CASE Families living in North Carolina in 1910.
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This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here.

NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 31}
Willim [William]Poplar Branch, Currituck 1873North CarolinaHead81 [see 1900
census pg 60b]
Abrans [Aleana] Poplar Branch, Currituck1876North CarolinaWife
George Poplar Branch, Currituck1896North CarolinaSon
Charles Poplar Branch, Currituck1899North CarolinaSon
Anna N Poplar Branch, Currituck1903North CarolinaDaughter
Gladys Poplar Branch, Currituck1906North CarolinaDaughter
{Family 32}
Joseph Poplar Branch, Currituck1875North CarolinaHead82b
Emily Poplar Branch, Currituck1885North CarolinaWife
William Poplar Branch, Currituck1907North CarolinaDaughter
Olivin [Olivia]Poplar Branch, Currituck1909North CarolinaDaughter
{Family 33}
Andrew P
Surnames listed Carr
Hot Springs, Madison1844North CarolinaHead
MaryHot Springs, Madison1855TennesseeWife
{Family 34}
James M Spring Creek, Madison 1847North CarolinaHead
Martha M Spring Creek, Madison1831North CarolinaWife
{Family 35}
Sarah E Spring Creek, Madison1850South CarolinaMother-in-law
{Family 36}
Justa [Gusta?]Carrs, Greene1878North CarolinaHead181
Haley J Carrs, Greene1880North CarolinaWife
{Family 37}
Mellie Hookerton, Greene1852North CarolinaHead
Hubert Hookerton, Greene1887North CarolinaSon
{Family 38}
C H Durham Ward 2, Durham1889ConnecticutHead
A E Durham Ward 2, Durham1892MassachusettsWife
{Family 39}
Hurbert C Durham Ward 3, Durham1889ConnecticutHead209b
Alta E Durham Ward 3, Durham1892MassachusettsDaughter
{Family 40}
Annie E [Surname Casey?]Winston, Forsyth1857North CarolinaWife45b
{Family 41}
James A Gastonia Ward 4, Gaston1867North CarolinaHead
Lula Gastonia Ward 4, Gaston1869North CarolinaWife
J Bynum Gastonia Ward 4, Gaston1891North CarolinaSon
Joseph M Gastonia Ward 4, Gaston1893North CarolinaSon
Thomas L Gastonia Ward 4, Gaston1895North CarolinaSon
Hobert Gastonia Ward 4, Gaston1900North CarolinaSon
Mattinell Gastonia Ward 4, Gaston1902North CarolinaDaughter
Ralph Gastonia Ward 4, Gaston1906North CarolinaSon
Clemmie Gastonia Ward 4, Gaston1892North CarolinaDaughter-in-law
{Family 42}
Thomas A
Surname listed Casey
Canton South Ward, Haywood1886North CarolinaBoarder
{Family 43}
James M Cecil, Haywood1855North CarolinaHead
Elizabeth A Cecil, Haywood1860North CarolinaWife
Lafayette L Cecil, Haywood1894North CarolinaSon
{Family 44}
Luther L
Surnames listed Carr
East Fork, Haywood1883North CarolinaHead
Ariena MEast Fork, Haywood1890North CarolinaWife
{Family 45}
Surname listed Cose
Waynesville North Ward, Haywood1867North CarolinaBrother
{Family 46}
Samuel G Bruce, Guilford1874North CarolinaHead
Kate Bruce, Guilford1888North CarolinaWife
Thomas F Bruce, Guilford1905North CarolinaSon
Nathaniel Bruce, Guilford1906North CarolinaSon
Ina P Bruce, Guilford1910North CarolinaDaughter
{Family 47}
Surnames listed Coor
Bruce, Guilford1859North CarolinaHead2
JennieBruce, Guilford1862North CarolinaWife
William HBruce, Guilford1892North CarolinaSon
EvaBruce, Guilford1894North CarolinaDaughter
MarideBruce, Guilford1897North CarolinaDaughter
HarveyBruce, Guilford1900North CarolinaSon
