CASE Families living in California in 1920.
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NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 121}
Alice VLos Angeles, Los Angeles1914CaliforniaStep Daughter 189
{Family 122}
Edmund H Los Angeles, Los Angeles 1865 PennsylvaniaBoarder129
{Family 123}
James C Los Angeles, Los Angeles1857IndianaHead164
{Family 124}
JamesLos Angeles, Los Angeles1874IowaRoomer226b
{Family 125}
Mina Los Angeles, Los Angeles1883NorwayLodger175b
{Family 126}
William ELos Angeles, Los Angeles1887MichiganPrisoner250
{Family 127}
Ivan Los Angeles, Los Angeles1892CaliforniaHead164
Vivian 1920CaliforniaDaughter
{Family 128}
George WLos Angeles, Los Angeles1902CaliforniaPrisoner249b
{Family 129}
Ada A Los Angeles, Los Angeles1853IllinoisHead101b
Hiram A1888Nebraska Son
{Family 130}
Sarah Los Angeles, Los Angeles1854IndianaMother-in-law138
{Family 131}
Levi Los Angeles, Los Angeles1873CanadaHead230
Maggie 1884TexasWife
{Family 132}
James Los Angeles, Los Angeles1881MinnesotaHead1b
Mary 1886IowaWife
Vera 1909CaliforniaDaughter
{Family 133}
Rosetta C Los Angeles, Los Angeles1881UtahHead170b
{Family 134}
Nathanial FLos Angeles, Los Angeles1881IndianaHead59b
Margaret 1881IrelandWife
{Family 135}
GenieveLos Angeles, Los Angeles1881OhioSister221b
{Family 136}
Arthur JLos Angeles, Los Angeles1882IllinoisHead85b
Annie L 1897IllinoisWife
James H 1920CaliforniaSon
{Family 137}
Richard W Los Angeles, Los Angeles1889MissouriHead191b
Gertrude P 1892New YorkWife
{Family 138}
Joseph W Los Angeles, Los Angeles1875New JerseyHead178
May 1876IllinoisWife
Bernice 1902IllinoisDaughter
{Family 139}
Charles Los Angeles, Los Angeles1882WisconsinHead218b
Margaret 1878TennesseeWife
{Family 140}
Herbert O Los Angeles, Los Angeles1887MissouriHead154b
Mary 1888MissouriWife
{Family 141}
Gilbert WLos Angeles, Los Angeles1888WisconsinHead63b
Blanche S 1890TennesseeWife
Virginia S 1916 CaliforniaDaughter
{Family 142}
Charence NLos Angeles, Los Angeles1888KentuckyHead149b
Alberta 1909CaliforniaDaughter
Louise 1912CaliforniaDaughter
Mildred 1914CaliforniaDaughter
{Family 143}
A ForrestLos Angeles, Los Angeles1889New YorkHead45
Emma M1892RussiaWife
Forrest L 1919 CaliforniaSon
{Family 144}
Robert R Los Angeles, Los Angeles1892MarylandLodger180
{Family 145}
Mr Los Angeles, Los Angeles1892United States Lodger248
{Family 146}
Asahl B Los Angeles, Los Angeles1850ConnecticutHead75
Lizzie E 1854MassachusettsWife
Florence M 1881 Rhode IslandDaughter
{Family 147}
Sophia GLos Angeles, Los Angeles1850New JerseyLodger166
{Family 148}
George MLos Angeles, Los Angeles1853IllinoisHead205b
{Family 149}
Charles WLos Angeles, Los Angeles1856New YorkHead234b
Estella 1862WisconsinWife
{Family 150}
Frank H Los Angeles, Los Angeles1869IndianaHead142b
Louise 1869IndianaWife

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