CASE Families living in Iowa in 1920.
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This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here:

NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 91}
FrankKeokuk Ward 7, Lee1885IowaHead
MyrtleKeokuk Ward 7, Lee1889IowaWife
LewisKeokuk Ward 7, Lee1908IowaSon
WilmaKeokuk Ward 7, Lee1912IowaDaughter
{Family 92}
EttaFort Madison Ward 2, Lee1913MinnesotaNiece
{Family 93}
Fred DFort Madison Ward 5, Lee1870NebraskaRoomer
{Family 94}
Mary M
Surname listed Cose
Cedar Rapids Ward 1, Linn1857MassachusettsHead
{Family 95}
CarlMarion Ward 4, Linn 1837IowaHead
CoraMarion Ward 4, Linn1885IowaWife
NevaMarion Ward 4, Linn1907IowaDaughter
AustinMarion Ward 4, Linn1911IowaSon
{Family 96}
SeparateWinterset Ward 1, Madison1839IndianaHead
AdelphiaWinterset Ward 1, Madison1847OhioWife
WilliamWinterset Ward 1, Madison1883IowaSon
{Family 97}
JoePrairie, Mahaska 1851IowaHead
IdaPrairie, Mahaska1860MinnesotaWife
JoyPrairie, Mahaska1886IowaSon
{Family 98}
LewisSwan, Marion1860MichiganHead
NettieSwan, Marion1863IowaWife
CarlSwan, Marion1885IowaSon
EdwardSwan, Marion1892IowaSon
AlmaSwan, Marion1896IowaDaughter
{Family 99}
Fred WMarshall Ward 2, Marshall1888KansasHead
LorettaMarshall Ward 2, Marshall1896IowaWife
{Family 100}
Maron WMarshall Ward 2, Marshall1867IowaHead
ElnoraMarshall Ward 2, Marshall1873WisconsinWife
{Family 101}
Oliver BMarshall Ward 2, Marshall1859IndianaHead
Lillian MMarshall Ward 2, Marshall1862IllinoisWife
{Family 102}
Harry O [Harvey O]Marshall Ward 2, Marshall1884MissouriHead
Ethlyn B [Ethelyn B]Marshall Ward 2, Marshall1884IowaWife
Wilma EMarshall Ward 2, Marshall1908IowaDaughter
Harvy W [Harvey W]Marshall Ward 2, Marshall1911IowaSon
Oliver MMarshall Ward 2, Marshall1913IowaSon
Robert OMarshall Ward 2, Marshall1915IowaSon
Mary E [Mary H]Marshall Ward 2, Marshall1916IowaDaughter
{Family 103}
Fern AGlenwood, Mills1906IowaInmate
{Family 104}
Luther COak, Mills1869IndianaHead
RachelOak, Mills1873IrelandWife
Luther HOak, Mills1904IndianaSon
Abigail EOak, Mills1908NebraskaSon
{Family 105}
PheanasNewburg, Mitchell1897?Boarder93b
{Family 106}
LydiaOsage, Mitchell1895IowaBoarder
{Family 107}
EarlOsage, Mitchell1874KansasHead
Isaie [Jessie]Osage, Mitchell1874WisconsinWife
RoyOsage, Mitchell1898IowaSon
{Family 108}
MinnieRed Oak, Montgomery1860IowaSister-in-law
{Family 109}
Arther RWashington, Montgomery1883IowaHead
EffieWashington, Montgomery1882WisconsinWife
DaleWashington, Montgomery1907MissouriSon
IvanWashington, Montgomery1909MissouriSon
ChesterWashington, Montgomery1914IowaSon
EdithWashington, Montgomery1918IowaDaughter
{Family 110}
GeorgeWapsinonoc, Muscatine1880IowaHead
GertrudeWapsinonoc, Muscatine1883IowaWife
{Family 111}
MarkBaker, Osceola 1870IllinoisHead198b
JuliaBaker, Osceola1875MinnesotaWife
ClaraBaker, Osceola1899IowaDaughter
Lyndne [Lynne]Baker, Osceola1901IowaDaughter
KennethBaker, Osceola1903IowaSon
HelenBaker, Osceola1907IowaDaughter
MargaretBaker, Osceola1908IowaDaughter
JamesBaker, Osceola1910IowaSon
ThomasBaker, Osceola1915IowaSon
FrancisBaker, Osceola1916IowaSon
{Family 112}
Thomas PAmity, Page1844IowaHead
ClaraAmity, Page1870OhioWife
EllenAmity, Page1904WashingtonDaughter
{Family 113}
Port MAmity, Page1880IowaHead7
Mary EAmity, Page1879IowaWife
ForestAmity, Page1902IowaSon
LisleAmity, Page1903IowaSon
VeraAmity, Page1904IowaDaughter
GeorgeAmity, Page1906IowaSon
ThomasAmity, Page1908IowaSon
EarlAmity, Page1911IowaSon
RossAmity, Page1918IowaSon
{Family 114}
B Charles
Surnames listed Care
Shenandoah Ward 1, Page1877ArkansasHead
LeahShenandoah Ward 1, Page1887IowaWife
ZallaShenandoah Ward 1, Page1911ArkansasDaughter
WilliamShenandoah Ward 1, Page1912NebraskaSon
MelvinShenandoah Ward 1, Page1915IowaSon
{Family 115}
WilliamShenandoah Ward 2, Page1855IowaHead
MyrticeShenandoah Ward 2, Page1865IllinoisWife
{Family 116}
Harold MShenandoah Ward 2, Page1885IllinoisHead86b
JaneShenandoah Ward 2, Page1889IowaWife
HariettShenandoah Ward 2, Page1911IowaDaughter
Hiley [Harley]Shenandoah Ward 2, Page1913IowaSon
{Family 117}
Oman [Owen]Elkhorn, Plymouth1899IowaHired Man
{Family 118}
FloydGarfield, Plymouth1866IowaHead
Katie AGarfield, Plymouth1870IllinoisWife
Arthur MGarfield, Plymouth1894IowaSon
Violet LGarfield, Plymouth1902IowaDaughter
Harry CGarfield, Plymouth1904IowaSon
{Family 119}
Worth HGarfield, Plymouth1857New YorkHead
Louise DGarfield, Plymouth1872IllinoisWife
Grant CGarfield, Plymouth1892IowaSon
{Family 120}
William NGarfield, Plymouth1897IowaHead
Esther SGarfield, Plymouth1899IowaWife

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