CASE Families living in Michigan in 1910.
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This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here.

NameLocation AgeBirth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 371}
Langdon Riley, St Clair1840CanadaHead
Emely Riley, St Clair1831New YorkWife
{Family 372}
Puntero E [Prentiss]
Surnames listed Carr
Yale Ward 2, St Clair1882IllinoisHead
Winnie Yale Ward 2, St Clair1882MichiganWife
Majorie Yale Ward 2, St Clair1906IndianaDaughter
Dorthy Yale Ward 2, St Clair1909MichiganDaughter
{Family 373}
Ensline A [Emaline]
Surname listed Cose
Colon, St Joseph1837MichiganHead
{Family 374}
Frances C [L] Nottawa, St Joseph1871MichiganCompanion
{Family 375}
MargretNottawa, St Joseph1846SwitzerlandBoarder
{Family 376}
George HSturgis, St Joseph1852MichiganHead
Florence LSturgis, St Joseph1890MichiganDaughter
Jay ESturgis, St Joseph1892MichiganSon
{Family 377}
Chatah [Cleotah] Sturgis Ward 1, St Joseph1884MichiganDaughter
{Family 378}
Glen WSturgis Ward 2, St Joseph1886OhioHead
CaraSturgis Ward 2, St Joseph1889OhioWife
ZelmaSturgis Ward 2, St Joseph1909MichiganAdopted Daughter
{Family 379}
Edward PThree Rivers Ward 1, St Joseph1869MichiganHead
Eva LThree Rivers Ward 1, St Joseph1872OhioWife
{Family 380}
Frank MThree Rivers Ward 1, St Joseph1862OhioHead
Flora MThree Rivers Ward 1, St Joseph1864PennsylvaniaWife
{Family 381}
AlbertMarion, Sanilac1851New YorkHead
ElizabethMarion, Sanilac1851CanadaWife
LauraMarion, Sanilac1889MichiganDaughter
WesleyMarion, Sanilac1893MichiganSon
{Family 382}
ClarenceMarlette, Sanilac1879MichiganHead
Myrtle Marlette, Sanilac1881MichiganWife
LavillaMarlette, Sanilac1906MichiganDaughter
{Family 383}
NathanGermfask, Schoolcraft1888CanadaHead
Margeret MGermfask, Schoolcraft1887CanadaWife
Freeman EGermfask, Schoolcraft1904CanadaSon
{Family 384}
Surname listed Care
Manistique Ward 1, Schoolcraft1846MichiganMother-in-law
{Family 385}
ClaranceCaledonia, Shiawassee1857MichiganSuperintendent
SarahCaledonia, Shiawassee1859MichiganWife
HowardCaledonia, Shiawassee1903MichiganSon
{Family 386}
Surname listed Cose
Owosso, Shiawassee1898Illinois? 130b
{Family 387}
Surnames listed Cass
Owosso Ward 5, Shiawassee1886MichiganHead
Mary L Owosso Ward 5, Shiawassee1885MichiganWife
Marie B Owosso Ward 5, Shiawassee1907MichiganDaughter
Lawrence Owosso Ward 5, Shiawassee1909MichiganSon
{Family 388}
Surnames listed Care
Owosso Ward 5, Shiawassee1872MichiganHead
Emma Owosso Ward 5, Shiawassee1878MichiganWife
Florence Owosso Ward 5, Shiawassee1898MichiganDaughter
George Owosso Ward 5, Shiawassee1902MichiganSon
Frederick Owosso Ward 5, Shiawassee1906MichiganSon
Albert Owosso Ward 5, Shiawassee1909MichiganSon
{Family 389}
WilliamPerry, Shiawassee1866New YorkHead
MablePerry, Shiawassee1869MichiganWife
{Family 390}
ThomasPerry, Shiawassee1851MichiganHead
LucyPerry, Shiawassee1856MichiganWife
{Family 391}
Gley W [Glen] Sciota, Shiawassee1882MichiganHead
{Family 392}
LucyShiawassee, Shiawassee1849MichiganHead
FrankShiawassee, Shiawassee1878MichiganSon
{Family 393}
Ayrus dD [Cyrus] Vernon, Shiawassee1852MichiganHead
Ella MVernon, Shiawassee1863MichiganWife
{Family 394}
Frank EColumbia, Tuscola 1852 MichiganHead
{Family 395}
PhebeDayton, Tuscola1870MichiganHead
WilmaDayton, Tuscola1892MichiganDaughter
BeatriceDayton, Tuscola1895MichiganDaughter
CharleyDayton, Tuscola1898MichiganSon
NewellDayton, Tuscola1906MichiganSon
EmilyDayton, Tuscola1909MichiganDaughter
{Family 396}
Ritchard Elmwood, Tuscola1860CanadaHead 156
Sarah JElmwood, Tuscola1868MichiganWife
JohnElmwood, Tuscola1893MichiganSon
{Family 397}
C HIndianfields, Tuscola1861CanadaHead
EuellaIndianfields, Tuscola1866MichiganWife
AltaIndianfields, Tuscola1887MichiganDaughter
EdnaIndianfields, Tuscola1889MichiganDaughter
VinaIndianfields, Tuscola1899MichiganDaughter
{Family 398}
George A
Surnames listed Cast
Indianfields, Tuscola1884MichiganHead
Maud A Indianfields, Tuscola1884MichiganWife
Jane Eula Indianfields, Tuscola1910MichiganDaughter
{Family 399}
John S Millington, Tuscola1841New YorkHead
Hattie HMillington, Tuscola1843MichiganWife
{Family 400}
HarveyMillington, Tuscola1876MichiganHead
Maud EMillington, Tuscola1878MichiganWife
Hershel CMillington, Tuscola1904MichiganSon
Leah EMillington, Tuscola1908MichiganDaughter

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