CASE Families living in Arkansas in 1920.
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NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 31}
John W Little Rock, Pulaski1864IowaHead67b
{Family 32}
Nannie Little Rock, Pulaski1868United StatesInmate91b
{Family 33}
Hilda Little Rock, Pulaski 1875United StatesWife80
{Family 34}
Frank C Little Rock, Pulaski1878IndianaAttendant85
Catherine 1878IndianaCook
{Family 35}
Jacob Little Texas, Craighead1879IllinoisHead191
Cara 1879OhioWife
Clarence 1901IllinoisSon
Cassie 1905IllinoisDaughter
Johnie 1911MissouriSon
{Family 36}
Charley Louisiana, Chicot1904MississippiSon89b
Oliver 1911MississippiStep Son
{Family 37}
George F Lower North, Sharp1891MissouriHead90
Margret E 1895ArkansasWife
Louis G 1914ArkansasSon
Rosa P 1916ArkansasDaughter
Elmar J 1920ArkansasSon
William L 1884MissouriBrother
{Family 38}
Henry L Lower North, Sharp1895MissouriHead88b
Martha L 1894ArkansasWife
Georgia L 1919ArkansasDaughter
{Family 39}
Jennie A Mountain Home, Baxter1848PennsylvaniaHead249b
{Family 40}
Charles W Owen, Lincoln1850TennesseeHead147b
Catherin L 1860MississippiWife
{Family 41}
William A Owen, Lincoln1887ArkansasHead147b
Nettie 1898ArkansasWife
{Family 42}
William R Perkins, Pulaski 1886ArkansasHead233b
Mary E 1885ArkansasWife
William A Jr.1913ArkansasSon
Richard L 1915ArkansasSon
James M 1918ArkansasSon
{Family 43}
Manuel L Pine Bluff, Jefferson1851IndianaHead143
Charles E 1876OhioSon
{Family 44}
Ray Pine Bluff, Jefferson1896ArkansasHead165
Flora 1901ArkansasWife
William E 1916ArkansasSon
Raymond A 1920ArkansasSon
{Family 45}
George Pine Bluff, Jefferson 1900ArkansasHead234
Ruby 1902ArkansasWife
{Family 46}
James Ratcliff, Logan1854ArkansasHead250
Sarah 1859ArkansasWife
{Family 47}
Chas R Richwoods, Stone1895ArkansasHead226
Myrtle R 1895TennesseeWife
Angie 1917ArkansasDaughter
Chas Jr.1919ArkansasSon
{Family 48}
R R Ruddell, Independence1846ArkansasHead238
Ella A 1850ArkansasWife
Ella 1889ArkansasDaughter
{Family 49}
Dr. J W Ruddell, Independence1855ArkansasHead224b
Mggie [Maggie] 1883ArkansasDaughter
{Family 50}
Jirmus R [Junius]Ruddell, Independence1881ArkansasHead225
Nana L 1882ArkansasWife
Angie Lea 1905ArkansasDaughter
{Family 51}
Henry Ruddell, Independence1887ArkansasHead246b
Currie [Carrie]1889ArkansasWife
J C 1912ArkansasSon
Cathrine 1915ArkansasDaughter
Aford B 1916ArkansasSon
Walter E 1918ArkansasSon
{Family 52}
Franklin B Saint Francis, Clay1875IndianaHead251
Rosa 1878IllinoisWife
Marie M 1905MissouriDaughter
Thelma 1908MissouriDaughter
Franklin Jr.1911MissouriSon
Lucele 1914MissouriDaughter
{Family 53}
E J Saint Francis, Clay1888IndianaHead262
Birdie 1891MissouriWife
Robert E 1916IndianaSon
{Family 54}
Walter R Sherman, Johnson1901ArkansasHead172
Lena R 1896ArkansasWife
Ruby L 1920ArkansasDaughter
{Family 55}
Nicholas G Spadra, Johnson1880ArkansasHead238
Sylvia 1882ArkansasWife
Jack 1902ArkansasSon
Selma 1904ArkansasDaughter
Willie 1911ArkansasSon
Raymond 1914ArkansasSon238b
{Family 56}
Philmore Texarkana, Miller1885ArkansasHead173
Annie 1893ArkansasWife
{Family 57}
John W Texas, Craighead1867IndianaHead190
Tallie F 1873IllinoisWife
Howard E 1894IllinoisSon
Floyd Z 1899IllinoisSon
Charles F 1901IllinoisSon
William M 1903IllinoisSon
Ornal R [Orval]1906IllinoisSon
Freda H 1909MissouriDaughter
Earl P 1912ArkansasSon
{Family 58}
Luchen Tyler, Prairie1901ArkansasBoarder12b
{Family 59}
Rebeca Union, Pulaski1836TennesseeMother257
{Family 60}
John E Vaugine, Jefferson1860ArkansasHead5
Mary L 1863ArkansasWife
William B 1884ArkansasSon
Eddie 1907ArkansasSon

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