CASE Families living in Georgia in 1920.
This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here.

NameLocationBirth Year
+- 1 year
Birth State RelationshipPage #
{Family 1}
Surnames listed Care
Waynesboro, Burke1891GeorgiaHead
MarieWaynesboro, Burke1895GeorgiaWife
BerthaWaynesboro, Burke1910GeorgiaDaughter
WillieWaynesboro, Burke1913GeorgiaSon
{Family 2}
Frank PChambers, Catoosa1864MichiganHead
Alise EChambers, Catoosa1869GeorgiaWife
Essie JChambers, Catoosa1898GeorgiaDaughter
Cliffie EChambers, Catoosa1905GeorgiaSon
Allice EChambers, Catoosa1911GeorgiaDaughter
Marie Savannah, Chatham1895South CarolinaDaughter
{Family 3}
William WSavannah, Chatham1868MichiganHead
CeliaSavannah, Chatham1872New YorkWife
{Family 4}
Leon RSavannah, Chatham1896New YorkHead
Ella BSavannah, Chatham1918North CarolinaWife
{Family 5}
EarleSavannah, Chatham1882PennsylvaniaHead
ElsieSavannah, Chatham1883MarylandWife
ElinorSavannah, Chatham1912GeorgiaDaughter
GlenwoodSavannah, Chatham1917GeorgiaSon
HarlandSavannah, Chatham1918GeorgiaSon
FrancisSavannah, Chatham1919GeorgiaSon
{Family 6}
Surnames listed Cass
Harps Mill, Chattahoochee1888OklahomaHead
Murriel MHarps Mill, Chattahoochee1888CaliforniaWife
{Family 7}
Allie Athens Ward 4, Clarke1866GeorgiaMother
{Family 8}
Robert Cole City, Dade1882GeorgiaLaborer
{Family 9}
Le Kay [Leroy]Trenton, Dade 1858GeorgiaHead255b
Alameda J Trenton, Dade1863AlabamaWife
{Family 10}
Merril MKirkwood, De Kalb1900TennesseeHead
NormaKirkwood, De Kalb1899GeorgiaWife
NormaKirkwood, De Kalb1919AlabamaDaughter
{Family 11}
Tommie S Militia District 1012, Dooly1872GeorgiaDaughter170
James E Militia District 1012, Dooly1902GeorgiaGrandson
{Family 12}
Surname listed Sease
Atlanta Ward 2, Fulton1884South CarolinaLodger
{Family 13}
BlancheAtlanta Ward 2, Fulton1892WisconsinBoarder
{Family 14}
E B Battle Hill, Fulton1886KentuckyHead
Lally Battle Hill, Fulton1849KentuckyMother
{Family 15}
Allande A [Allando]Camp Jesup, Fulton1879OhioOfficer242
{Family 16}
EffieCollege Park, Fulton1880OhioHead
LeonoraCollege Park, Fulton1905OhioDaughter
{Family 17}
DorothyFort McPherson, Fulton1895MichiganNurse228
{Family 18}
Freemon Lindale, Floyd1895GeorgiaBoarder
{Family 19}
Calvin Mount Alto, Floyd1891GeorgiaHead
Della Mount Alto, Floyd1898AlabamaWife
{Family 20}
William A
Surnames listed Cass
Dublin, Laurens1887GeorgiaHead
Piercie EDublin, Laurens1891GeorgiaWife
Roy ADublin, Laurens1908GeorgiaSon
Lillie ADublin, Laurens1901GeorgiaDaughter
Emma LDublin, Laurens1914GeorgiaDaughter
Thomas RDublin, Laurens1916GeorgiaSon
William ADublin, Laurens1918GeorgiaSon
{Family 21}
Surname listed Carl
Cox, Monroe1868GeorgiaCousin
{Family 22}
JohnathanVidalia, Toombs1870North CarolinaBoarder
{Family 23}
Effie AlmedaCedar Grove, Walker1888GeorgiaSister-in-law
{Family 24}
George D
Surnames listed Cose
La Fayette, Walker1876GeorgiaHead
Ada BLa Fayette, Walker1876AlabamaWife
Homer LLa Fayette, Walker1915GeorgiaSon

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