CASE Families living in California in 1920.
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NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 151}
Ansel BLos Angeles, Los Angeles1871New JerseyHead241b
Myrtle J 1874IllinoisWife
Clarence J 1895IllinoisSon
Helen M 1901IllinoisDaughter
{Family 152}
Ella F Los Angeles, Los Angeles1873IowaHead161
Lester M 1902CaliforniaSon
Everett N 1903CaliforniaSon
{Family 153}
Albert E Los Angeles, Los Angeles1882Illinois Head56
Herriet [Harriet] 1885CaliforniaWife
{Family 154}
Charley TLos Angeles, Los Angeles1882MichiganRoomer215
Elenor C1914CaliforniaRoomer
{Family 155}
Harold B Los Angeles, Los Angeles1890CaliforniaHead69b
Gladys M 1891KansasWife
Louis B 1913CaliforniaSon
{Family 156}
Allen W Los Angeles, Los Angeles1897CaliforniaHead239
Lina R 1900IllinoisWife
Allen W Jr.1920CaliforniaSon
{Family 157}
Harold H Los Angeles, Los Angeles1900IowaHead182
Francis R1901NebraskaWife
{Family 158}
Dallas JLos Angeles, Los Angeles 1890 NebraskaHead4
{Family 159}
Dorothy Los Angeles, Los Angeles1899WyomingLodger94
{Family 160}
George Fox Los Angeles, Los Angeles1902MichiganGrandson174b
{Family 161}
Philo LLos Angeles, Los Angeles1839OhioCousin39b
{Family 162}
James H Los Angeles, Los Angeles1850IndianaHead262
Fannie 1857TennesseeWife
Edna 1897CaliforniaDaughter
Edna 1909MissouriGranddaughter
{Family 163}
Addie LLos Angeles, Los Angeles1852United States Lodger224b
{Family 164}
Mary B Los Angeles, Los Angeles1855CanadaHead54b
{Family 165}
Anna Los Angeles, Los Angeles1892PennsylvaniaHead58b
Sarah 1862EnglandMother
{Family 166}
Loren PLos Angeles, Los Angeles1862VermontHead206
Nellie 1866New HampshireWife
Errol 1895CaliforniaSon
Kenneth 1896CaliforniaSon
{Family 167}
Edgar Los Angeles, Los Angeles1878IndianaHead90b
Serena 1897IndianaWife
Mary 1916CaliforniaDaughter
Paul 1918 CaliforniaSon
{Family 168}
Ellen FLos Angeles, Los Angeles1872OhioHead13
{Family 169}
Fred D Los Angeles, Los Angeles1873New YorkHead105
Irene 1888MinnesotaWife
Frank N 1903South DakotaSon
Theresa I 1910CaliforniaDaughter
Goldie M 1915CaliforniaDaughter
{Family 170}
Thomas Los Angeles, Los Angeles1879New YorkLodger19
{Family 171}
Marian1888North CarolinaLodger19
{Family 172}
Rose H Los Angeles, Los Angeles1885MichiganLodger58b
{Family 173}
William (Same as # 174?)Los Angeles, Los Angeles1891CaliforniaHead97
William J Jr 1920 CaliforniaSon
{Family 174}
William (Same as # 173?)Los Angeles, Los Angeles1891CaliforniaHead135b
Madeline 1897MissouriWife
William 1919CaliforniaSon
{Family 175}
Charls E PLos Angeles, Los Angeles1844OhioHead31b
{Family 176}
Mary Los Angeles, Los Angeles1845New YorkHead262
Carrie 1870New YorkDaughter
{Family 177}
Frances Los Angeles, Los Angeles1850New YorkHead80
{Family 178}
FrancesLos Angeles, Los Angeles1864WisconsinHead234
{Family 179}
Arthur PLos Angeles, Los Angeles1875United States Head70
Myrtle A1874CanadaWife
{Family 180}
MaryLos Angeles, Los Angeles1875ConnecticutLodger144

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