CASE Families living in Indiana in 1910.
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This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here:

NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 151}
Callie JWayne, Marion 1872IndianaHead
AddieWayne, Marion 1869IndianaWife
Mollie EWayne, Marion 1893IndianaDaughter
{Family 152}
Lannie Wayne, Marion 1864MichiganMother-in-law
{Family 153}
FlorenceWayne, Marion 1894OhioInmate
{Family 154}
William D
Surnames listed Care
Woodruff Place Ward 3, Marion 1862IndianaHead53
Marine[Minnie]Woodruff Place Ward 3, Marion 1872IndianaWife
{Family 155}
Jone [Jane]Bourbon Ward 3, Marshall 1835IndianaMother
{Family 156}
William FLost River, Martin 1850KentuckyHead
Mary ALost River, Martin 1856IndianaWife
GeorgeLost River, Martin 1874IndianaSon
{Family 157}
Anna LLost River, Martin 1900IndianaGranddaughter
LenaLost River, Martin 1905IndianaGranddaughter
{Family 158}
MarthaPerry, Martin 1845IndianaHead143
Frank C
Surnames listed Care
Perry, Martin 1877IndianaSon
CatherinePerry, Martin 1877IndianaDaughter-in-law
{Family 159}
OnisAllen, Miami 1846OhioHead
Rhoda AAllen, Miami 1848IndianaWife
RollaAllen, Miami 1872IndianaSon
{Family 160}
Georgie [Georgia]Jefferson, Miami 1892IndianaNone16b
{Family 161}
Albert DPeru Ward 1, Miami 1904IndianaGrandson
Wallace WPeru Ward 1, Miami 1851USASon-in-law
{Family 162}
Surnames listed Care
Peru Ward 3, Miami 1875MichiganHead
MauerPeru Ward 3, Miami 1879IndianaWife
GeorgePeru Ward 3, Miami 1895IndianaSon
JamesPeru Ward 3, Miami 1901IndianaSon
EleenPeru Ward 3, Miami 1903IndianaDaughter
{Family 163}
Surnames listed Care
Peru Ward 3, Miami 1888IndianaHead
Lula KPeru Ward 3, Miami 1892IndianaWife
{Family 164}
Georgia EPeru Ward 4, Miami 1872IndianaDaughter143
Leaure L [Lesure L]Peru Ward 4, Miami 1859IndianaSon-in-law
Andrew WPeru Ward 4, Miami 1899IndianaGrandson
{Family 165}
John LClark, Montgomery 1858IndianaHead
Susan EClark, Montgomery 1868IndianaWife
Roy LClark, Montgomery 1896IndianaSon
{Family 166}
JoeClark, Montgomery 1890IndianaHead
{Family 167}
SarahMadison, Morgan 1853IndianaMother-in-law
{Family 168}
EdwardIroquois, Newton 1867IllinoisBoarder
{Family 169}
Viva AGreen, Noble 1906IndianaGranddaughter
{Family 170}
Cleston M Kendallville Ward 3, Noble 1851IndianaHead
Mary AKendallville Ward 3, Noble 1856IndianaWife
{Family 171}
Surnames listed Cass
Ligonier Ward 3, Noble 1871MichiganHead137b
Clora [Clara]Ligonier Ward 3, Noble 1873IndianaWife
EvertLigonier Ward 3, Noble 1897IndianaSon
ClarenceLigonier Ward 3, Noble 1899IndianaSon
MarrieLigonier Ward 3, Noble 1901IndianaSon
LecyLigonier Ward 3, Noble 1903IndianaSon
MildredLigonier Ward 3, Noble 1905IndianaDaughter
DonaldLigonier Ward 3, Noble 1907IndianaSon
{Family 172}
Perry AOrange, Noble 1837PennsylvaniaHead
Amanda MOrange, Noble 1846IndianaWife
Charles MOrange, Noble 1874OhioSon
Aline BOrange, Noble 1878IndianaDaughter
CarlOrange, Noble 1904IndianaGrandson
{Family 173}
Ellen P [Ellery]Swan, Noble 1877OhioHead
JinnieSwan, Noble 1878IllinoisWife
MarySwan, Noble 1904IndianaDaughter
AnnaSwan, Noble 1905IndianaDaughter
LeeSwan, Noble 1908IndianaSon
EvaSwan, Noble 1909IndianaDaughter
{Family 174}
JohnFrench Lick, Orange 1856IndianaHead
MargareteFrench Lick, Orange 1861IndianaWife
Lee RFrench Lick, Orange 1884IndianaSon
HarryFrench Lick, Orange 1891IndianaSon
OliverFrench Lick, Orange 1893IndianaSon
EverittFrench Lick, Orange 1897IndianaSon
Sadie MFrench Lick, Orange 1900IndianaDaughter
Fronie EFrench Lick, Orange 1903IndianaDaughter
{Family 175}
LesterFrench Lick, Orange 1889IndianaHead
MargarettFrench Lick, Orange 1851IndianaMother
WilliamFrench Lick, Orange 1884IndianaBrother
John TFrench Lick, Orange 1887IndianaBrother
{Family 176}
Surnames listed Cass
French Lick, Orange 1881IndianaHead
CherryFrench Lick, Orange 1890IndianaWife
{Family 177}
William HFrench Lick, Orange 1882IndianaHead
Coye EFrench Lick, Orange 1879IndianaWife
Gilbert EFrench Lick, Orange 1906IndianaSon
Nora AFrench Lick, Orange 1908IndianaDaughter
Lora BFrench Lick, Orange 1910IndianaDaughter
{Family 178}
James WFrench Lick, Orange 1878IndianaHead39b
BessieFrench Lick, Orange 1879IndianaWife
Ethel MFrench Lick, Orange 1895IndianaNiece
Descoe AFrench Lick, Orange 1898IndianaNephew
{Family 179}
Frank B
Surnames listed Cass
French Lick, Orange 1880IndianaHead
Surnames listed Cass
French Lick, Orange 1878IndianaWife
OpalFrench Lick, Orange 1906IndianaDaughter
HomerFrench Lick, Orange 1908IndianaSon
{Family 180}
Samuel OJackson, Orange 1892IndianaGrandson

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