CASE Families living in Missouri in 1910.
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This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here:

NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 91}
May BFort Osage, Jackson 1887MissouriServant
{Family 92}
J Fort Osage, Jackson 1858OhioHead
KateFort Osage, Jackson 1864MissouriWife
RobertFort Osage, Jackson 1884MissouriSon
BertFort Osage, Jackson 1886MissouriSon
GroverFort Osage, Jackson 1893MissouriSon
{Family 93}
RufusKansas Ward 4, Jackson 1886IllinoisBoarder
{Family 94}
IsaacKansas Ward 4, Jackson 1850 KentuckyHead
AugieKansas Ward 4, Jackson 1864MichiganWife
AdelbertKansas Ward 4, Jackson 1893IndianaSon
RichardKansas Ward 4, Jackson 1896IndianaSon
{Family 95}
DavidKansas Ward 5, Jackson 1862PennsylvaniaHead
MilliaKansas Ward 5, Jackson 1860PennsylvaniaWife
JuliaKansas Ward 5, Jackson 1889MissouriDaughter
EdithKansas Ward 5, Jackson 1893MissouriDaughter
SellaKansas Ward 5, Jackson 1892MissouriDaughter
{Family 96}
Viola Kansas Ward 10, Jackson 1881MissouriDaughter
Fremont AKansas Ward 10, Jackson 1905MissouriGrandson
{Family 97}
Vina BKansas Ward 10, Jackson 1882KansasRoomer
{Family 98}
LucindaKansas Ward 10, Jackson 1846MissouriMother
{Family 99}
George EKansas Ward 11, Jackson 1878MichiganStepson
{Family 100}
CharlesKansas Ward 11, Jackson 1902CaliforniaInmate142b
StellaKansas Ward 11, Jackson 1900MissouriInmate
MargaretKansas Ward 11, Jackson 1898MissouriInmate
{Family 101}
Surnames listed Cade
Kansas Ward 15, Jackson 1857EnglandHead
FredrickKansas Ward 15, Jackson 1887MissouriSon
{Family 102}
Joseph EKansas Ward 16, Jackson 1860New YorkHead
EllaKansas Ward 16, Jackson 1869IndianaWife
{Family 103}
J L Carterville Ward 1, Jasper 1855MissouriHead
Theresa MCarterville Ward 1, Jasper 1846MinnesotaWife
EthelCarterville Ward 1, Jasper 1889MissouriDaughter
GleunCarterville Ward 1, Jasper 1908MissouriSon
{Family 104}
Thomas J
Surnames listed Cass
Carthage Ward 2, Jasper 1878MissouriHead
Era MCarthage Ward 2, Jasper 1883MissouriWife
Ola MCarthage Ward 2, Jasper 1907MissouriDaughter
Alla FCarthage Ward 2, Jasper 1909MissouriDaughter
{Family 105}
Sarah M Carthage Ward 4, Jasper 1835 MassachusettsHead
{Family 106}
Surname listed Care
Joplin Ward 2, Jasper 1885IllinoisLodger
{Family 107}
Chas AJoplin Ward 2, Jasper 1882IllinoisBoarder
{Family 108}
HJoplin Ward 2, Jasper 1889USAHead
JennieJoplin Ward 2, Jasper 1887MissouriWife
HelenJoplin Ward 2, Jasper 1908MissouriDaughter
JohnJoplin Ward 2, Jasper 1880MissouriSon
{Family 109}
William SJoplin Ward 6, Jasper 1873MissouriHead
Kate EJoplin Ward 6, Jasper 1880MissouriWife
Ross EJoplin Ward 6, Jasper 1899MissouriSon
Myrtle SJoplin Ward 6, Jasper 1904MissouriSon
Edna JJoplin Ward 6, Jasper 1906MissouriDaughter
Floyd EJoplin Ward 6, Jasper 1908MissouriSon
{Family 110}
George AJoplin Ward 7, Jasper 1852MissouriHead
Nora MJoplin Ward 7, Jasper 1856IndianaWife
{Family 111}
J H Marion, Jasper 1849IndianaHead
Sarah EMarion, Jasper 1858IowaWife
George RMarion, Jasper 1883KansasSon
Gilbert WMarion, Jasper 1888KansasSon
Ella FMarion, Jasper 1890KansasDaughter
AnnaMarion, Jasper 1894KansasDaughter
{Family 112}
Nannie EMineral, Jasper 1870LouisianaHead
{Family 113}
John WProsperity, Jasper 1886 USAHead
Maggie MProsperity, Jasper 1891MissouriWife
William CProsperity, Jasper 1907MissouriSon
Grace FProsperity, Jasper 1909MissouriDaughter
{Family 114}
Earl AProsperity, Jasper 1888MissouriHead
MaryProsperity, Jasper 1889MissouriWife
Robert CProsperity, Jasper 1908MissouriSon
{Family 115}
Cortes a Chilhowee, Johnson 1841PennsylvaniaHead
Clarinda SChilhowee, Johnson 1841MichiganWife
{Family 116}
Thomas MJefferson, Johnson 1873MissouriHead167b
Mary JJefferson, Johnson 1873MissouriWife
Neickel J [Nicol I per 1920 census]Jefferson, Johnson 1901MissouriSon
LelaJefferson, Johnson 1904MissouriDaughter
Clifford MJefferson, Johnson 1906MissouriSon
{Family 117}
WilliamPost Oak, Johnson 1887MissouriHead
CoraPost Oak, Johnson 1893MissouriWife
{Family 118}
JanePost Oak, Johnson 1866MissouriServant
{Family 119}
Zopher Warrensburg Ward 2, Johnson 1848IllinoisHead
BlancheWarrensburg Ward 2, Johnson 1870MissouriWife
{Family 120}
James AEldridge, Laclede 1883MissouriHead

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