CASE Families living in California in 1920.
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This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here.

NameLocation AgeBirth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 371}
James L [E]Analy, Sonoma1863New YorkHead
Frances CAnaly, Sonoma1879CaliforniaWife
Westwood WAnaly, Sonoma1903CaliforniaSon
RuthAnaly, Sonoma1906CaliforniaDaughter
Helen KAnaly, Sonoma1910CaliforniaDaughter
Frances LAnaly, Sonoma1912CaliforniaDaughter
VernaAnaly, Sonoma1918CaliforniaDaughter
Westwood WAnaly, Sonoma1839New YorkFather
{Family 372}
Fredick H Eldridge, Sonoma1863ConnecticutHead
{Family 373}
Surnames listed Carr
Redwood, Sonoma1873WisconsinHead
Beatrice PRedwood, Sonoma1913CaliforniaGranddaughter
{Family 374}
Sarah JSanta Rosa Ward 3, Sonoma1860WashingtonHead
WilliamSanta Rosa Ward 3, Sonoma1858MaineHusband
{Family 375}
WilliamVallejo, Sonoma1887CaliforniaHead
MaryVallejo, Sonoma1889BohemiaWife
WalterVallejo, Sonoma1910CaliforniaSon
HelenVallejo, Sonoma1912CaliforniaDaughter
{Family 376}
F MCeres, Stanislaus1846MaineHead
{Family 377}
John WCeres, Stanislaus1869New YorkHead
{Family 378}
Burton L Modesto, Stanislaus1866IowaHead
Lena MModesto, Stanislaus1882MichiganWife
{Family 379}
Cyrus W
Surnames listed Care
Modesto Ward 1, Stanislaus1871KansasHead
Edith FModesto Ward 1, Stanislaus1875MassachusettsWife
Clifford DModesto Ward 1, Stanislaus1901MassachusettsSon
AlfredModesto Ward 1, Stanislaus1903MassachusettsSon
RussellModesto Ward 1, Stanislaus1905CaliforniaSon
ManonModesto Ward 1, Stanislaus1910CaliforniaDaughter
{Family 380}
Thomas M Modesto Ward 1, Stanislaus1893ColoradoHead
Anna Modesto Ward 1, Stanislaus1896MinnesotaWife
Burton Modesto Ward 1, Stanislaus1915CaliforniaSon
Larnard Modesto Ward 1, Stanislaus1915CaliforniaSon
{Family 381}
Frank BModesto Ward 1, Stanislaus1864WisconsinFather-in-law
{Family 382}
Alta F Modesto Ward 3, Stanislaus1902IowaRoomer
{Family 383}
Sidney P Modesto Ward 6, Stanislaus1887MinnesotaHead
Irene R Modesto Ward 6, Stanislaus1889IllinoisWife
Donald E Modesto Ward 6, Stanislaus1908MinnesotaSon
Enna I Modesto Ward 6, Stanislaus1911MinnesotaDaughter
Frank H Modesto Ward 6, Stanislaus1914MinnesotaSon
Alice E Modesto Ward 6, Stanislaus1915CaliforniaDaughter
{Family 384}
?Oakdale, Stanislaus1920Nova ScotiaRoomer296b
{Family 385}
James RNicolaus, Sutter1854WisconsinHead
{Family 386}
Carrie E
Surname listed Casse
Vernon, Sutter1884CaliforniaSister-in-law
{Family 387}
Clara BVernon, Sutter1871CaliforniaHead
Irving EVernon, Sutter1912CaliforniaSon
Cecil CVernon, Sutter1904CaliforniaDaughter
Curtis BVernon, Sutter1906CaliforniaSon
Lester LVernon, Sutter1911CaliforniaSon
{Family 388}
EdwardYuba, Sutter1879CaliforniaHead
Edward Jr.Yuba, Sutter1907CaliforniaSon
RalphYuba, Sutter1909CaliforniaSon
EltonYuba, Sutter1912CaliforniaSon
LipheYuba, Sutter1919CaliforniaSon
AmandaYuba, Sutter1862IowaMother
{Family 389}
William LCorning, Tehama1853IndianaHead
Henrietta DCorning, Tehama1866MinnesotaWife
Isa L Corning, Tehama1898CaliforniaDaughter
{Family 390}
Elroy ECorning, Tehama1866MinnesotaHead
Edna F Corning, Tehama1885IndianaWife
{Family 391}
Harvey ADinuba, Tulare1882NebraskaHead
Grace EDinuba, Tulare1878IllinoisWife
Arthur DDinuba, Tulare1909CaliforniaSon
{Family 392}
F HExeter, Tulare1868MichiganHead
{Family 393}
DruryPorterville, Tulare1866CaliforniaHead
May IrenePorterville, Tulare1871CaliforniaWife
FrankPorterville, Tulare1893CaliforniaSon
FosterPorterville, Tulare1903CaliforniaSon
MildredPorterville, Tulare1908CaliforniaDaughter
{Family 394}
William SPorterville, Tulare1880IndianaHead
Irene M Porterville, Tulare1887WisconsinWife
{Family 395}
?Visalia, Tulare??Head
{Family 396}
Ernest ASespe, Ventura 1872MinnesotaHead
Ina MSespe, Ventura1881KansasWife
Ira LSespe, Ventura1899CaliforniaSon
Carlton LSespe, Ventura1902CaliforniaSon
Lowell WSespe, Ventura1904CaliforniaSon
Frank LSespe, Ventura1907CaliforniaSon
Kenneth ASespe, Ventura1909CaliforniaSon
Clara MSespe, Ventura1912CaliforniaDaughter
Harold GSespe, Ventura1914CaliforniaSon
{Family 397}
Edward WSespe, Ventura1901ColoradoBoarder
{Family 398}
Arthur LWashington, Yolo1884CaliforniaHead
MaryneWashington, Yolo1884CaliforniaWife
{Family 399}
Harry GWashington, Yolo1875CaliforniaHead
{Family 400}
Rebecca EWoodland, Yolo1853MissouriHead
Samuel VWoodland, Yolo1875MissouriSon
{Family 401}
William AWoodland, Yolo1891CaliforniaHead
Abbie AWoodland, Yolo1891MinnesotaWife
Emily AWoodland, Yolo1916CaliforniaDaughter
{Family 402}
Garfield SClarksburg, Yolo1882MichiganHead
Rena E Clarksburg, Yolo1889CaliforniaWife
William DClarksburg, Yolo1919CaliforniaSon
{Family 403}
JohnGrafton, Yolo1881KentuckyHired Man

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