CASE Families living in Connecticut in 1920.
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NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 31}
Amelia Bristol, Hartford1836ConnecticutMother92b
{Family 32}
Ella RBristol, Hartford1858ConnecticutHead129b
J Howard 1890ConnecticutSon
Mildred T 1894ConnecticutDaughter
E Marjorie 1898ConnecticutDaughter
{Family 33}
Benjaman WBristol, Hartford1861ConnecticutHead197b
Emily M1864New YorkWife
Allen W1901ConnecticutSon
{Family 34}
Erwin B Bristol, Hartford 1863 ConnecticutHead107b
Minnie 1867ConnecticutWife
Bessie 1895ConnecticutDaughter
Clifford H 1898ConnecticutSon
{Family 35}
Walter DBristol, Hartford1865ConnecticutHead219b
Josephine E 1863CanadaWife
Margaret 1904ConnecticutDaughter
Isabelle 1907ConnecticutDaughter
{Family 36}
James T Bristol, Hartford1867MassachusettsHead108b
Kate 1867MassachusettsWife
Catherine 1890MassachusettsDaughter
{Family 37}
Leon Bristol, Hartford1870ConnecticutHead111
Helen 1878ConnecticutWife
{Family 38}
Herbert A Bristol, Hartford1881ConnecticutHead124
Florence J 1888ConnecticutWife
{Family 39}
Fred J Bristol, Hartford1889VermontHead156b
Julia 1892New YorkWife
Harriet 1911ConnecticutDaughter
John 1914ConnecticutSon
{Family 40}
Clarissa Burlington, Hartford1835ConnecticutHead256
Clarence 1856ConnecticutSon
Albert 1882ConnecticutGrandson
{Family 41}
Adeline T Canton, Hartford1836ConnecticutMother-in-law263b
{Family 42}
George Canton, Hartford1836ConnecticutBoarder275b
{Family 43}
Harriet ICanton, Hartford1848ConnecticutHead269b
Paul K 1915ConnecticutGrandson
Nathan D 1919 ConnecticutGrandson
{Family 44}
Jane RCanton, Hartford1840ConnecticutHead269b
Jennie S1866ConnecticutDaughter
Alice L1873ConnecticutDaughter
{Family 45}
John W Canton, Hartford1845ConnecticutHead272
Alice J 1850ConnecticutWife
Alice E 1894ConnecticutDaughter
{Family 46}
Anson W Canton, Hartford1848ConnecticutHead275b
Eunice A 1849ConnecticutWife
{Family 47}
Earl BCanton, Hartford1898ConnecticutHead279
Emma R1898ConnecticutWife
Eugene G1854ConnecticutFather
Anna B1858ConnecticutMother
{Family 48}
Walton SCanton, Hartford1860ConnecticutHead266
Susie C1865ConnecticutWife
Beatrice S 1893ConnecticutDaughter
Gordon C 1897ConnecticutSon
Byron S 1899 ConnecticutSon
{Family 49}
Pliny MCanton, Hartford1877ConnecticutHead266
Mary E 1878New YorkWife
Catherine L 1905ConnecticutDaughter
{Family 50}
Webster N Canton, Hartford1851ConnecticutHead266
Lillie E 1855ConnecticutWife
{Family 51}
Sarah BCanton, Hartford1881ConnecticutHead266
Sarah M 1904ConnecticutDaughter
{Family 52}
James Canton, Hartford1856ConnecticutHead269
{Family 53}
WillisCanton, Hartford1870ConnecticutHead269
Bessie G 1876ConnecticutWife
{Family 54}
Francis HCanton, Hartford1857ConnecticutFather-in-law269
{Family 55}
Asa LCanton, Hartford1861ConnecticutHead265b
Annette E 1861ConnecticutWife
Rosa C 1891ConnecticutDaughter
{Family 56}
Oliver (Surname listed Care) Canton, Hartford1863ConnecticutHead265
{Family 57}
Benjamin F Canton, Hartford1862ConnecticutHead267
Mary H 1864ConnecticutWife
{Family 58}
Porter Canton, Hartford1866ConnecticutHead271b
Lottie M 1872ConnecticutWife
Ethel M 1899ConnecticutDaughter
{Family 59}
Lewis Canton, Hartford1869ConnecticutHead268b
Bessie H 1880ConnecticutWife
Esther L 1899ConnecticutDaughter
Frederick H 1903ConnecticutSon
John O 1905ConnecticutSon
Lewis Jr.1908ConnecticutSon
Ruth H 1910ConnecticutDaughter
Marjorie 1913ConnecticutDaughter
{Family 60}
Albert B Canton, Hartford1869ConnecticutHead277b
Mable R 1873MassachusettsWife
Albert M 1908ConnecticutSon

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