CASE Families living in Florida in 1920.
This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here.

NameLocationBirth Year
+- 1 year
Birth State RelationshipPage #
{Family 1}
Charles B
Surnames listed Cass
Waldo, Alachua1869MichiganHead
Elizabeth MWaldo, Alachua1888GermanyWife
Mary EWaldo, Alachua1918FloridaDaughter
{Family 2}
D Forne D [Donald D?]Rockledge, Brevard1848New YorkHead217
Mary E Rockledge, Brevard1850New YorkWife
{Family 3}
Charles T Fort Lauderdale, Broward1878MichiganHead
Elizabeth Fort Lauderdale, Broward1874MichiganWife
{Family 4}
Eugene DMiami, Dade 1868MichiganHead
Mary EMiami, Dade1872WisconsinWife
{Family 5}
William JBowling Green, De Soto1877North CarolinaHead
RosaleeBowling Green, De Soto1877GeorgiaWife
Bertha LBowling Green, De Soto1905FloridaDaughter
Isoline EBowling Green, De Soto1909FloridaDaughter
Calvin BBowling Green, De Soto1911FloridaSon
Dorathy MBowling Green, De Soto1915FloridaDaughter
{Family 6}
Surname listed Cass
Jacksonville Ward 4, Duval1861South CarolinaRoomer
{Family 7}
Warren LJacksonville Ward 6, Duval1883ConnecticutHead
Alice MJacksonville Ward 6, Duval1886ConnecticutWife
Evans WJacksonville Ward 6, Duval1910MassachusettsSon
Eugene DJacksonville Ward 6, Duval1914FloridaSon
{Family 8}
Surname listed Caci
Jacksonville Ward 8, Duval1895FloridaBoarder
{Family 9}
J CWhite Springs, Hamilton1885GeorgiaHead
BerthaWhite Springs, Hamilton1890GeorgiaWife
DanWhite Springs, Hamilton1911FloridaSon
WilmanWhite Springs, Hamilton1914FloridaSon
RobertWhite Springs, Hamilton1915FloridaSon
WillieWhite Springs, Hamilton1918FloridaDaughter
{Family 10}
Surname listed Cuse
Plant City, Hillsborough1864KansasHead
{Family 11}
CharleyTampa, Hillsborough1880IllinoisRoomer
{Family 12}
Charles JrTampa Ward 4, Hillsborough1858CanadaRoomer
{Family 13}
KateTampa Ward 9, Hillsborough1880IllinoisMother-in-law
HelenTampa Ward 9, Hillsborough1906IllinoisSister-in-law
{Family 14}
Hiram MMount Dora, Lake1848New YorkBoarder
{Family 15}
Omar HUmatilla, Lake1843MassachusettsHead
Elena HUmatilla, Lake1842New YorkWife
{Family 16}
William H Estero, Lee1861New YorkHead
Melia Estero, Lee1863OhioWife
{Family 17}
Friend D Estero, Lee1857OhioHead
{Family 18}
George C [A]Pine Castle, Orange1894WisconsinStepson
Homer DPine Castle, Orange1901South DakotaStepson
LauraPine Castle, Orange1910South DakotaStepdaughter
{Family 19}
Surname listed Carr
Zellwood, Orange1907FloridaAdopted Son
{Family 20}
Belle YStuart, Palm Beach1869PennsylvaniaHead
{Family 21}
Lewis DDade City, Pasco1898IllinoisHead
Henriett LDade City, Pasco1903PennsylvaniaWife
Dwight DDade City, Pasco1868MichiganFather
{Family 22}
Harry D New Port Richey, Pasco1856IndianaHead
Carrie New Port Richey, Pasco1857IndianaWife
{Family 23}
Albert HSt Petersburg, Pinellas1870New YorkHead
Cora VSt Petersburg, Pinellas1870New YorkWife
{Family 24}
Henry C
Surnames listed Crose
St Petersburg, Pinellas1875PennsylvaniaHead
ElizabethSt Petersburg, Pinellas1876PennsylvaniaWife
JeanneSt Petersburg, Pinellas1906PennsylvaniaDaughter
ElizabethSt Petersburg, Pinellas1910PennsylvaniaDaughter
DorisSt Petersburg, Pinellas1913PennsylvaniaDaughter
{Family 25}
Dreatur C [Decatur] Lake Wales, Polk1892TennesseeHead268
MinnieLake Wales, Polk1901VirginiaWife
{Family 26}
AuthurLake Wales, Polk 1884TennesseeHead268
Andrey [Audrey]Lake Wales, Polk1903FloridaWife
IreneLake Wales, Polk1910FloridaStepdaughter
{Family 27}
James VLake Wales, Polk1874North CarolinaHead
MabelLake Wales, Polk1880VermontWife
GladysLake Wales, Polk1904North CarolinaDaughter
LesleyLake Wales, Polk1909North CarolinaSon
{Family 28}
George Lakeland Ward 1, Polk1876New YorkHead
Ada Lakeland Ward 1, Polk1890New YorkWife
Willemina Lakeland Ward 1, Polk1904New YorkDaughter
Myrtle Lakeland Ward 1, Polk1905New YorkDaughter
Alfred Lakeland Ward 1, Polk1913New YorkSon
Leon Lakeland Ward 1, Polk1916New YorkSon
{Family 29}
C V Medulla, Polk1896MissouriHead
Lillie Medulla, Polk1895PennsylvaniaWife
{Family 30}
JamesMedulla, Polk1892FloridaBoarder
{Family 31}
Awington W [Arvington?] Interlachen, Putnam1859MichiganHead246
Ida G Interlachen, Putnam1866New YorkWife
{Family 32}
Willis LPalatka, Putnam1871ConnecticutHead
AnnaPalatka, Putnam1886GermanyWife
FlorencePalatka, Putnam1916FloridaDaughter
HellenPalatka, Putnam1919FloridaDaughter
{Family 33}
James WHastings, St Johns1879North CarolinaHead
EthelHastings, St Johns1877North CarolinaWife
James FHastings, St Johns1910FloridaSon
LucileHastings, St Johns1915FloridaDaughter
Agnes BHastings, St Johns1847North CarolinaMother
{Family 34}
Surnames listed Care
St Augustine Ward 1, St Johns1865ScotlandMother
MargueriteSt Augustine Ward 1, St Johns1914AlabamaNiece
{Family 35}
JohnDaytona, Volusia1851New YorkHead
Luella CDaytona, Volusia1884New YorkWife
{Family 36}
John B Port Orange, Volusia1858New JerseyHead
Ida S Port Orange, Volusia1855New JerseyWife

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