CASE Families living in California in 1920.
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This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here:

NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 91}
MiltonRiver Bend, Kings1850New YorkHead
EmmaRiver Bend, Kings1859IllinoisWife
{Family 92}
Surnames listed Seymour
Honey Lake, Lassen1880NevadaHead104b
Sachi [Sadie]Honey Lake, Lassen1885NevadaWife
Sidney Honey Lake, Lassen1908NevadaSon
Viola MHoney Lake, Lassen1914NevadaDaughter
JohnHoney Lake, Lassen1915NevadaSon
{Family 93}
Clara HAlhambra, Los Angeles1852PennsylvaniaMother-in-law
{Family 94}
RosaAlhambra, Los Angeles1863ItalyMother-in-law
{Family 95}
Martha SAlhambra, Los Angeles1870Rhode IslandHead
Martha JAlhambra, Los Angeles1838New HampshireMother
Lucie EAlhambra, Los Angeles1872Rhode IslandSister
{Family 96}
Edward RAvalon, Los Angeles1871ConnecticutLodger
{Family 97}
LutherAzusa, Los Angeles1866New YorkHead
MinnieAzusa, Los Angeles1869New YorkWife
EvaAzusa, Los Angeles1896MinnesotaDaughter
{Family 98}
Willson FBurbank, Los Angeles1871New YorkBrother-in-law
Katherine EBurbank, Los Angeles1878PennsylvaniaSister
{Family 99}
Adelaide ECahuenga, Los Angeles 1852MichiganHead
Jessie OCahuenga, Los Angeles1885MichiganDaughter
{Family 100}
Urah J
Surnames listed Carl
Claremont, Los Angeles1869OhioHead
SneannaClaremont, Los Angeles1897OhioDaughter
PerathyClaremont, Los Angeles1899OhioDaughter
Maria AClaremont, Los Angeles1901OhioDaughter
Harvey MClaremont, Los Angeles1904CaliforniaSon
Annie JClaremont, Los Angeles1907CaliforniaDaughter
James MClaremont, Los Angeles1909CaliforniaSon
{Family 101}
Minowa J [Minerva]Covina, Los Angeles1873MissouriHead97
Roberts E H [Roberta]Covina, Los Angeles1905CaliforniaDaughter
{Family 102}
Harry WGardena, Los Angeles1867EnglandHead
Jane EGardena, Los Angeles1879EnglandWife
Harry WGardena, Los Angeles1909NevadaSon
Allan PGardena, Los Angeles1918CaliforniaSon
{Family 103}
Mary L
Surnames listed Care
Glendale, Los Angeles1868MinnesotaHead
LavernGlendale, Los Angeles1895MichiganSon
George WGlendale, Los Angeles1902CaliforniaSon
{Family 104}
Claude MGlendale, Los Angeles1880MinnesotaHead
Nellie M Glendale, Los Angeles1882OhioWife
Beatrice IGlendale, Los Angeles1910CaliforniaDaughter
{Family 105}
Mary MGlendale, Los Angeles1872IowaMother-in-law
{Family 106}
Edwin AGlendale, Los Angeles1850PennsylvaniaHead
Harriet LGlendale, Los Angeles1852New YorkWife
Grace LGlendale, Los Angeles1878MinnesotaDaughter
{Family 107}
MerrittGlendale, Los Angeles1898IowaSon-in-law
Bessie Glendale, Los Angeles1895IowaDaughter
{Family 108}
LillianHuntington Park, Los Angeles 1908South DakotaMaid
{Family 109}
Jesse FLong Beach, Los Angeles1887MissouriHead
MaudeLong Beach, Los Angeles1890IllinoisWife
HopeLong Beach, Los Angeles1910MissouriDaughter
MyraLong Beach, Los Angeles1911MissouriDaughter
{Family 110}
Wm H
Surnames listed Care
Long Beach, Los Angeles1862IllinoisHead
MarthaLong Beach, Los Angeles1870IllinoisWife
{Family 111}
Rosa P Long Beach, Los Angeles 1843PennsylvaniaHead
{Family 112}
Walter HLong Beach, Los Angeles1883KansasHead
Ethel C Long Beach, Los Angeles1885IowaWife
Nelson JuniorLong Beach, Los Angeles1911CaliforniaSon
Roger TLong Beach, Los Angeles1916CaliforniaSon
Walter H JuniorLong Beach, Los Angeles1918CaliforniaSon
{Family 113}
Helen Long Beach, Los Angeles1848MichiganLodger
{Family 114}
Adelbert CLong Beach, Los Angeles1848VermontHead
MahalaLong Beach, Los Angeles1851OhioWife
{Family 115}
MabelLong Beach, Los Angeles1897TexasEmployee
{Family 116}
Clyde WillisLong Beach, Los Angeles1879MissouriHead
Ethel EstelleLong Beach, Los Angeles1889NebraskaWife
{Family 117}
Joseph PLong Beach, Los Angeles1852North CarolinaHead
{Family 118}
William HLos Angeles, Los Angeles1845IllinoisInmate
{Family 119}
WoodrowLos Angeles Assembly District 61, Los Angeles1914United States of AmericaLodger
WarrenLos Angeles Assembly District 61, Los Angeles1917United States of AmericaLodger
{Family 120}
Chester Los Angeles Assembly District 61, Los Angeles1892CaliforniaRoomer

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