CASE Families living in Indiana in 1910.
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This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here:

NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 61}
Harry WHenry, Fulton 1860OhioHead
EllaHenry, Fulton 1867OhioWife
Winifred BHenry, Fulton 1892IndianaDaughter
Lucile MHenry, Fulton 1895IndianaDaughter
{Family 62}
EdHenry, Fulton 1868IndianaHead
Maggie LHenry, Fulton 1873IndianaWife
Ruth JHenry, Fulton 1893IndianaDaughter
{Family 63}
AugustusHenry, Fulton 1833OhioHead
MinnieHenry, Fulton 1865OhioDaughter
{Family 64}
William HMontgomery, Gibson 1857MissouriHead
EllenMontgomery, Gibson 1866IndianaWife
Rollie JMontgomery, Gibson 1895IllinoisSon
Zelia OMontgomery, Gibson 1897IndianaSon
Nellie PMontgomery, Gibson 1902IndianaDaughter
Melvin JMontgomery, Gibson 1907IndianaSon
Alva LMontgomery, Gibson 1910IndianaSon
{Family 65}
Glen OMontgomery, Gibson 1872IllinoisHead
MayMontgomery, Gibson 1881IndianaWife
Neta OMontgomery, Gibson 1897IndianaDaughter
Clarence WMontgomery, Gibson 1902IndianaSon
Melvin MMontgomery, Gibson 1905IndianaSon
Earnest MMontgomery, Gibson 1908IndianaSon
{Family 66}
Charles GLiberty, Grant 1869OhioHired Man
{Family 67}
LouisMarion Ward 1, Grant 1876IndianaHead
BessieMarion Ward 1, Grant 1884IndianaWife
AldineMarion Ward 1, Grant 1902IndianaSon
MableMarion Ward 1, Grant 1900IndianaDaughter
{Family 68}
Charles RMarion Ward 2, Grant 1863IndianaHead
Dortha AMarion Ward 2, Grant 1875IndianaWife
Datha TMarion Ward 2, Grant 1908IndianaDaughter
{Family 69}
MaryMarion Ward 3, