CASE Families living in California in 1920.
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This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here.

NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 241}
Ensley JSan Antonio, Los Angeles1890IllinoisHead
Bertha San Antonio, Los Angeles1891IllinoisWife
Irving JaySan Antonio, Los Angeles1919CaliforniaSon
{Family 242}
Loyal L Santa Monica, Los Angeles1847IllinoisHead
ElizaSanta Monica, Los Angeles1844OhioWife
{Family 243}
Lynn HSanta Monica, Los Angeles1920New YorkHead
Katherine ASanta Monica, Los Angeles1879CaliforniaWife
{Family 244}
JennieSouth Pasadena, Los Angeles1851PennsylvaniaHousekeeper
{Family 245}
Charles ASouth Pasadena, Los Angeles1884UtahHead
Rose ASouth Pasadena, Los Angeles1882OregonWife
{Family 246}
MaryVenice, Los Angeles1880OhioSister
{Family 247}
Chauncie L Madera, Madera1880KansasHead
MaynieMadera, Madera1881NebraskaWife
DerrelMadera, Madera1906OregonSon
HildaMadera, Madera1908OregonDaughter
GavrilMadera, Madera1910CaliforniaDaughter
{Family 248}
William W Township 4, Madera1875CaliforniaHead
{Family 249}
NelsonSan Anselmo, Marin1917CaliforniaInmate
{Family 250}
PaulSan Quentin, Marin1893MontanaSon
{Family 254}
Addie LFort Bragg, Mendocino1866TennesseeHead
Margaret CFort Bragg, Mendocino1894CaliforniaDaughter
{Family 252}
Hal CLittle Lake, Mendocino1896CaliforniaHead
Shirley ALittle Lake, Mendocino1899CaliforniaWife
JaneLittle Lake, Mendocino1918CaliforniaDaughter
Douglas FLittle Lake, Mendocino1919CaliforniaSon
{Family 253}
EllaLos Banos, Merced1867CaliforniaMother-in-law
{Family 254}
Anna WCoombs, Napa1886MassachusettsHead
Dorothy SCoombs, Napa1910MassachusettsDaughter
George WCoombs, Napa1911New HampshireSon
Robert WCoombs, Napa1912New HampshireSon
{Family 255}
StellaNapa, Napa1875ColoradoHead
Edgar JNapa, Napa1897ColoradoSon
HughNapa, Napa1899ColoradoSon
WinifredNapa, Napa1901ColoradoDaughter
Harry LNapa, Napa1910ColoradoSon
{Family 256}
Mary M
Surnames listed Carr
La Habra, Orange1845ArkansasHead
James WLa Habra, Orange1881CaliforniaSon
{Family 257}
Floyd COrange, Orange1881IowaHead
{Family 258}
MarthaOrange, Orange1861Rhode IslandHead
{Family 259}
Irving JOrange, Orange1861IllinoisHead
PeoriaOrange, Orange1860IllinoisWife
Edna FOrange, Orange1892IllinoisDaughter
Warren EOrange, Orange1897IllinoisSon
Myrna JOrange, Orange1905IllinoisDaughter
{Family 260}
MabelSanta Ana, Orange1903ArkansasSister-in-law
{Family 261}
Lenora ESanta Ana Ward 2, Orange1864IowaHead
{Family 262}
JohnTustin, Orange1882KansasHead
MamieTustin, Orange1893NebraskaWife
HaroldTustin, Orange1911OklahomaSon
AileeneTustin, Orange1914CaliforniaDaughter
{Family 263}
Willam EWestminster, Orange1845New YorkHead
CatherineWestminster, Orange1849IrelandWife
BessieWestminster, Orange1885New YorkDaughter
{Family 264}
James WAllens, Placer1875KentuckyHead
Mary TAllens, Placer1878New YorkWife
{Family 265}
Freeman OIndian, Plumas1885ArkansasHead
Martha JIndian, Plumas1885ArkansasWife
Nola AliceIndian, Plumas1906ArkansasDaughter
Albert WIndian, Plumas1909CaliforniaSon
Gertrude RIndian, Plumas1916CaliforniaDaughter
James WIndian, Plumas1917CaliforniaSon
{Family 266}
Carlos JSaneca, Plumas1909CaliforniaStepson
{Family 267}
W HElsinore, Riverside1845YilHead
{Family 268}
Sarah JCorona, Riverside1842MichiganHead
{Family 269}
Hamlet RCorona, Riverside1866IowaHead
{Family 270}
JamesFolsom State Prison, Sacramento1866WisconsinPrisoner

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