CASE Families living in Indiana in 1910.
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This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here:

NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 211}
MikeJamestown, Steuben 1860IndianaHead
ElnoraJamestown, Steuben 1865IndianaSister
{Family 212}
William WJamestown, Steuben 1831New YorkHead
Sarah JJamestown, Steuben 1832OhioWife
{Family 213}
William J Millgrove, Steuben 1865OhioHead
Cora Millgrove, Steuben 1870IndianaWife
Calia R Millgrove, Steuben 1892IndianaDaughter
Willma E Millgrove, Steuben 1893IndianaDaughter
Russell B Millgrove, Steuben 1895IndianaSon
Caryl W Millgrove, Steuben 1898IndianaDaughter
Roberta K Millgrove, Steuben 1904IndianaDaughter
{Family 214}
Florrie A [Flossie]
Surname listed Carr
Otsego, Steuben 1889MichiganServant
{Family 215}
SophroniaPleasant, Steuben 1846GermanyAunt
{Family 216}
DenmanPleasant, Steuben 1847IndianaHead
MariettPleasant, Steuben 1854IndianaWife
GroverPleasant, Steuben 1893IndianaSon
{Family 217}
William DPleasant, Steuben 1850OhioNephew
{Family 218}
MildredRichland, Steuben 1890OhioSister-in-law
{Family 219}
Ora FSteuben, Steuben 1875IndianaHead
NannySteuben, Steuben 1878IndianaWife
AileenSteuben, Steuben 1907IndianaDaughter
{Family 220}
Garr WSteuben, Steuben 1885IndianaHead
AmySteuben, Steuben 1886IndianaWife
BeatriceSteuben, Steuben 1906IndianaDaughter
{Family 221}
Jane CCurry, Sullivan 1836IndianaHead
CoraCurry, Sullivan 1869IndianaDaughter
{Family 222}
JobHamilton, Sullivan 1856IndianaHead
Mary JHamilton, Sullivan 1861IndianaWife
{Family 223}
James H Hamilton, Sullivan 1871IndianaHead
Evaline R Hamilton, Sullivan 1870IndianaWife
Inez E Hamilton, Sullivan 1895IndianaDaughter
{Family 224}
Charles AJackson, Sullivan 1893IndianaServant
{Family 225}
William MJackson, Sullivan 1865IndianaHead
MariettaJackson, Sullivan 1866IndianaWife
CecileJackson, Sullivan 1896IndianaDaughter
FloydJackson, Sullivan 1902IndianaSon
{Family 226}
IrvingLafayette Ward 6, Tippecanoe 1886KentuckyHead
AnnaLafayette Ward 6, Tippecanoe 1881GermanyWife
ElenerLafayette Ward 6, Tippecanoe 1908IndianaSon
LeroyLafayette Ward 6, Tippecanoe 1909IndianaSon
{Family 227}
Mary Tippecanoe, Tippecanoe 1838KentuckyHead110b
Paul C Tippecanoe, Tippecanoe 1894IllinoisGrandson
Opal E Tippecanoe, Tippecanoe 1897IndianaGranddaughter
{Family 228}
George WWabash, Tippecanoe 1880IndianaHead
GeorgiaWabash, Tippecanoe 1883IndianaWife
{Family 229}
Lewis WLiberty Ward 1, Union 1863OhioHead
Rosetta ELiberty Ward 1, Union 1865IndianaWife
Estella CLiberty Ward 1, Union 1890OhioDaughter
Jessie MLiberty Ward 1, Union 1899OhioDaughter
{Family 230}
Bessie Liberty Ward 3, Union 1895IndianaCompanion
{Family 231}
Abe JEvansville Ward 3, Vanderburgh 1863IndianaStep Son
{Family 232}
Harry Evansville Ward 3, Vanderburgh 1867IllinoisHead
JennyEvansville Ward 3, Vanderburgh 1861KentuckyWife
{Family 233}
SophiaEvansville Ward 7, Vanderburgh 1867IndianaInmate
{Family 234}
LolaClinton, Vermillion 1896IndianaBoarder
{Family 235}
Nellie MVermillion, Vermillion 1880IndianaDaughter
WilburVermillion, Vermillion 1908IndianaGrandson
{Family 236}
WmFayette, Vigo 1833IndianaFather-in-law
DelilahFayette, Vigo 1831KentuckyMother-in-law
{Family 237}
IsaacFayette, Vigo 1878IndianaHead
ClaraFayette, Vigo 1882IndianaWife
HubertFayette, Vigo 1902IndianaSon
MayFayette, Vigo 1904IndianaDaughter
ArthurFayette, Vigo 1907IndianaSon
UnaFayette, Vigo 1907IndianaDaughter
JoeFayette, Vigo 1909IndianaSon
{Family 238}
FredLinton, Vigo 1876IndianaHead
ZellaLinton, Vigo 1885IndianaWife
Meston HLinton, Vigo 1907IndianaSon
{Family 239}
Atis A
Surnames listed Cose
Linton, Vigo 1871IndianaHead
Ada BLinton, Vigo 1871IndianaWife
Verna GLinton, Vigo 1895IndianaSon
Viannan GLinton, Vigo 1897IndianaDaughter
Irnade HLinton, Vigo 1901IndianaDaughter
Otis A Cose JR.Linton, Vigo 1903IndianaSon
Ernest WLinton, Vigo 1905IndianaSon
Vera MLinton, Vigo 1907IndianaDaughter
JessieLinton, Vigo 1909IndianaDaughter
{Family 240}
James D CaseTerre Haute Ward 2, Vigo 1865IllinoisHead88
Surnames listed Cass
Terre Haute Ward 2, Vigo 1875IllinoisWife88b
Clyne WTerre Haute Ward 2, Vigo 1893IllinoisSon
Allen M Terre Haute Ward 2, Vigo 1903IllinoisSon
Helen D Terre Haute Ward 2, Vigo 1908IllinoisDaughter

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