CASE Families living in Iowa in 1920.
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This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here:

NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 121}
ThomasHenry, Plymouth1869EnglandHead
Frances FHenry, Plymouth1867PennsylvaniaWife
George WHenry, Plymouth1895IowaSon
MargaretHenry, Plymouth1899IowaDaughter
RuthHenry, Plymouth1902IowaDaughter
Oscar JHenry, Plymouth1897IowaSon
{Family 122}
CharlesDes Moines Ward 1, Polk1880IowaHead
RoseDes Moines Ward 1, Polk1880IowaWife
HarryDes Moines Ward 1, Polk1901IowaSon
RaymondDes Moines Ward 1, Polk1913IowaSon
{Family 123}
Harley DDes Moines Ward 1, Polk 1855IowaHead
Stelle MDes Moines Ward 1, Polk1865IowaWife
Glenn ADes Moines Ward 1, Polk1907IowaSon
{Family 124}
Andrew J
Surname listed Care
Des Moines Ward 2, Polk1889IndianaRoomer
{Family 125}
Elroy MDes Moines Ward 2, Polk 1871South DakotaHead
Elsie ADes Moines Ward 2, Polk1895IowaWife
{Family 126}
PaulDes Moines Ward 2, Polk1901MissouriBoarder
{Family 127}
John A
Surnames listed Cose
Des Moines Ward 4, Polk1858IllinoisHead24b
Sannie [Sammie]Des Moines Ward 4, Polk1875MissouriWife
ChesterDes Moines Ward 4, Polk1900IowaSon
HazelDes Moines Ward 4, Polk1903IowaDaughter
{Family 128}
George MDes Moines Ward 4, Polk1859IndianaHead
MarthaDes Moines Ward 4, Polk1859OhioWife
{Family 129}
WmDes Moines Ward 4, Polk1863OhioHead
{Family 130}
FrankDes Moines Ward 4, Polk1860MissouriHead
CoraDes Moines Ward 4, Polk1854IowaWife
{Family 131}
Vergil V
Surname listed Dale
Des Moines Ward 4, Polk1893MissouriLodger
{Family 132}
GraceDes Moines Ward 5, Polk1908North DakotaDaughter
RichardDes Moines Ward 5, Polk1909North DakotaSon
{Family 133}
Nelli [Nellie]Des Moines Ward 6, Polk1899ArkansasBoarder36b
{Family 134}
Magaret BDes Moines Ward 6, Polk1859West VirginiaHead
{Family 135}
FrankDes Moines Ward 7, Polk1860OhioHead
KateDes Moines Ward 7, Polk1863OhioWife
WilliamDes Moines Ward 7, Polk1895IllinoisSon
MarionDes Moines Ward 7, Polk1898IowaSon
{Family 136}
RobertDes Moines Ward 7, Polk1894IowaHead
UnisDes Moines Ward 7, Polk1892ConnecticutWife
JamesDes Moines Ward 7, Polk1918ConnecticutSon
MahalaDes Moines Ward 7, Polk1919ConnecticutDaughter
{Family 137}
Beer Clande [Beer Claude]Des Moines Ward 7, Polk1869IowaHead143
HellenDes Moines Ward 7, Polk1888PennsylvaniaWife
DortheyDes Moines Ward 7, Polk1915IowaDaughter
{Family 138}
Larnerd [Leonard?]Des Moines Ward 7, Polk1879IowaHead184b
Darie [Dasie?]Des Moines Ward 7, Polk1886IowaWife
Opak [Opal]Des Moines Ward 7, Polk1905IowaDaughter
GlenDes Moines Ward 7, Polk1909CanadaSon
{Family 139}
Albert BWebster, Polk1888IowaHead
Fay NWebster, Polk1890MissouriWife
Elmer RWebster, Polk1907IowaSon
Dorris VWebster, Polk1909IowaDaughter
{Family 140}
Huston LWebster, Polk1846PennsylvaniaHead
Sarah EWebster, Polk1845PennsylvaniaWife
George HWebster, Polk1869PennsylvaniaSon
{Family 141}
Wm HCouncil Bluffs Ward 1, Pottawattamie1845IowaLodger
{Family 142}
FredCouncil Bluffs Ward 2, Pottawattamie1868WisconsinHead
MaryCouncil Bluffs Ward 2, Pottawattamie1875IrelandWife
EvylerCouncil Bluffs Ward 2, Pottawattamie1912IowaDaughter
HermanCouncil Bluffs Ward 2, Pottawattamie1908IowaSon
{Family 143}
Surnames listed Cair
Council Bluffs Ward 4, Pottawattamie1867IowaHead
MargretCouncil Bluffs Ward 4, Pottawattamie1874IllinoisWife
ChasCouncil Bluffs Ward 4, Pottawattamie1892IowaSon
Lea JCouncil Bluffs Ward 4, Pottawattamie1895IowaSon
MarieCouncil Bluffs Ward 4, Pottawattamie1897IowaDaughter
RothCouncil Bluffs Ward 4, Pottawattamie1899IowaDaughter
{Family 144}
Nathan B
Surnames listed Care
Council Bluffs Ward 4, Pottawattamie1860IowaHead
AmandaCouncil Bluffs Ward 4, Pottawattamie1873SwedenWife
{Family 145}
Surnames listed Casi
Council Bluffs Ward 4, Pottawattamie1853VirginiaHead
S ECouncil Bluffs Ward 4, Pottawattamie1852ArkansasWife
{Family 146}
JoeCouncil Bluffs Ward 5, Pottawattamie1884MissouriRoomer
{Family 147}
George W
Surnames listed Carr
Grinnel Ward 2, Poweshiek1867IllinoisHead
Luella AGrinnel Ward 2, Poweshiek1871IowaWife
Alwin HGrinnel Ward 2, Poweshiek1898IowaSon
Virgil LGrinnel Ward 2, Poweshiek1909IowaSon
{Family 148}
Elsie FGrinnel Ward 2, Poweshiek1863OhioHead
Eula MGrinnel Ward 2, Poweshiek1885IowaDaughter
{Family 149}
Hamer [Homer] CEllston, Ringgold1871IowaHead
NellieEllston, Ringgold1880IowaWife
Orsiel REllston, Ringgold1900IowaSon
{Family 150}
RoyDavenport, Scott1888IllinoisHead
ElsieDavenport, Scott1890IowaWife
MargeretDavenport, Scott1910IowaDaughter
HowardDavenport, Scott1912IllinoisSon
VirginiaDavenport, Scott1915IowaDaughter

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