CASE Families living in Kentucky in 1910.
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This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here.

NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 31}
Surnames listed Cass
Brooksville, Bracken 1850KentuckyHead
Mary SBrooksville, Bracken 1855KentuckyWife
{Family 32}
William F
Surnames listed Coss
Brooksville, Bracken 1886KentuckyHead
GertrudeBrooksville, Bracken 1889KentuckyWife
Eva LBrooksville, Bracken 1908KentuckyDaughter
{Family 33}
WalterBrooksville, Bracken 1877KentuckyHead
Minnie MBrooksville, Bracken 1885KentuckyWife
Anna LBrooksville, Bracken 1903KentuckyDaughter
{Family 34}
NormanBrooksville, Bracken 1876KentuckyHead
LidaBrooksville, Bracken 1883KentuckyWife
HermanBrooksville, Bracken 1899KentuckySon
BurdettBrooksville, Bracken 1901KentuckyDaughter
Ethel MBrooksville, Bracken 1905KentuckyDaughter
{Family 35}
David CBrooksville, Bracken 1879KentuckyHead
Hallie EBrooksville, Bracken 1883KentuckyWife
HazelBrooksville, Bracken 1905KentuckyDaughter
LutherBrooksville, Bracken 1907KentuckySon
DonaldBrooksville, Bracken 1909KentuckySon
{Family 36}
PearlBrooksville, Bracken 1873KentuckyHead
Ida MBrooksville, Bracken 1872KentuckyWife
OttaBrooksville, Bracken 1896KentuckyDaughter
GertrudeBrooksville, Bracken 1898KentuckyDaughter
CoraBrooksville, Bracken 1899KentuckyDaughter
EarlBrooksville, Bracken 1901KentuckySon
Teresa ABrooksville, Bracken 1902KentuckyDaughter
Charles EBrooksville, Bracken 1905KentuckySon
Mary LBrooksville, Bracken 1908KentuckyDaughter
CorlieBrooksville, Bracken 1909KentuckySon
{Family 37}
James BBrooksville, Bracken 1837KentuckyHead
CarolinaBrooksville, Bracken 1837KentuckyWife
{Family 38}
LawrenceBrooksville, Bracken 1868KentuckyHead
AmandaBrooksville, Bracken 1873KentuckyWife
LestieBrooksville, Bracken 1891KentuckySon
BlanchBrooksville, Bracken 1893KentuckyDaughter
CalvertBrooksville, Bracken 1895KentuckySon
StanleyBrooksville, Bracken 1897KentuckySon
KelsieBrooksville, Bracken 1900KentuckySon
{Family 39}
JamesDriskill, Bracken 1847KentuckyFather-in-law
{Family 40}
Surnames listed Carr
Driskill, Bracken 1875KentuckyHead201b
KateDriskill, Bracken 1876KentuckyWife
GladysDriskill, Bracken 1896KentuckyDaughter
KellieDriskill, Bracken 1900KentuckySon
DollasDriskill, Bracken 1903KentuckyDaughter
Louie EDriskill, Bracken 1908KentuckySon
{Family 41}
ThomasDriskill, Bracken 1861KentuckyHead
MaryDriskill, Bracken 1860KentuckyWife
Tim ADriskill, Bracken 1889KentuckySon
HobertDriskill, Bracken 1892KentuckySon
GladysDriskill, Bracken 1904KentuckyGranddaughter
{Family 42}
GeorgeDriskill, Bracken 1866KentuckyHead
MaggieDriskill, Bracken 1868KentuckyWife
RuthDriskill, Bracken 1900KentuckyDaughter
AliceDriskill, Bracken 1907KentuckyDaughter
{Family 43}
MinervaDistrict 3, Bracken 1834KentuckyHead
NellieDistrict 3, Bracken 1892KentuckyGranddaughter
{Family 44}
MortDistrict 3, Bracken 1854KentuckyHead
LauraDistrict 3, Bracken 1864KentuckyWife
MaymeDistrict 3, Bracken 1892KentuckyDaughter
BertelleDistrict 3, Bracken 1895KentuckyDaughter
Willie BDistrict 3, Bracken 1898KentuckySon
{Family 45}
Ollie HDistrict 3, Bracken 1871 KentuckyHead
ElizabethDistrict 3, Bracken 1880KentuckyWife
HowardDistrict 3, Bracken 1902KentuckySon
{Family 46}
Kerry [Perry]
Surnames listed Care
District 4, Bracken 1876KentuckyHead
EmmaDistrict 4, Bracken 1884KentuckyWife
RaleighDistrict 4, Bracken 1906KentuckySon
GarrettDistrict 4, Bracken 1907KentuckySon
{Family 47}
Zephennier [Zephaniah]District 4, Bracken 1833KentuckyHead237
Martha ADistrict 4, Bracken 1840KentuckyWife
ElizabethDistrict 4, Bracken 1870KentuckyDaughter
{Family 48}
Abeert S [Albert]District 4, Bracken 1861KentuckyHead238
LouisaDistrict 4, Bracken 1861KentuckyWife
{Family 49}
OctavusDistrict 4, Bracken 1884KentuckyHead238
AnnieDistrict 4, Bracken 1886KentuckyWife
OdusDistrict 4, Bracken 1906KentuckySon
PrestonDistrict 4, Bracken 1909KentuckySon
{Family 50}
Joa [Ira]District 4, Bracken 1878KentuckyHead239
LizaDistrict 4, Bracken 1881KentuckyWife
GuyDistrict 4, Bracken 1903KentuckyDaughter
FlorineDistrict 4, Bracken 1905KentuckyDaughter
{Family 51}
John TDistrict 4, Bracken 1857KentuckyBoarder
{Family 52}
Surname listed Carl
District 4, Bracken 1838KentuckyHead
{Family 53}
VinceDistrict 5, Bracken 1847KentuckyHead
MerialDistrict 5, Bracken 1849KentuckyWife
{Family 54}
JamesJohnsville, Bracken 1873KentuckyHead
LouvinaJohnsville, Bracken 1875KentuckyWife
MaryJohnsville, Bracken 1896KentuckyDaughter
ClarenceJohnsville, Bracken 1906OhioSon
{Family 55}
JohnJohnsville, Bracken 1868KentuckyHead
CindaJohnsville, Bracken 1871KentuckyWife
GertieJohnsville, Bracken 1893KentuckyDaughter
PhilipJohnsville, Bracken 1898KentuckySon
{Family 56}
Milissa S [Melissa]Johnsville, Bracken 1852KentuckySister-in-law
{Family 57}
Millard FDistrict 8, Bracken 1881KentuckyHead
Clara EDistrict 8, Bracken 1878KentuckyWife
{Family 58}
John EDistrict 8, Bracken 1850KentuckyHired Man
{Family 59}
Margarett Newport Ward 2, Campbell 1848KentuckyHead
Eva MNewport Ward 2, Campbell 1860KentuckySister
{Family 60}
CarrieNewport Ward 4, Campbell 1867IndianaHead
MessillaNewport Ward 4, Campbell 1890KentuckyDaughter
GertrudeNewport Ward 4, Campbell 1891KentuckyDaughter
EvaNewport Ward 4, Campbell 1893KentuckyDaughter
JosephNewport Ward 4, Campbell 1896KentuckySon
ElmerNewport Ward 4, Campbell 1898KentuckySon
EdwardNewport Ward 4, Campbell 1900KentuckySon

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