CASE Families living in Iowa in 1920.
This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here.

NameLocationBirth Year
+- 1 year
Birth State RelationshipPage #
{Family 1}
LyleUnion, Adair1907IowaGrandson145
{Family 2}
Charles LGrant, Adams1895IowaHead28b
Lepha A [Zepha]Grant, Adams1898IowaWife
{Family 3}
John WGrant, Adams1872IowaHead28b
Alta VGrant, Adams1876IowaWife
Lloyd RGrant, Adams1901IowaSon
Roy E [Ray]Grant, Adams1906IowaSon
Roy OGrant, Adams1908IowaSon
{Family 4}
William EMercer, Adams1868IowaHead
Gennie BMercer, Adams1871IllinoisWife
Mary JMercer, Adams1908IowaDaughter
Helen MMercer, Adams1911IowaDaughter
{Family 5}
Thomas JUdell, Appanoose1863IndianaHead
Mary FUdell, Appanoose1870IowaWife
May GUdell, Appanoose1903IowaDaughter
{Family 6}
Frank MBelle Plaine Ward 2, Benton 1858IowaHead
IdaBelle Plaine Ward 2, Benton1868IowaWife
Ruth EBelle Plaine Ward 2, Benton1898IowaDaughter
Herbert WBelle Plaine Ward 2, Benton1900IowaSon
Louise EBelle Plaine Ward 2, Benton1903IowaDaughter
LeoneBelle Plaine Ward 2, Benton1905IowaDaughter
Dorothy LBelle Plaine Ward 2, Benton1908IowaDaughter
{Family 7}
Charles LCanton, Benton 1851IllinoisHead
AnniaCanton, Benton1852OhioWife
AddieCanton, Benton1874IllinoisDaughter
{Family 8}
Margaret LLeroy, Benton1843IllinoisHead
Nettie LLeroy, Benton1870IowaDaughter
{Family 9}
Ira LShellsburg, Benton1863IllinoisHead
Mary JShellsburg, Benton1863MissouriWife
IreneShellsburg, Benton1906IowaDaughter
{Family 10}
Lark MCedar Falls Ward 3, Black Hawk1889KansasHead
Ida MCedar Falls Ward 3, Black Hawk1893IllinoisWife
{Family 11}
Lafayette WWaterloo Ward 1, Black Hawk1883IllinoisHead
Dorothy CWaterloo Ward 1, Black Hawk1894MinnesotaWife
{Family 12}
Marie BWaterloo Ward 1, Black Hawk1903IowaNiece
{Family 13}
WilliamWaterloo Ward 1, Black Hawk1872IowaHead
MaryWaterloo Ward 1, Black Hawk1879IowaWife
JamesWaterloo Ward 1, Black Hawk1908IowaSon
DonaldWaterloo Ward 1, Black Hawk1910IowaSon
GracedWaterloo Ward 1, Black Hawk1912IowaSon
AnnaWaterloo Ward 1, Black Hawk1915IowaDaughter
CarolynWaterloo Ward 1, Black Hawk1914IowaDaughter
DaleWaterloo Ward 1, Black Hawk1919IowaSon
ElizabethWaterloo Ward 1, Black Hawk1852IowaMother
{Family 14}
Leon BWaterloo Ward 2, Black Hawk1893IowaHead
MabelWaterloo Ward 2, Black Hawk1889IowaWife
HeraldWaterloo Ward 2, Black Hawk1911IowaSon
HarrisonWaterloo Ward 2, Black Hawk1913IowaSon
HarryWaterloo Ward 2, Black Hawk1913IowaSon
Iva DWaterloo Ward 2, Black Hawk1915IowaDaughter
RobertWaterloo Ward 2, Black Hawk1889IowaBrother
EdwinWaterloo Ward 2, Black Hawk1897IowaBrother
{Family 15}
Louis BWaterloo Ward 3, Black Hawk1857IowaHead
{Family 16}
Fred BBoone Ward 2, Boone1874IowaHead
Daisy EBoone Ward 2, Boone1881TexasWife
Carrolle EBoone Ward 2, Boone1900LouisianaSon
WilliamBoone Ward 2, Boone1902LouisianaSon
Susie WBoone Ward 2, Boone1904IowaDaughter
Fred JBoone Ward 2, Boone1906IowaSon
Sarah RBoone Ward 2, Boone1908IowaDaughter
Thomas BBoone Ward 2, Boone1910IowaSon
Daisy NBoone Ward 2, Boone1912IowaDaughter
Sylvia EBoone Ward 2, Boone1914IowaDaughter
MorrisBoone Ward 2, Boone1917IowaSon
Delia LBoone Ward 2, Boone1919IowaDaughter
{Family 17}
HattieWarren, Bremer1853New YorkHead
Dan GWarren, Bremer1856New YorkBrother
Henry HudsonWarren, Bremer1864IowaBrother
{Family 18}
MinnieWaverly, Bremer1852MaineHead
HarriettWaverly, Bremer1876IowaDaughter
{Family 19}
Archie BStorm Lake, Buena Vista1893IowaHead
Ruth WStorm Lake, Buena Vista1893MinnesotaWife
Melvin EStorm Lake, Buena Vista1914IowaSon
Marie EStorm Lake, Buena Vista1917IowaDaughter
{Family 20}
Albert AStorm Lake, Buena Vista1861IndianaHead
ElizaStorm Lake, Buena Vista1858IllinoisWife
{Family 21}
Benson CBeaver, Butler1834PennsylvaniaHead
JennieBeaver, Butler1851OhioWife
{Family 22}
WalterBeaver, Butler1891KansasHead
NevaBeaver, Butler1894IowaWife
LynellBeaver, Butler1913IowaDaughter
WildaBeaver, Butler1916IowaDaughter
BertonBeaver, Butler1918IowaSon
{Family 23}
LelandCarroll Ward 1, Carroll1895IowaHead
CharlotteCarroll Ward 1, Carroll1897IowaWife
JackCarroll Ward 1, Carroll1919IowaSon
{Family 24}
Marea [Maria?] EBenton, Cass1920IowaHead174b
{Family 25}
RalphBenton, Cass1880IowaHead183b
MaryBenton, Cass1892IowaWife
Lyman KBenton, Cass1911IowaSon
Thurmay [Rosemary]Benton, Cass1916IowaDaughter
{Family 26}
Victor B
Surnames listed Cose
Franklin, Cass1896IowaHead
Cecelia MFranklin, Cass1896IowaWife
{Family 27}
Erastus MClear Lake, Cerro Gordo1833ConnecticutFather-in-law
{Family 28}
FrankMason, Cerro Gordo1894USAHead139b
?Mason, Cerro Gordo1892?Wife
{Family 29}
FanneyMason, Cerro Gordo1861IllinoisInmate
{Family 30}
MatildaBradford, Chickasaw1860New YorkLodger

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