918IowaGranddaughter
{Family 153}
Roy A
Surnames listed Clise
Davenport Ward 4, Scott1877IowaHead
BerthaDavenport Ward 4, Scott1880IllinoisWife
Catharine RDavenport Ward 4, Scott1918IowaDaughter
{Family 154}
KatherineDavenport Ward 6, Scott1858IowaHead
{Family 155}
ArtPanama, Shelby1885IowaHead
EdithPanama, Shelby1888IowaDaughter
VergiePanama, Shelby1916IowaDaughter
VeraPanama, Shelby1913IowaDaughter
ElainePanama, Shelby1918IowaDaughter
{Family 156}
Surnames listed Cue
Ames Ward 1, Story1891IowaHead
MildredAmes Ward 1, Story1892IowaWife
Clara FAmes Ward 1, Story1916IowaDaughter
James WesleyAmes Ward 1, Story1919IowaSon
{Family 157}
Charles HNevada, Story1874ConnecticutHead
EffieNevada, Story1875IowaWife
PerryNevada, Story1904IowaSon
TheronNevada, Story1908IowaSon
{Family 158}
PaulChelsea, Tama1906IowaStepson
LouiseChelsea, Tama1902IowaStepdaughter
{Family 158-5}
L G [Lemuel Grant]
Surnames listed Care
Salt Creek, Tama1865IowaHead28b
Lenise [Louise]Salt Creek, Tama1866IowaWife
Joe [Fae]Salt Creek, Tama1903IowaDaughter
KennethSalt Creek, Tama1899IowaSon
{Family 159}
HenrySalt Creek, Tama1889IowaHead
AgnesSalt Creek, Tama1900IowaWife
MildredSalt Creek, Tama1916IowaDaughter
{Family 160}
William M
Surnames listed Carr
Bedford, Taylor1871IllinoisHead
Emma JBedford, Taylor1871IllinoisWife
IrineBedford, Taylor1906IllinoisDaughter
Roy KBedford, Taylor1914IowaSon
{Family 161}
Harry L
Surnames listed Carr
Bedford, Taylor1889IowaHead
GladysBedford, Taylor1889IllinoisWife
{Family 162}
Albert R
Surnames listed Care
Platte, Taylor1894IowaHead
Nora GPlatte, Taylor1885IowaWife
Luciel GPlatte, Taylor1916IowaDaughter
RaymondPlatte, Taylor1918IowaSon
{Family 163}
Arthur HCreston Ward 1, Union1878IllinoisHead
CinderellaCreston Ward 1, Union1882IowaWife
GlennCreston Ward 1, Union1903IowaSon
{Family 164}
Alver W [Oliver?]Creston Ward 3, Union1864IllinoisHead51b
EmmaCreston Ward 3, Union1867IllinoisWife
{Family 165}
LaceyCreston Ward 4, Union1884IowaHead
HelenCreston Ward 4, Union1888IowaWife
{Family 166}
Charley HCreston Ward 5, Union1887IowaHead
Mary ECreston Ward 5, Union1891IowaWife
Lowell RCreston Ward 5, Union1911IowaSon
{Family 167}
Surname listed Carr
Creston Ward 5, Union1878IowaRoomer
{Family 168}
FrancesLincoln, Union1847New JerseyHead
{Family 169}
Ralph LPlatte, Union1902IowaSon-in-law
May EPlatte, Union1901IowaDaughter
{Family 170}
StellaSpaulding, Union1885IowaHead
LaurettaSpaulding, Union1909IowaDaughter
{Family 171}
HoseaWashington Ward 2, Washington1861WisconsinHead
AnnaWashington Ward 2, Washington1861MinnesotaWife
LewisWashington Ward 2, Washington1901WisconsinSon
{Family 172}
BeatriceWashington Ward 3, Washington 1898IowaLodger
{Family 173}
John C
Surnames listed Core
Walnut, Wayne1861West VirginiaHead
DorothyWalnut, Wayne1867West VirginiaWife
Florence MWalnut, Wayne1909IowaDaughter
{Family 174}
A ADuncombe, Webster1868IowaHead
AliceDuncombe, Webster1870PennsylvaniaWife
{Family 175}
Charles DFort Dodge Ward 3, Webster1861New YorkHead
Nettie EFort Dodge Ward 3, Webster1869IowaWife
{Family 176}
IdaFort Dodge Ward 4, Webster1876IowaHead
ElmerFort Dodge Ward 4, Webster1906IowaSon
{Family 177}
ClarenceFort Dodge Ward 4, Webster1896IowaHead
TeresaFort Dodge Ward 4, Webster1900NebraskaWife
{Family 178}
Rosco PGowrie, Webster 1891IowaHead
Jessie SGowrie, Webster1894ColoradoWife
Alice MGowrie, Webster1918IowaDaughter
{Family 179}
Surnames listed Carr
Center, Winnebago1874IowaHead
Mabel CCenter, Winnebago1881IowaWife
MildredCenter, Winnebago1903IowaDaughter
GeorgeCenter, Winnebago1910IowaSon
{Family 180}
PercyArlington, Woodbury1878IowaHead
Anna LArlington, Woodbury1877NebraskaWife
Frances HArlington, Woodbury1908IowaDaughter

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