CASE Families living in Iowa in 1920.
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NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 31}
Allen Chickasaw, Chickasaw1856New JerseyHead156
Anna R1862IndianaWife
Esther J 1889IowaDaughter
{Family 32}
H FloydClarion, Wright1896IowaHead30b
Gladys E 1901IowaWife
Evelyn M 1918IowaDaughter
{Family 33}
Walter Clay, Harrison1913IowaWard57
{Family 34}
Erastus M Clear Lake, Cerro Gordo1833ConnecticutFather-in-law215
{Family 35}
Wm H Council Bluffs Ward 1, Pottawattamie1845IowaFather-in-law 135
{Family 36}
Fred Council Bluffs Ward 2, Pottawattamie1868WisconsinHead194
Mary 1875IrelandWife
Herman 1908IowaSon
{Family 37}
C CCouncil Bluffs Ward 4, Pottawattamie1853VirginiaHead305
S E1852ArkansasWife
{Family 38}
Nathan BCouncil Bluffs Ward 4, Pottawattamie1860IowaHead302
{Family 39}
FrankCouncil Bluffs Ward 4, Pottawattamie1867IowaHead291b
Ira J1895IowaSon
{Family 40}
Joe Council Bluffs Ward 5, Pottawattamie1884MissouriRoomer20
{Family 41}
Arthur H Creston Ward 1, Union1875IllinoisHead6
Cinderella 1882IowaWife
Glenn 1903IowaSon
{Family 42}
Oliver GCreston Ward 3, Union1864IllinoisHead51b
Emma 1867IllinoisWife
{Family 43}
LaceyCreston Ward 4, Union1884IowaHead53
{Family 44}
W H S (Surname listed Cass & looks like it) Creston Ward 5, Union1878IowaRoomer82
{Family 45}
Charley H Creston Ward 5, Union1887IowaHead81
Mary E 1891IowaWife
Lowell R 1911IowaSon
{Family 46}
LuellaDakota City, HumboldtIowaStep Daughter 1896
{Family 47}
RoyDavenport, Scott1888IllinoisHead64
Elsie 1890IowaWife
Margeret 1910IowaDaughter
Howard 1912IllinoisSon
Virginia 1915IowaDaughter
{Family 48}
BartonDavenport Ward 1, Scott1874IowaHead261b
Anna 1874ColoradoWife
Louis 1897IowaSon
Charles 1899IowaSon
John A 1905IowaSon
{Family 49}
Roy ADavenport Ward 4, Scott1877IowaHead9b
Catharine R1918IowaDaughter
{Family 50}
Milnn W [Milnor] Davenport Ward 4, Scott1892IllinoisSon-in-law237
Nancy M 1918IowaGranddaughter
{Family 51}
Katherine Davenport Ward 6, Scott1858IowaHead213b
{Family 52}
AnnaDeer Creek, Worth1867GermanyHead155b
Burtnes [Burtner] 1890IowaSon
{Family 53}
Marggie Denmark, Lee1852IowaHead24b
{Family 54}
Helen FDes Moines, Lee1838IndianaMother31b
{Family 55}
E J Des Moines, Lee1843IndianaHead32
Sarah E 1849IndianaWife
Rosel [Roswell] 1876IowaSon
{Family 56}
W G Des Moines, Lee1882IowaHead35b
Gertrude 1880IowaWife
Lorene 1905IowaDaughter
Mildred 1907IowaDaughter
William A 1916IowaSon
Victor 1919IowaSon
{Family 57}
John Des Moines, Lee1887IowaHead29b
Rose 1891IowaWife
Edna 1917IowaDaughter
{Family 58}
Harley D Des Moines Ward 1, Polk1864IowaHead200
Stelle M 1865IowaWife
Glenn A 1907IowaSon
{Family 59}
Charles Des Moines Ward 1, Polk1880IowaHead69b
Rose 1880IowaWife
Harry 1901IowaSon
Raymond 1903IowaSon
{Family 60}
Andrew J (Srname listed Care) Des Moines Ward 2, Polk1889IndianaRoomer56

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