CASE Families living in Iowa in 1920.
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This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here.

NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 31}
AllenChickasaw, Chickasaw1856New JerseyHead
Anna AChickasaw, Chickasaw1862IndianaWife
Esther JChickasaw, Chickasaw1889IowaDaughter
{Family 32}
WilliamFredericksburg, Chickasaw1840New YorkHead
AdeliaFredericksburg, Chickasaw1841New YorkWife
{Family 33}
ScottSpencer Ward 2, Clay1843PennsylvaniaHead
Frances VSpencer Ward 2, Clay1847OhioWife
HollisSpencer Ward 2, Clay1906IowaDaughter
{Family 34}
BenCamanche, Clinton1875IllinoisCousin
{Family 35}
GeorgeWashington, Clinton1920Nova ScotiaInmate
{Family 36}
Surname listed Dase
Soldier, Crawford1900NorwayBrother-in-law
{Family 37}
Thomas NLinden, Dallas1877IowaHead120b
OliveLinden, Dallas1879IowaWife
SusanaLinden, Dallas1901IowaDaughter
Hattle [Hattie]Linden, Dallas1901IowaDaughter
Thomas RLinden, Dallas1904South DakotaSon
{Family 38}
Will APerry Ward 1, Dallas1860PennsylvaniaHead
MaryPerry Ward 1, Dallas1864OhioWife
{Family 39}
Millard F
Surnames listed Cose
Perry Ward 3, Dallas1885IowaHead
Minnie BPerry Ward 3, Dallas1886IowaWife
{Family 40}
Melisa EPerry Ward 3, Dallas 1822PennsylvaniaMother
{Family 41}
Obidiah MRedfield, Dallas1867IowaHead
AdaRedfield, Dallas1869IowaWife
{Family 42}
HubertFayette, Decatur1871IowaHead
AliceFayette, Decatur1871IowaWife
DorothyFayette, Decatur1899IowaDaughter
ArdisFayette, Decatur1904OklahomaDaughter
{Family 43}
M AmeliaFayette, Decatur1847MichiganInmate
{Family 44}
Walter TRichland, Decatur1868IowaHead
AltaRichland, Decatur1889IowaWife
{Family 45}
Thurlow WBurlington Ward 2, Des Moines1839MichiganHead
MarionBurlington Ward 2, Des Moines1870MichiganDaughter
{Family 46}
Surnames listed Care
Burlington Ward 3, Des Moines1920Nova ScotiaHead
BerthaBurlington Ward 3, Des Moines1920Nova ScotiaWife
ErnestBurlington Ward 3, Des Moines1916Nova ScotiaSon
CharlesBurlington Ward 3, Des Moines1919Nova ScotiaSon
{Family 47}
EugeneOkoboji, Dickinson1860WisconsinHead232
MaryOkoboji, Dickinson1864IllinoisWife
KathleenOkoboji, Dickinson1896IowaDaughter
{Family 48}
Mary Max [Mary]Okoboji, Dickinson1840ConnecticutHead232
{Family 49}
William FMilford, Dickinson1863IowaHead
HenriettaMilford, Dickinson1873IowaWife
James LMilford, Dickinson1896IowaSon
HazelMilford, Dickinson1898IowaDaughter
Myrtle LMilford, Dickinson1907IowaDaughter
Harold FMilford, Dickinson1911IowaSon
{Family 50}
Lottie ASuperior, Dickinson1866IndianaHead
Frank ASuperior, Dickinson1890IowaSon
Harold DSuperior, Dickinson1896IowaSon
Vernon NSuperior, Dickinson1902IowaSon
Hugh ESuperior, Dickinson1904IowaSon
{Family 51}
William AEstherville, Emmet1856IowaHead
MaryEstherville, Emmet1870IowaWife
John HaroldEstherville, Emmet1899MinnesotaSon
ZanobiaEstherville, Emmet1900IowaDaughter
HenriettaEstherville, Emmet1902IowaDaughter
MaeEstherville, Emmet1904IowaDaughter
EdwardEstherville, Emmet1907IowaSon
FrederickEstherville, Emmet1910IowaSon
{Family 52}
George A
Surnames listed Care
Estherville, Emmet1868IowaHead
Mary BEstherville, Emmet1868IowaWife
Laland WEstherville, Emmet1899IowaSon
BerniceEstherville, Emmet1903IowaDaughter
{Family 53}
Judd ECharles City Ward 2, Floyd1867IowaHead
Florence LCharles City Ward 2, Floyd1873IowaWife
Dorothy LCharles City Ward 2, Floyd1912IowaDaughter
{Family 54}
A HowardCharles City Ward 4, Floyd1892IowaHead
Calla ECharles City Ward 4, Floyd1892IowaWife
Eugene ACharles City Ward 4, Floyd1916IowaSon
Mary ECharles City Ward 4, Floyd1918IowaDaughter
{Family 55}
Jennie HRockford, Floyd1855IowaMother-in-law
{Family 56}
WmFisher, Fremont1853MissouriHead
SelvaFisher, Fremont1866IowaWife
EdnaFisher, Fremont1898IowaDaughter
JessieFisher, Fremont1901IowaDaughter
{Family 57}
Peter Leslie
Surnames listed Caso
Hamburg Ward 1, Fremont1855IndianaHead
Clara EllenHamburg Ward 1, Fremont1859IndianaWife
{Family 58}
JesseHamburg Ward 3, Fremont1880IndianaHead
LottieHamburg Ward 3, Fremont1884MissouriWife
ClaudeHamburg Ward 3, Fremont1903MissouriSon
LyleHamburg Ward 3, Fremont1905MissouriSon
RussellHamburg Ward 3, Fremont1913IowaSon
VernaHamburg Ward 3, Fremont1916IowaDaughter
{Family 59}
Randall PBeaver, Guthrie1849IndianaHead
MaggieBeaver, Guthrie1857IllinoisWife
{Family 60}
William HStuart, Guthrie1869IowaHead
Bertha EStuart, Guthrie1882IowaWife

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