CASE Families living in Alaska Territory in 1920.

{Family 1}
William H (Surnames listed Pase) Juneau, First Judicial District 1868 IowaHead105
Alice J Juneau, First Judicial District1877KansasWife
Howad LJuneau, First Judicial District1905AlabamaSon
Alvie C Juneau, First Judicial District1907AlabamaDaughter
{Family 2}
Clinton P Sitka, First Judicial District1898WashingtonHead214b
Catherine 1898ScotlandWife
Lorraine D 1920ScotlandDaughter
{Family 3}
Thomas J Wrangell, First Judicial District1850PennsylvaniaHead238
Emna 1871AlaskaWife
Oscar B 1897AlaskaSon
Lawrenc V 1899AlaskaSon
George B 1909AlaskaSon

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