CASE Families living in Arkansas in 1920.
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This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here.

NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 31}
Nicholas G [S]Spadra, Johnson 1880ArkansasHead238
SylviaSpadra, Johnson 1882ArkansasWife
JackSpadra, Johnson 1902ArkansasSon
SelmaSpadra, Johnson 1904ArkansasDaughter
WillieSpadra, Johnson 1911ArkansasSon
RaymondSpadra, Johnson 1914ArkansasSon238b
{Family 32}
William AHampton, Lee 1874IllinoisHead
Charles LHampton, Lee 1900IllinoisSon
Clarence AHampton, Lee 1908IllinoisSon
Velma JHampton, Lee 1911ArkansasDaughter
{Family 33}
Charles WOwen, Lincoln 1850TennesseeHead
Catherin LOwen, Lincoln 1860MississippiWife
{Family 34}
William AOwen, Lincoln 1887ArkansasHead
NettieOwen, Lincoln 1898ArkansasWife
Velma LJeff Davis, Little River 1915IowaStepdaughter
{Family 35}
Frederic [Fredonia]Carlisle, Lonoke 1891ArkansasHead231
{Family 36}
H DEngland, Lonoke 1881ArkansasHead
MarguriteEngland, Lonoke 1885MississippiWife
DowEngland, Lonoke 1907ArkansasSon
JackEngland, Lonoke 1912ArkansasSon
CharlieEngland, Lonoke 1846IllinoisFather
{Family 37}
Pattie LeeEngland, Lonoke 1916ArkansasNiece
LeeEngland, Lonoke 1885ArkansasBrother-in-law
{Family 38}
Arvael [Arvies?]Indian Bayou, Lonoke 1913ArkansasNiece107b
{Family 39}
J NCenter, Montgomery 1892MissouriHead
CarrieCenter, Montgomery 1898ArkansasWife
ElmerCenter, Montgomery 1914ArkansasSon
LannieCenter, Montgomery 1914ArkansasSon
MarieCenter, Montgomery 1917ArkansasDaughter
SophiaCenter, Montgomery 1919ArkansasDaughter
{Family 40}
JohnFir, Montgomery 1848MissouriHead
NettieFir, Montgomery 1850MissouriWife
{Family 41}
OllieJefferson, Newton 1893ArkansasDaughter
{Family 42}
JesseWalnut, Newton 1898ArkansasHired Hand
{Family 43}
William C
Surnames listed Gase
Walnut, Newton 1881ArkansasHead
LizzieWalnut, Newton 1906ArkansasDaughter
AlbertWalnut, Newton 1908ArkansasSon
WillieWalnut, Newton 1910ArkansasSon
RoyWalnut, Newton 1912ArkansasSon
James WWalnut, Newton 1916ArkansasSon
{Family 44}
TildenWalnut, Newton 1877ArkansasHead
SusieWalnut, Newton 1881KentuckyWife
Martha BWalnut, Newton 1906ArkansasDaughter
ThomasWalnut, Newton 1909ArkansasSon
BessieWalnut, Newton 1912ArkansasDaughter
EthelWalnut, Newton 1914ArkansasDaughter
ShermanWalnut, Newton 1916ArkansasSon
{Family 45}
BenWalnut, Newton 1898ArkansasHead
NannieWalnut, Newton 1900KentuckyWife
JasperWalnut, Newton 1916ArkansasSon
MarthaWalnut, Newton 1919ArkansasDaughter
{Family 46}
JoshWalnut, Newton 1886ArkansasHead
BettyWalnut, Newton 1886ArkansasWife
RyleeWalnut, Newton 1908ArkansasSon
AllardWalnut, Newton 1909ArkansasSon
Lula AWalnut, Newton 1914ArkansasDaughter
HomerWalnut, Newton 1916ArkansasSon
WillisWalnut, Newton 1917ArkansasSon
{Family 47}
ClaraWalnut, Newton 1862KentuckyHead
{Family 48}
RobertCenter, Polk 1870TennesseeHead
{Family 49}
LustenTyler, Prairie 1901ArkansasBoarder
{Family 50}
Albert R
Surnames listed Cass
Little Rock Ward 3, Pulaski 1881TennesseeHead123
Barbaver [Barbara]Little Rock Ward 3, Pulaski 1890TexasWife
{Family 51}
Leland ILittle Rock Ward 5, Pulaski 1886MinnesotaLodger
{Family 52}
John WLittle Rock Ward 8, Pulaski 1864IowaHead67b
{Family 53}
Surname listed Cose
Little Rock Ward 8, Pulaski 1875Nova ScotiaWife80
{Family 54}
Frank C [L]Little Rock Ward 8, Pulaski 1878IndianaAttendant85
CatherineLittle Rock Ward 8, Pulaski 1878IndianaCook
{Family 55}
NannieLittle Rock Ward 8, Pulaski 1868Nova ScotiaInmate
{Family 56}
William RPerkins, Pulaski 1886ArkansasHead
Mary EPerkins, Pulaski 1885ArkansasWife
William A Jr.Perkins, Pulaski 1913ArkansasSon
Richard LPerkins, Pulaski 1915ArkansasSon
James MPerkins, Pulaski 1917ArkansasSon
{Family 57}
RebeaUnion, Pulaski 1836TennesseeMother
{Family 58}
Henry LLower North, Sharp 1895MissouriHead
Martha LLower North, Sharp 1894ArkansasWife
Georgie LLower North, Sharp 1918ArkansasDaughter
{Family 59}
George FLower North, Sharp 1891MissouriHead
Margaret ELower North, Sharp 1895ArkansasWife
Louis GLower North, Sharp 1914ArkansasSon
Rosa PLower North, Sharp 1915ArkansasDaughter
Elmar JLower North, Sharp 1919ArkansasSon
William LLower North, Sharp 1884MissouriBrother
{Family 60}
CleatusWheatley, St Francis 1899ArkansasBoarder
{Family 61}
George R
Surnames listed Cace
Blue Mountain, Stone 1857ArkansasHead
Augie EBlue Mountain, Stone 1859PennsylvaniaWife
Oris RBlue Mountain, Stone 1899ArkansasSon
{Family 62}
Harvey RBlue Mountain, Stone 1888ArkansasHead
EmmaBlue Mountain, Stone 1894ArkansasWife
Emily RBlue Mountain, Stone 1918ArkansasDaughter
{Family 63}
Chas RRichwoods, Stone 1895ArkansasHead
Myrtle RRichwoods, Stone 1895TennesseeWife
AngieRichwoods, Stone 1917ArkansasDaughter
Chas Jr.Richwoods, Stone 1919ArkansasSon
{Family 64}
Mollie A
Surnames listed Cass
Wallace, Stone 1876ArkansasHead
Elsie LWallace, Stone 1898ArkansasDaughter
NevaWallace, Stone 1899ArkansasDaughter
VelaWallace, Stone 1905ArkansasDaughter
Jas BWallace, Stone 1908ArkansasSon
RayWallace, Stone 1911ArkansasSon
GracieWallace, Stone 1915ArkansasDaughter
Wm HWallace, Stone 1916ArkansasSon

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