ZebBruce, Guilford1903North CarolinaSon
{Family 48}
Surnames listed Cose
Bruce, Guilford1857North CarolinaHead
MarthaBruce, Guilford1856North CarolinaWife
{Family 49}
James A J
Surnames listed Cass
Morehead, Guilford1862North CarolinaHead240
Mary L AMorehead, Guilford1864North CarolinaWife
Basa MaryMorehead, Guilford1886North CarolinaDaughter
Stephen EMorehead, Guilford1890North CarolinaSon
{Family 50}
Agnes B Greensboro Ward 2, Guilford1847North CarolinaHead101
Thomas E Greensboro Ward 2, Guilford1885North CarolinaSon
Roy B Greensboro Ward 2, Guilford1892North CarolinaSon
Willie B
Surname listed Lane
Greensboro Ward 2, Guilford1874North CarolinaDaughter
Naomi A Greensboro Ward 2, Guilford1882North CarolinaDaughter
{Family 51}
Charles Sr.Oak Ridge, Guilford1835North CarolinaHead
Jemma Oak Ridge, Guilford1846North CarolinaWife
{Family 52}
Charles R Oak Ridge, Guilford1875North CarolinaHead
Annie Oak Ridge, Guilford1878North CarolinaWife
Charles A Oak Ridge, Guilford1904North CarolinaSon
Lizzie Oak Ridge, Guilford1908North CarolinaDaughter
{Family 53}
Thomas E Blue Ridge, Henderson1860North CarolinaHead
Edith L Blue Ridge, Henderson1862North CarolinaWife
Eliza A Blue Ridge, Henderson1885North CarolinaDaughter
Leah E Blue Ridge, Henderson1891North CarolinaDaughter
Thomas E Blue Ridge, Henderson1892North CarolinaSon
William A Blue Ridge, Henderson1895North CarolinaSon
James H Blue Ridge, Henderson1899North CarolinaSon
Walter C Blue Ridge, Henderson1901North CarolinaSon
Margery O Blue Ridge, Henderson1904North CarolinaDaughter
{Family 54}
John B Blue Ridge, Henderson1888North CarolinaHead
Dora Blue Ridge, Henderson1889North CarolinaWife
Geneva Blue Ridge, Henderson1907North CarolinaDaughter
Pauline Blue Ridge, Henderson1908North CarolinaDaughter
{Family 55}
Jonathan Blue Ridge, Henderson1870North CarolinaHead
Julia Blue Ridge, Henderson1873North CarolinaWife
Horace Blue Ridge, Henderson1895North CarolinaSon
Blanche Blue Ridge, Henderson1897North CarolinaDaughter
Odessa Blue Ridge, Henderson1904North CarolinaDaughter
Rosalie Blue Ridge, Henderson1906North CarolinaDaughter
Sallie M Blue Ridge, Henderson1909North CarolinaDaughter
{Family 56}
James L Blue Ridge, Henderson1842North CarolinaHead
Bettie W Blue Ridge, Henderson1867North CarolinaWife
{Family 57}
Benjamin K Blue Ridge, Henderson1884North CarolinaHead
Ida B Blue Ridge, Henderson1886North CarolinaWife
Weldon T Blue Ridge, Henderson1904North CarolinaSon
Sinie I Blue Ridge, Henderson1908North CarolinaDaughter
Florence W Blue Ridge, Henderson1909North CarolinaDaughter
{Family 58}
Amanda Blue Ridge, Henderson1852North CarolinaHead
{Family 59}
Loretta Blue Ridge, Henderson1878North CarolinaDaughter
Dewey C Blue Ridge, Henderson1900North CarolinaGrandson
Robert S Blue Ridge, Henderson1902North CarolinaGrandson
{Family 60}
Andrew P Blue Ridge, Henderson1868North CarolinaHead
Ella J Blue Ridge, Henderson1885North CarolinaWife
Annie M Blue Ridge, Henderson1904North CarolinaDaughter
Andrew F Blue Ridge, Henderson1906North CarolinaSon
Caledona Blue Ridge, Henderson1908North CarolinaDaughter
Zilphie Blue Ridge, Henderson1833North CarolinaMother

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