CASE Families living in California in 1920.
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NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 181}
Flora A Los Angeles, Los Angeles1877IllinoisHead175
{Family 182}
Anna M Los Angeles, Los Angeles1880NebraskaLodger148b
{Family 183}
Porter J Los Angeles, Los Angeles1882NebraskaLodger152
Kathern 1910CaliforniaLodger
Richard W 1906IllinoisLodger
Carol 1907IllinoisLodger
{Family 184}
Leslie Clair Los Angeles, Los Angeles1893ColoradoLodger210b
{Family 185}
Lloyd HLos Angeles, Los Angeles1903ColoradoLodger215
{Family 186}
Alice Los Angeles, Los AngelesIndianaLodger149b
{Family 187}
William H
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Los Angeles, Los Angeles1845IllinoisInmate51
{Family 188}
(Page says VOID!)
Los Angeles, Los Angeles1855WisconsinWaitress64b
{Family 189}
Alice A Los Angeles, Los Angeles1855OhioHead132b
{Family 190}
ChesterLos Angeles, Los Angeles1892CaliforniaRoomer149b
{Family 191}
Hurshall E Los Angeles, Los Angeles1901Indiana Head174b
Beula T 1899IowaWife
Kendall H 1920CaliforniaSon
{Family 192}
Merle Los Angeles, Los Angeles1908IowaBoarder182
George 1909IowaBoarder
{Family 193}
Woodrow Los Angeles, Los Angeles1914United States Lodger141b
Warren 1917United States Lodger
{Family 194}
John O Los Angeles, Los Angeles1881WisconsinHead194
{Family 195}
Earl W Los Angeles, Los Angeles1898MissouriHead270
{Family 196}
Leonard FLos Angeles, Los Angeles1833New YorkHead130
{Family 197}
Merritt PLos Angeles, Los Angeles1840New YorkHead130
{Family 198}
Elizabeth C Los Angeles, Los Angeles1848DenmarkLodger263b
{Family 199}
Mabel L Los Angeles, Los Angeles1878MichiganHead39
Benton D 1853New YorkFather
{Family 200}
Joseph A Los Angeles, Los Angeles1853CanadaHead45b
Mery E 1853 CanadaWife
George E 1882CanadaSon
Eugenie M 1890New HampshireDaughter
{Family 201}
Horace MLos Angeles, Los Angeles1854MichiganLodger46b
{Family 202}
Theodores GLos Angeles, Los Angeles1854New YorkHead225
Cornilla Y [Cornelia] 1856 New JerseyWife
{Family 203}
Mary A Los Angeles,Los Angeles1857New YorkSister-in-law248
{Family 204}
Frank B Los Angeles,Los Angeles1858MichiganHead120
Minnie H 1866IllinoisWife
{Family 205}
Fred H Los Angeles,Los Angeles1858MichiganHead120
Carrie R 1864MichiganWife
{Family 206}
Henry L Los Angeles,Los Angeles1862PennsylvaniaHead93
Etta 1868PennsylvaniaWife
{Family 207}
Ella Los Angeles,Los Angeles1870New JerseyRoomer223b
{Family 208}
Louis FLos Angeles,Los Angeles1874MissouriHead103b
Estelle 1877MissouriWife
Frederick 1905ColoradoSon
{Family 209}
Frank M Los Angeles,Los Angeles1875ArkansasHead210
Alta S 1886IowaWife
{Family 210}
ThomasLos Angeles,Los Angeles1875IllinoisHead231

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