CASE Families living in Iowa in 1920.
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This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here.

NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 61}
LouisAlden, Hardin1885IowaHead
EllenAlden, Hardin1887IowaWife
DeraldAlden, Hardin1907IowaSon
GladysAlden, Hardin1908IowaDaughter
DaleAlden, Hardin1911IowaSon
FernAlden, Hardin1915IowaDaughter
{Family 62}
Fred TBuckeye, Hardin1868IllinoisHead
EdithBuckeye, Hardin1871IowaWife
GeraldBuckeye, Hardin1910IowaSon
{Family 63}
Charles HUnion, Hardin1858IowaHead
RosaUnion, Hardin1874IowaWife
John HUnion, Hardin1896IowaSon
George IUnion, Hardin1897IowaSon
Raymond WUnion, Hardin1899IowaSon
Jessie FUnion, Hardin1909IowaDaughter
Charles HUnion, Hardin1911IowaSon
{Family 64}
H CBoyer, Harrison 1889IowaHead
Ida MBoyer, Harrison1887IowaWife
Inz JBoyer, Harrison1917IowaDaughter
{Family 65}
WalterClay, Harrison1913IowaWarden
{Family 66}
MattieHarrison, Harrison1880IowaHead
ArdathHarrison, Harrison1903IowaDaughter
AttonHarrison, Harrison1905IowaSon
{Family 67}
O LLogan, Harrison1862IowaHead
LauraLogan, Harrison1875MichiganWife
FayLogan, Harrison1894IowaDaughter
LilaLogan, Harrison1902IowaDaughter
{Family 68}
JessieLogan, Harrison1883IowaHead
EthelLogan, Harrison1887IowaWife
RichardLogan, Harrison1913South DakotaSon
ThelmaLogan, Harrison1918IowaDaughter
{Family 69}
W HLogan, Harrison1861IowaHead
{Family 70}
J TLogan, Harrison1863IowaHead
RoseLogan, Harrison1869IowaWife
MarieLogan, Harrison1899IowaDaughter
DorothyLogan, Harrison1896IowaDaughter
{Family 71}
Surname listed Cose
Logan, Harrison 1831IndianaHead
{Family 72}
HernettMorgan, Harrison1912IowaBoarder
{Family 73}
SalvinaWashington, Harrison1843OhioAunt
{Family 74}
Edward RWoodbine, Harrison1876IowaHead
Anna JWoodbine, Harrison1880SwedenWife
Trustin CWoodbine, Harrison1910IowaSon
{Family 75}
Sydney SMount Pleasant, Henry1864IowaHead
LeonaMount Pleasant, Henry1870IndianaWife
Lina V [Linn V]Mount Pleasant, Henry1898IowaSon
Emmet RMount Pleasant, Henry1901IowaSon
{Family 76}
C C [C E]Mount Pleasant, Henry1871IowaHead
BerthaMount Pleasant, Henry1877IowaWife
JohnMount Pleasant, Henry1900IowaSon
EverettMount Pleasant, Henry1903IowaSon
CharlieMount Pleasant, Henry1905IowaSon
MarieMount Pleasant, Henry1907IowaDaughter
{Family 77}
La Ella [Lu Ella]Dakota City, Humboldt1896IowaStepdaughter163b
{Family 78}
Charles C
Surnames listed Cose
Hartford1874New YorkHead
Mary EHartford, Iowa1875IowaWife
Bertha GHartford, Iowa1900IowaDaughter
Russell DHartford, Iowa1908MissouriSon
{Family 79}
Glen U [Glen E (Glen Earl)]Honey Creek, Iowa1897IowaHead
GladysHoney Creek, Iowa1897IowaWife
LouiseHoney Creek, Iowa1917IowaDaughter
{Family 80}
Ren [ Ben] D Troy, Iowa1868IowaRoomer
{Family 81}
ClarkannaFairfield Ward 3, Jefferson1859IowaHead214b
{Family 82}
Marshal ERound Prairie, Jefferson1875IowaHead
Minnie FRound Prairie, Jefferson1878IowaWife
Frank HRound Prairie, Jefferson1906IowaSon
{Family 83}
Clarence MIowa City Ward 2, Johnson1874IndianaHead
CatherineIowa City Ward 2, Johnson1872IndianaWife
{Family 84}
Wallace WAnamosa Ward 2, Jones1897IowaInmate264
{Family 85}
MarggieDenmark, Lee1852IowaHead
{Family 86}
JohnDes Moines, Lee1887IowaHead
RoseDes Moines, Lee1891IowaWife
EdnaDes Moines, Lee1917IowaDaughter
{Family 87}
Helen F
Surname listed Care
Des Moines, Lee1838IndianaMother31b
{Family 88}
E JDes Moines, Lee1843IndianaHead
Sarah EDes Moines, Lee1849IndianaWife
RoselDes Moines, Lee1876IowaSon
{Family 89}
W GDes Moines, Lee1882IowaHead
GertrudeDes Moines, Lee1880IowaWife
LoreneDes Moines, Lee1905IowaDaughter
MildredDes Moines, Lee1907IowaDaughter
William ADes Moines, Lee1916IowaSon
VictorDes Moines, Lee1919IowaSon
{Family 90}
WilliamKeokuk Ward 2, Lee1862IowaRoomer

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