CASE Families living in Pennsylvania in 1910.
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This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here:

NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 151}
WilliamScranton Ward 2, Lackawanna1862PennsylvaniaHead
MariaScranton Ward 2, Lackawanna1861EnglandWife
{Family 152}
Ellworth8-Wd Scranton, Lackawanna1883New JerseyGuest
{Family 153}
Samuel C
Surnames listed Care
9-Wd Scranton, Lackawanna1876PennsylvaniaHead
Susan J9-Wd Scranton, Lackawanna1873EnglandWife
Marrian H9-Wd Scranton, Lackawanna1903PennsylvaniaSon
{Family 154}
Francis E
Surname listed Cua
9-Wd Scranton, Lackawanna1852PennsylvaniaLodger
{Family 155}
Julien W9-Wd Scranton, Lackawanna1860IowaHead
Lucy 9-Wd Scranton, Lackawanna1863IllinoisWife
Percival H9-Wd Scranton, Lackawanna1897WisconsinSon
Florena E9-Wd Scranton, Lackawanna1898WisconsinDaughter
Julian H9-Wd Scranton, Lackawanna1902MichiganSon
{Family 156}
Nettie 9-Wd Scranton, Lackawanna1890PennsylvaniaNurse82b
{Family 157}
Surnames listed Cass
14-Wd Scranton, Lackawanna1867PennsylvaniaHead
Elizabeth14-Wd Scranton, Lackawanna1860PennsylvaniaWife
{Family 158}
Orpha AScranton Ward 13, Lackawanna1842New YorkMother-in-law
{Family 159}
Martin F
Surname listed Care
Scranton Ward 17, Lackawanna1852PennsylvaniaHead
{Family 160}
Surnames listed Care
New Castle Ward 4, Lawrence1886OhioRoomer
JessieNew Castle Ward 4, Lawrence1885OhioRoomer
Olive MNew Castle Ward 4, Lawrence1909West VirginiaRoomer
{Family 161}
Sarah Lebanon Ward 1, Lebanon1870PennsylvaniaDaughter
Marshall LLebanon Ward 1, Lebanon1870PennsylvaniaSon-in-law
{Family 162}
Edwin SLebanon Ward 4, Lebanon1852PennsylvaniaHead
EmmaLebanon Ward 4, Lebanon1856PennsylvaniaWife
Edwin ALebanon Ward 4, Lebanon1900PennsylvaniaSon
{Family 163}
Susan ALebanon Ward 4, Lebanon1847PennsylvaniaHead
Harry DLebanon Ward 4, Lebanon1882PennsylvaniaSon
Harriet ELebanon Ward 4, Lebanon1887PennsylvaniaDaughter
{Family 164}
Francis JAllentown Ward 8, Lehigh1867PennsylvaniaHead
JennieAllentown Ward 8, Lehigh1867PennsylvaniaWife
BessieAllentown Ward 8, Lehigh1892PennsylvaniaDaughter
ClarenceAllentown Ward 8, Lehigh1895PennsylvaniaSon
MabelAllentown Ward 8, Lehigh1899PennsylvaniaDaughter
LeonAllentown Ward 8, Lehigh1902PennsylvaniaSon
RaymondAllentown Ward 8, Lehigh1905PennsylvaniaSon
{Family 165}
Alvin LSlatington Ward 1, Lehigh1869PennsylvaniaHead
Daisy ESlatington Ward 1, Lehigh1873PennsylvaniaWife
Elwood GSlatington Ward 1, Lehigh1896PennsylvaniaSon
{Family 166}
David ADorranceton Ward 2, Luzerne1861PennsylvaniaHead
Sarah EDorranceton Ward 2, Luzerne1865PennsylvaniaWife
Aaron ODorranceton Ward 2, Luzerne1890PennsylvaniaSon
Leonora ADorranceton Ward 2, Luzerne1896PennsylvaniaDaughter
Melinda SDorranceton Ward 2, Luzerne1898PennsylvaniaDaughter
Leonard RDorranceton Ward 2, Luzerne1902PennsylvaniaSon
{Family 167}
