CASE Families living in Delaware in 1920.
This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here.

NameLocationBirth Year
+- 1 year
Birth State RelationshipPage #
{Family 1}
Harriet ADover, Kent1851DelawareMother-in-law
{Family 2}
Kattie [Katie]
Surnames listed Care
Felton, Kent1872DelawareDaughter237b
NatalieFelton, Kent1896DelawareGranddaughter
{Family 3}
Thomas B Felton, Kent1882DelawareHead237b
Ethil Felton, Kent1885MassachusettsWife
Pauleine Felton, Kent1904DelawareDaughter
John B Felton, Kent1906DelawareSon
Leia [Sara]Felton, Kent1918DelawareDaughter
{Family 4}
John BFelton, Kent1874PennsylvaniaHead
EthelFelton, Kent1884DelawareWife
HazelFelton, Kent1909DelawareDaughter
Virginia SFelton, Kent1910DelawareDaughter
MarthaFelton, Kent1913DelawareDaughter
John B JrFelton, Kent1915DelawareSon
MaeFelton, Kent1917DelawareDaughter
{Family 5}
Charles CFrederica, Kent1837DelawareFather
EmilyFrederica, Kent1839DelawareMother
Sarah HFrederica, Kent1874DelawareSister
EmmaFrederica, Kent1879DelawareSister
{Family 6}
Harrington M Representative District 4, Kent1876MarylandHead
Carrie P Representative District 4, Kent1880DelawareWife
James T Representative District 4, Kent1902DelawareSon
Charles L Representative District 4, Kent1904DelawareSon
Harrington M Representative District 4, Kent1908DelawareSon
Mildred C Representative District 4, Kent1911DelawareDaughter
Harriett P Representative District 4, Kent1913DelawareDaughter
John W Representative District 4, Kent1919DelawareSon
{Family 7}
Edward Representative District 7, Kent1874DelawareHead212b
Enna [Emma]Representative District 7, Kent1881OhioWife
Pearl Representative District 7, Kent1904DelawareDaughter
Edna Representative District 7, Kent1906DelawareDaughter
Elmer Representative District 7, Kent1910DelawareSon
Frederick Representative District 7, Kent1912DelawareSon
{Family 8}
Woodruf Representative District 9, Kent1881DelawareHead
Marta Representative District 9, Kent1883DelawareWife
Clyde Representative District 9, Kent1902DelawareSon
Carl Representative District 9, Kent1904DelawareSon
Henry Representative District 9, Kent1906DelawareSon
Louise Representative District 9, Kent1913DelawareDaughter
{Family 9}
Walter Jr
Surnames listed Cass
Representative District 9, Kent1890DelawareHead
LillianRepresentative District 9, Kent1894DelawareWife
James KRepresentative District 9, Kent1913DelawareSon
Mary LRepresentative District 9, Kent1915DelawareDaughter
Mildred MRepresentative District 9, Kent1917DelawareDaughter
{Family 10}
Leon Wilmington Ward 3, New Castle1901VirginiaBoarder
{Family 11}
HarryWilmington Ward 3, New Castle1868DelawareHead
MaryWilmington Ward 3, New Castle1891DelawareSister
ElizabethWilmington Ward 3, New Castle1878DelawareSister
{Family 12}
Geo W Wilmington Ward 11, New Castle1872DelawareHead
Florence Wilmington Ward 11, New Castle1880DelawareWife
{Family 13}
Oscar BWilmington Ward 12, New Castle1889PennsylvaniaHead
Martha BWilmington Ward 12, New Castle1889PennsylvaniaWife
Augustus BaileyWilmington Ward 12, New Castle1915PennsylvaniaSon
HesterWilmington Ward 12, New Castle1919TennesseeDaughter
{Family 14}
Addie F Milton, Sussex1882DelawareHead
Conrad FMilton, Sussex1904MarylandSon
Nellie KMilton, Sussex1906MarylandDaughter
H FrazierMilton, Sussex1908DelawareSon
Adlaid EMilton, Sussex1911DelawareDaughter
Emma BMilton, Sussex1914DelawareDaughter
J FrankMilton, Sussex1916DelawareSon
{Family 15}
Charles CRepresentative District 1, Sussex1891DelawareHead
EmilyRepresentative District 1, Sussex1916DelawareDaughter
DorothyRepresentative District 1, Sussex1918DelawareDaughter
AnnaRepresentative District 1, Sussex1864DelawareMother
{Family 16}
Joshua M Representative District 1, Sussex 1888DelawareHead
Cora Representative District 1, Sussex1879DelawareWife

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