CASE Families living in Kansas in 1910.
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This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here:

NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 31}
Claude M
Surname listed Cose
Arkansas City Ward 3, Cowley 1893KansasNephew
{Family 32}
MaryArkansas City Ward 4, Cowley 1891KansasSister-in-law71b
{Family 33}
Charles EBolton, Cowley 1866IndianaHead
Katie CBolton, Cowley 1867KansasWife
Harriet EBolton, Cowley 1889KansasDaughter
Naoma MBolton, Cowley 1898KansasDaughter
Goldie RBolton, Cowley 1900KansasDaughter
Charles FBolton, Cowley 1904KansasSon
{Family 34}
William LRichland, Cowley 1863IowaHead
CarrieRichland, Cowley 1867IowaWife
GladisRichland, Cowley 1897OklahomaDaughter
MaryRichland, Cowley 1903KansasDaughter
DorisRichland, Cowley 1904KansasDaughter
{Family 35}
Carah J
Surname listed Carr
Vernon, Cowley 1837OhioMother
{Family 36}
ChanceyWinfield Ward 1, Cowley 1861WisconsinHead
Elizabeth JWinfield Ward 1, Cowley 1838OhioWife
{Family 37}
Henry GWinfield Ward 2, Cowley 1859IllinoisHead
Clara MWinfield Ward 2, Cowley 1861IllinoisWife
{Family 38}
Charles HCrawford, Crawford 1856OhioHead
Mary KateCrawford, Crawford 1860IllinoisWife
{Family 39}
Joseph E KentnerGirard, Crawford 1875LouisianaServant
{Family 40}
Benjiman FGirard, Crawford 1880NebraskaHead
BlanchGirard, Crawford 1881NebraskaWife
WalterGirard, Crawford 1904KansasSon
{Family 41}
Edgar RPittsburg Ward 1, Crawford 1876IndianaHead
Minnie MPittsburg Ward 1, Crawford 1883IndianaWife
Roy EPittsburg Ward 1, Crawford 1905IndianaSon
Ralph WPittsburg Ward 1, Crawford 1908ColoradoSon
Dorothy EmmaPittsburg Ward 1, Crawford 1910KansasDaughter
RubyPittsburg Ward 1, Crawford 1893KansasSister
{Family 42}
JohnPittsburg Ward 2, Crawford 1889IndianaSon
{Family 43}
Surnames listed Carl
Iowa, Doniphan 1855OhioHead
Harriet AIowa, Doniphan 1855OhioWife
HelenIowa, Doniphan 1892KansasDaughter
{Family 44}
Edward CWayne, Doniphan 1872KansasHead
Mabel LWayne, Doniphan 1878KansasWife
LucileWayne, Doniphan 1898NebraskaDaughter
EdwardWayne, Doniphan 1900KansasSon
Byron DWayne, Doniphan 1902NebraskaSon
MabelWayne, Doniphan 1903NebraskaDaughter
James WWayne, Doniphan 1905NebraskaSon
BessieWayne, Doniphan 1907KansasDaughter
Benjamin WWayne, Doniphan 1909KansasSon
{Family 45}
John BAbilene Ward 2, Dickinson 1849New YorkHead
Anna AAbilene Ward 2, Dickinson 1856IllinoisWife
{Family 46}
Charles AAbilene Ward 2, Dickinson 1879KansasHead
Georgina HAbilene Ward 2, Dickinson 1883IllinoisWife
{Family 47}
FrederickEmpire, Ellsworth 1890KansasBoarder
{Family 48}
S WPomona, Franklin 1846IndianaHead
Emma KPomona, Franklin 1856IllinoisWife
{Family 49}
Charles WJunction City Ward 4, Geary 1868?Head
Addie KJunction City Ward 4, Geary 1871KansasWife
Nora AJunction City Ward 4, Geary 1891KansasDaughter
Letha MJunction City Ward 4, Geary 1894KansasDaughter
Katharine DJunction City Ward 4, Geary 1900KansasDaughter
Raymond SJunction City Ward 4, Geary 1905NebraskaSon
{Family 50}
JohnBryant, Graham 1866KansasHead
AddaBryant, Graham 1856KansasWife
RoyBryant, Graham 1893KansasSon
ChesterBryant, Graham 1896KansasSon
{Family 51}
Surname listed Cose
Eureka Ward 1, Greenwood 1847WisconsinHead
{Family 52}
Surnames listed Call
Fall River, Greenwood 1858WisconsinHead
Minnie EFall River, Greenwood 1867New YorkWife
Clara HFall River, Greenwood 1901KansasDaughter
Edea SFall River, Greenwood 1908KansasDaughter
{Family 53}
Robert LSedgwick, Harvey 1870KentuckyHead
Anne MSedgwick, Harvey 1879IllinoisWife
Ivan LSedgwick, Harvey 1900IllinoisSon
{Family 54}
William JCheyenne, Lane 1880MissouriLodger
{Family 55}
Surnames listed Carr
Nortonville, Jefferson 1836New YorkHead
EmilyNortonville, Jefferson 1840OhioWife
{Family 56}
George HCenter, Jewell 1842OhioHead
Hattie SCenter, Jewell 1873IowaDaughter
Georgene MCenter, Jewell 1890KansasDaughter
{Family 57}
SylvesterGrant, Jewell 1881WisconsinHead
BessieGrant, Jewell 1886KansasWife
LeoGrant, Jewell 1906KansasSon
RexGrant, Jewell 1908KansasSon
{Family 58}
Surname listed Care
Aubry, Johnson 1893MissouriHired Man
{Family 59}
Marcus L
Surnames listed Cass
Aubry, Johnson 1867KansasHead
OraAubry, Johnson 1877KansasWife
Marrion MAubry, Johnson 1894KansasSon
Arthur MAubry, Johnson 1906KansasSon
{Family 60}
Surnames listed Care
Olathe Ward 1, Johnson 1868KansasHead
MableOlathe Ward 1, Johnson 1872KansasWife

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