CASE Families living in Oregon in 1910.
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This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here.

NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 31}
J C DAshland Ward 3, Jackson1842IndianaHead
C DAshland Ward 3, Jackson1872NebraskaSon
{Family 32}
Ameth [Ansell] H
Surname listed Cass
Roxy, Jackson1877MichiganHead
{Family 33}
Theodore N
Surnames listed Cass
Klamath Falls Ward 3, Klamath 1864ConnecticutHead
Elin DKlamath Falls Ward 3, Klamath1869IllinoisWife
Theodore DKlamath Falls Ward 3, Klamath1895IllinoisSon
Austing MKlamath Falls Ward 3, Klamath1898CaliforniaSon
Kenneth TKlamath Falls Ward 3, Klamath1903New YorkSon
{Family 34}
Charles C Cottage Grove Ward 3, Lane1852IowaHead
{Family 35}
LeotaEast Cottage Grove, Lane 1892MichiganStepdaughter
{Family 36}
T Chlarmero [Tom]South Lebanon, Linn1858OregonHead228
CoraSouth Lebanon, Linn1867OregonWife
{Family 37}
LincolnSyracuse, Linn1863IllinoisHead
JosieSyracuse, Linn1875MissouriWife
VirlSyracuse, Linn1900OregonSon
MargaretSyracuse, Linn1902OregonDaughter
MervinSyracuse, Linn1909OregonSon
{Family 38}
M BTangent, Linn1837OhioHead
MartaTangent, Linn1838OhioWife
JennieTangent, Linn1863IowaDaughter
CharlieTangent, Linn1868CaliforniaSon
BertTangent, Linn1876CaliforniaSon
AdaTangent, Linn1880CaliforniaDaughter
FredTangent, Linn1884CaliforniaSon
FrankTangent, Linn1871CaliforniaSon
{Family 39}
DorwoodTangent, Linn1864IowaHead
LeoneTangent, Linn1872OregonWife
TressieTangent, Linn1900OregonDaughter
{Family 40}
George WButterville, Marion1861OregonHead
Clara EButterville, Marion1864OregonWife
Charles CButterville, Marion1889OregonSon
HaroldButterville, Marion1891OregonSon
Lundy MButterville, Marion1894OregonSon
RussellButterville, Marion1895OregonSon
Minnie RButterville, Marion1897OregonDaughter
CarlButterville, Marion1899OregonSon
ErselButterville, Marion1902OregonSon
AnnaButterville, Marion1907OregonDaughter
{Family 41}
Oscar BChemana, Marion1897AlaskaPupil77
Thomas CChemana, Marion1895AlaskaPupil77b
Dorothy LChemana, Marion1892AlaskaPupil85b
{Family 42}
Frank HSalem Ward 1, Marion1866MichiganHead
Marrion SSalem Ward 1, Marion1872AntarcticaWife
VanessaSalem Ward 1, Marion1901Canada EnglishDaughter
{Family 43}
Surname listed Page
Salem Ward 2, Marion1882U. S.Prisoner34
{Family 44}
Elizabeth RSalem Ward 4, Marion1859WisconsinMother
{Family 45}
Wm ESalem Ward 6, Marion1862Rhode IslandInmate
{Family 46}
E CWoodburn, Marion1869OhioHead
Mary EttaWoodburn, Marion1873OhioWife
LloydWoodburn, Marion1897OregonSon
Clifford SWoodburn, Marion1900OregonSon
MildredWoodburn, Marion1902OregonDaughter
Carl JWoodburn, Marion1905OregonSon
{Family 47}
Martin L
Surnames listed Oree
MT Vernon, Morrow1877South DakotaHead
Winnifred FMT Vernon, Morrow1877OregonWife
Allen LMT Vernon, Morrow1905OregonSon
Herold CMT Vernon, Morrow1906OregonSon
Mary FMT Vernon, Morrow1908OregonDaughter
{Family 48}
William JPortland Ward 2, Multnomah1862KentuckyLodger98b
{Family 49}
KennethPortland Ward 2, Multnomah1891WashingtonBoarder206
{Family 50}
Sarah EPortland Ward 2, Multnomah1888OhioBoarder
{Family 51}
MarthaPortland Ward 2, Multnomah1857VermontHead
SarahPortland Ward 2, Multnomah1859New HampshireSister
{Family 52}
F OPortland Ward 3, Multnomah1875OregonHead
MaryPortland Ward 3, Multnomah1879OregonWife
{Family 53}
Hebert W
Surnames listed Cose
Portland Ward 3, Multnomah1863IowaHead
Martha EPortland Ward 3, Multnomah1860IowaWife
{Family 54}
APortland Ward 4, Multnomah1877JapanLodger
{Family 55}
Jay L
Surname listed Cass
Portland Ward 4, Multnomah1882Canada Lodger
{Family 56}
R C Portland Ward 4, Multnomah1858New YorkHead
Robert APortland Ward 4, Multnomah1889OregonSon
BeatricePortland Ward 4, Multnomah1891IowaDaughter-in-law
{Family 57}
Frank RPortland Ward 4, Multnomah 1873CaliforniaLodger181b
{Family 58}
Fred WPortland Ward 4, Multnomah 1884OhioLodger
{Family 59}
George BPortland Ward 5, Multnomah1857IndianaLodger
{Family 60}
WillardPortland Ward 5, Multnomah1859OhioHead
Lucy MPortland Ward 5, Multnomah1867MissouriWife
MabelPortland Ward 5, Multnomah1888MissouriDaughter
EunicePortland Ward 5, Multnomah1890MissouriDaughter
MaryPortland Ward 5, Multnomah1893MissouriDaughter
RuthPortland Ward 5, Multnomah1895MissouriDaughter

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