FrankDorranceton Ward 4, Luzerne1876PennsylvaniaHead
AddieDorranceton Ward 4, Luzerne1877PennsylvaniaWife
IraDorranceton Ward 4, Luzerne1896PennsylvaniaSon
LeroyDorranceton Ward 4, Luzerne1897PennsylvaniaSon
MyrtleDorranceton Ward 4, Luzerne1899PennsylvaniaDaughter
RussellDorranceton Ward 4, Luzerne1901PennsylvaniaSon
HaroldDorranceton Ward 4, Luzerne1904PennsylvaniaSon
HazelDorranceton Ward 4, Luzerne1906PennsylvaniaDaughter
NormanDorranceton Ward 4, Luzerne1909PennsylvaniaSon
{Family 168}
Harry WHanover, Luzerne1876PennsylvaniaHead
EvaHanover, Luzerne1877PennsylvaniaWife
LydiaHanover, Luzerne1895PennsylvaniaDaughter
HowardHanover, Luzerne1899PennsylvaniaSon
StanleyHanover, Luzerne1903PennsylvaniaSon
Letha MayHanover, Luzerne1905PennsylvaniaDaughter
DelbertHanover, Luzerne1906PennsylvaniaSon
{Family 169}
JamesKingston Ward 1, Luzerne1862EnglandHead
AngelinaKingston Ward 1, Luzerne1851PennsylvaniaWife
George AKingston Ward 1, Luzerne1887PennsylvaniaSon
Pearl EKingston Ward 1, Luzerne1891PennsylvaniaDaughter
Stanley WKingston Ward 1, Luzerne1894PennsylvaniaSon
Emerson AKingston Ward 1, Luzerne1895PennsylvaniaSon
{Family 170}
HarryHazleton Ward 8, Luzerne1880PennsylvaniaHead
Florence IHazleton Ward 8, Luzerne1882PennsylvaniaWife
GladysHazleton Ward 8, Luzerne1905PennsylvaniaDaughter
Robert EHazleton Ward 8, Luzerne1908PennsylvaniaSon
{Family 171}
George AHuntington, Luzerne1860New YorkHead
Amy Huntington, Luzerne1864PennsylvaniaWife
RivaHuntington, Luzerne1900PennsylvaniaDaughter
{Family 172}
Stanley L
Surnames listed Care
Lehman, Luzerne1882PennsylvaniaHead51
Hafthah [Hannah]Lehman, Luzerne1866PennsylvaniaWife
Fred HLehman, Luzerne1910PennsylvaniaSon
{Family 173}
Carvin D [Calvin]
Surnames listed Cass
Jackson, Luzerne1863PennsylvaniaHead
AlvinaJackson, Luzerne1859PennsylvaniaWife
{Family 174}
Joseph A [Jasper]Jackson, Luzerne1843PennsylvaniaHead70
Elizabeth Jackson, Luzerne 1851PennsylvaniaWife
{Family 175}
Leon N Jackson, Luzerne1871PennsylvaniaHead70
MargaretJackson, Luzerne1870PennsylvaniaWife
{Family 176}
Almond GLake, Luzerne1855PennsylvaniaHead
OliveLake, Luzerne1858PennsylvaniaWife
Addie ELake, Luzerne1889PennsylvaniaDaughter
Mable PLake, Luzerne1895PennsylvaniaDaughter
Gerald WLake, Luzerne1898PennsylvaniaSon
{Family 177}
Obigal D [Abigal]Lake, Luzerne1850PennsylvaniaHead
{Family 178}
Oscar GLake, Luzerne1860PennsylvaniaHead
Amanda SLake, Luzerne1853PennsylvaniaWife
{Family 179}
Charley ELake, Luzerne1886PennsylvaniaHelp
{Family 180}
AlbertLarksville, Luzerne1880PennsylvaniaHead
May JLarksville, Luzerne1884PennsylvaniaWife
Donald LLarksville, Luzerne1909PennsylvaniaSon
RussellLarksville, Luzerne1881PennsylvaniaBrother
Lillian PLarksville, Luzerne1882PennsylvaniaSister-in-law
Katheleen MLarksville, Luzerne1906PennsylvaniaGreat Niece
Geraldine ELarksville, Luzerne1908PennsylvaniaGreat Niece

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