CASE Families living in Colorado in 1920.
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This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here.

NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 61}
Emma J Lincoln Valley, Lincoln1861IndianaHead232
Townend A [Townsend]Lincoln Valley, Lincoln1899TexasSon
{Family 62}
Everett Craig, Moffat1896MissouriHead
Emma Craig, Moffat1864MissouriMother
{Family 63}
L H Sterling Ward 1, Logan1891IllinoisHead
E Ferne Sterling Ward 1, Logan1893MissouriWife
Edwin Sterling Ward 1, Logan1915ColoradoSon
JosephineSterling Ward 1, Logan1918ColoradoDaughter
{Family 64}
Zenobig [Zenobia]
Surname listed Corse
Sterling Ward 1, Logan 1901IowaLodger
{Family 65}
Howard A Sterling Ward 2, Logan 1877ConnecticutHead
Manetta Sterling Ward 2, Logan 1876PennsylvaniaWife
{Family 66}
J Archer Grand Junction, Mesa 1886ColoradoHead
Evva S [Emma?] Grand Junction, Mesa 1889NebraskaWife
Robert C Grand Junction, Mesa 1912ColoradoSon
Ruth J Grand Junction, Mesa 1914ColoradoDaughter
{Family 67}
Thomas L
Surnames listed Cose
Cortez, Montezuma 1846MissouriHead
Elizebeth ECortez, Montezuma 1865MissouriWife
Bessie ACortez, Montezuma 1887ColoradoDaughter
{Family 68}
James Roy Riverside, Montrose 1889MissouriHead
Floral B Riverside, Montrose 1892ColoradoWife
James H Riverside, Montrose 1914ColoradoSon
Joseph W Riverside, Montrose 1916ColoradoSon
{Family 69}
Jacob G Antelope Springs, Morgan 1879IllinoisHead169b
Oline P [Olive?] Antelope Springs, Morgan 1888KansasWife
Sheldon D Antelope Springs, Morgan 1906ColoradoSon
Sarah M Antelope Springs, Morgan 1908KansasDaughter
Wallace G Antelope Springs, Morgan 1910KansasSon
Birtha E Antelope Springs, Morgan 1911KansasDaughter
Richard J Antelope Springs, Morgan 1914KansasSon
Claud L Antelope Springs, Morgan 1916ColoradoSon
Ralph B Antelope Springs, Morgan 1918ColoradoSon
{Family 70}
Iois S [Lois]Fort Morgan, Morgan 1864OhioHead
Thora B Fort Morgan, Morgan 1869NebraskaDaughter
{Family 71}
Gilbert Aspen, Pitkin 1870WisconsinHead
Thomas J Aspen, Pitkin1892ColoradoStepson
Albert C Aspen, Pitkin1902ColoradoSon
Franklin G Aspen, Pitkin1907ColoradoSon
{Family 72}
George E Granada, Prowers1863IowaHead
Lorin D Granada, Prowers1867IowaWife
Howard H Granada, Prowers1896IowaSon
Bernice A Granada, Prowers1897IowaDaughter
George G Granada, Prowers1905ColoradoSon
{Family 73}
Harold G Lamar, Prowers1892KansasHead89b
Make L [Mabel]Lamar, Prowers1887IllinoisWife
Charles R Lamar, Prowers1916ColoradoSon
Frances L Lamar, Prowers1918ColoradoDaughter
{Family 74}
George H Precinct 17, Pueblo1885MissouriHead52
Lular M [Lula] Precinct 17, Pueblo1886MissouriWife
Marrin H [Marvin] Precinct 17, Pueblo1909ColoradoSon52b
Margaret E Precinct 17, Pueblo1913ColoradoDaughter
Leslie W Precinct 17, Pueblo1917ColoradoSon
{Family 75}
Laura Precinct 17, Pueblo1880IllinoisHead
Mary Precinct 17, Pueblo1856VirginiaMother
{Family 76}
R Jewell Pueblo, Pueblo1898WashingtonPrisoner
{Family 77}
John S Pueblo, Pueblo1859CaliforniaInmate
{Family 78}
Ellen Pueblo, Pueblo1858MissouriInmate
{Family 79}
William B Pueblo, Pueblo1895PennsylvaniaHead
Hattie C Pueblo, Pueblo1897New YorkWife
{Family 80}
Lucy J Pueblo, Pueblo 1844United States of AmericaMother-in-law
{Family 81}
Ormond [Osmond]Pueblo, Pueblo 1886ColoradoHead
Henrietta A Pueblo, Pueblo 1890MissouriWife
Malone Pueblo, Pueblo 1911ColoradoDaughter
Virginia Pueblo, Pueblo 1913ColoradoDaughter
Beatrice Pueblo, Pueblo 1914ColoradoDaughter
Helen Pueblo, Pueblo 1915ColoradoDaughter
{Family 82}
Frank M Del Norte, Rio Grande 1845IndianaHead
Ida E Del Norte, Rio Grande 1859IowaWife
Guy L Del Norte, Rio Grande 1867ColoradoSon
Davy O Del Norte, Rio Grande 1890ColoradoDaughter-in-law
Matthews G Del Norte, Rio Grande 1917ColoradoGrandson
James F Del Norte, Rio Grande 1920ColoradoGrandson
{Family 83}
Alpha Mount Harris, Routt 1893WyomingBoarder
{Family 84}
Jesse R Mount Harris, Routt 1880KansasBoarder
{Family 85}
Bertha K
Surname listed Cose
Silverton, San Juan 1888KansasNiece
{Family 86}
Clinton B Norwood, San Miguel 1892KansasPartner
{Family 87}
Lottie G Norwood, San Miguel 1895ColoradoLodger
{Family 88}
Ezekiel C La Salle, Weld 1879KansasHead123b
Velzora O La Salle, Weld 1884KansasWife
Ivan C La Salle, Weld 1913KansasSon
Inez J La Salle, Weld 1915KansasDaughter
Andrey V La Salle, Weld 1918KansasDaughter

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