CASE Families living in Colorado in 1920.
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NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 61}
James D Ordway, Crowley1871OhioHead227
Daisy N1875OhioWife
Ruby 1894OhioDaughter
Harley 1896IllinoisSon
Frances 1901IllinoisDaughter227b
Goldie 1907IllinoisDaughter
{Family 62}
Charles D Payne, Delta1871MichiganHead112b
{Family 63}
John TPrecinct 2, Crowley1864OhioBoarder211b
{Family 64}
Laura Precinct 17, Pueblo1880IllinoisHead54b
Mary 1856VirginiaMother
{Family 65}
George H Precinct 17, Pueblo1885MissouriHead52
Lula M1886MissouriWife
Marvin H1909ColoradoSon
Margaret E 1913ColoradoDaughter
Leslie W 1918 ColoradoSon
{Family 66}
James B Precinct 62, El Paso1875MassachusettsInmate146b
{Family 67}
Roscoe APrecinct 70, El Paso1884MissouriHead204
{Family 68}
Lucy J Pueblo, Pueblo1844United States Mother-in-law120
{Family 69}
Ellen Pueblo, Pueblo1858MissouriInmate182b
{Family 70}
John S Pueblo, Pueblo1859CaliforniaInmate172
{Family 71}
OsmondPueblo, Pueblo1886ColoradoHead125
Henrietta A 1890MissouriWife
Malone 1911ColoradoDaughter
Virginia 1913ColoradoDaughter
Beatrice 1914ColoradoDaughter
Helen 1915ColoradoDaughter
{Family 72}
William B Pueblo, Pueblo1895PennsylvaniaHead100
Hattie C 1897New YorkWife
{Family 73}
HowardRiver Bend, Elbert1892ArkansasHead241b
{Family 74}
James RoyRiverside, Montrose1889MissouriHead54b
Floral B 1892ColoradoWife
James H 1914ColoradoSon
Joseph W 1917 ColoradoSon
{Family 75}
Bertha KSilverton, San Juan1888KansasNiece260b
{Family 76}
Alice B South Canon, Fremont1856IndianaHead156
{Family 77}
Lawrence RSouth Canon, Fremont1881IndianaHead160
Robert E1905ColoradoSon
Charlen J1907ColoradoDaughter
Hellen A1908ColoradoDaughter
Marjerie V1910ColoradoDaughter160b
{Family 78}
L H Sterling, Logan1891IllinoisHead76b
E Ferne 1893MissouriWife
Edwin 1915ColoradoSon
Josephine 1919ColoradoDaughter
{Family 79}
ZenobiaSterling, Logan1901IowaLodger77
{Family 80}
Howard A Sterling, Logan1877ConnecticutHead100
{Family 81}
Bessie Trinidad, Las Animas1901TexasNiece30
{Family 82}
Emma Vasquez, Jefferson 1855 ConnecticutHead138b
{Family 83}
Owen SWalden, Jackson1874MichiganHead12b
Nellie R1882KansasWife
Owen S C1914ColoradoSon
Richard R 1916 ColoradoSon
{Family 84}
Carlos C Walden, Jackson1886CaliforniaHead10
Esther M 1890ColoradoWife
Grace A 1916ColoradoDaughter
{Family 85}
Edward Walsenburg, Huerfano1860WisconsinHead153b
Maude B 1875IndianaWife
Reece 1898KansasSon
Trix 1908KansasDaughter
{Family 86}
CharlesWatson, Pitkin1857WisconsinHead62
{Family 87}
Virgil AWest Castle Rock, Douglas1884KansasHead189
Elina M1884SwedenWife
Virginia E1913ColoradoDaughter

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