CASE Families living in Michigan in 1910.
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This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here.

NameLocation AgeBirth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 341}
Henry ABarton, Newaygo1859MichiganHead
Freda MBarton, Newaygo1875MichiganWife
HenryBarton, Newaygo1882MichiganSon
AnnaBarton, Newaygo1890MichiganDaughter
LeslieBarton, Newaygo1893MichiganSon
EllaBarton, Newaygo1899MichiganDaughter
LiddieBarton, Newaygo1903MichiganDaughter
{Family 342}
Charles W
Surnames listed Cass
Avon, Oakland 1870 MichiganHead 30
Crogis [Georgie]Avon, Oakland1873MichiganWife
Mason Avon, Oakland1900MichiganSon
Vern (Charles Vern) Avon, Oakland1905MichiganSon
{Family 343}
StanleyBloomfield, Oakland1877MichiganHead
JennieBloomfield, Oakland1876CanadaWife
{Family 344}
LymanHolly, Oakland1841MichiganHead
Jane CHolly, Oakland1851MichiganWife
{Family 345}
Ann W
Surname listed Ense
Holly, Oakland1832New YorkHead
{Family 346}
William MLyon, Oakland1854MichiganHead
Clara LLyon, Oakland1853MichiganWife
HarryLyon, Oakland1897MichiganGrandson
{Family 347}
George W
Surname listed Cora
Milford, Oakland1848New YorkHead
{Family 348}
Margaret AOrion, Oakland 1862 (1832)New YorkMother-in-law
{Family 349}
Joseph C
Surnames listed Core
Oxford, Oakland1844New JerseyHead
Charlott E Oxford, Oakland1848MichiganWife
{Family 350}
George W
Surnames listed Care
Oxford, Oakland 1880 CanadaHead
Sarah V Oxford, Oakland1862CanadaWife
William L Oxford, Oakland1884CanadaSon
Frank G Oxford, Oakland1891MichiganSon
Gladys E Oxford, Oakland1897MichiganDaughter
Chelma a Oxford, Oakland1906MichiganDaughter
{Family 351}
Surname listed Cose
Pontiac Ward 4, Oakland1840MichiganHead
{Family 352}
Surname listed Cass
Pontiac Ward 4, Oakland1875MichiganDaughter
{Family 353}
George MRose, Oakland1844MichiganHead
LouiseRose, Oakland1845MichiganWife
{Family 354}
DavidSouthfield, Oakland1855MichiganBoarder
{Family 355}
Jessie CSouthfield, Oakland1849MichiganFather-in-law
{Family 356}
CharlieWhite Lake, Oakland1886MichiganBoarder
{Family 357}
Charles FHersey, Osceola1895MichiganServant
{Family 358}
Carl SMarion, Osceola1867MichiganHead
Jennie SMarion, Osceola1868MichiganWife
Allin LMarion, Osceola1897MichiganDaughter
Hellen TMarion, Osceola1901MichiganDaughter
{Family 359}
Lenis [Lewis] Middle Branch, Osceola1872MichiganHead 158
KateMiddle Branch, Osceola1879GermanyWife
LeahMiddle Branch, Osceola1899MichiganDaughter
Dewcy [Dewey]Middle Branch, Osceola1902MichiganSon
Duane Middle Branch, Osceola1902MichiganSon
ClideMiddle Branch, Osceola1905MichiganSon
FlorinaMiddle Branch, Osceola1907MichiganDaughter
{Family 360}
DanielTallmadge, Ottawa1854OhioHead
EthelTallmadge, Ottawa1895MichiganDaughter
ViolaTallmadge, Ottawa1897MichiganDaughter
{Family 361}
Charles E
Surnames listed Cace
Case, Presque Isle1859MichiganHead 49
Dora Case, Presque Isle1858CanadaWife
Alton Case , Presque Isle1895MichiganSon
{Family 362}
RaySaginaw Ward 9, Saginaw1884MichiganBoarder
{Family 363}
John C
Surnames listed Carl
Saginaw Ward 11, Saginaw1866MichiganHead
Maria Saginaw Ward 11, Saginaw1867CanadaWife
Neta M Saginaw Ward 11, Saginaw1896MichiganDaughter
Bula B Saginaw Ward 11, Saginaw1898MichiganDaughter
Sela Saginaw Ward 11, Saginaw1907MichiganSon
{Family 364}
Surnames listed Care
Saginaw Ward 13, Saginaw1886MichiganHead
Elizabeth Saginaw Ward 13, Saginaw1884GermanyWife
Meline Saginaw Ward 13, Saginaw1908ColoradoSon
Ruth Saginaw Ward 13, Saginaw1909MichiganDaughter
{Family 365}
William Saginaw Ward 14, Saginaw1841IrelandHead
Elizabeth Saginaw Ward 14, Saginaw1842SwitzerlandWife
{Family 366}
Surnames listed Cose
Saginaw Ward 15, Saginaw1834New YorkHead
Phoebe E Saginaw Ward 15, Saginaw1848CanadaWife
{Family 367}
Winford [Winfred]
Surnames listed Care
Saginaw Ward 17, Saginaw1865PennsylvaniaHead
Caroline Saginaw Ward 17, Saginaw1867MichiganWife
Frederic Saginaw Ward 17, Saginaw1903MichiganSon
Fred E Saginaw Ward 17, Saginaw1835Rhode IslandFather
{Family 368}
Surnames listed Carr
Saginaw Ward 20, Saginaw1860MichiganHead
Lilly Saginaw Ward 20, Saginaw1863OhioWife
Neva Saginaw Ward 20, Saginaw1901MichiganDaughter
Laverna Saginaw Ward 20, Saginaw1893MichiganSon
Willie Saginaw Ward 20, Saginaw1896MichiganSon
{Family 369}
Surname listed Care
Berlin, St Clair1898MichiganStepson
{Family 370}
Hamer [Homer] Clay, St Clair1869New YorkHead 70
Minnie Clay, St Clair1879CanadaWife
MaeClay, St Clair1897CanadaDaughter
LintanClay, St Clair1898CanadaSon
LouisClay, St Clair1902CanadaSon
DaisyClay, St Clair1903CanadaDaughter

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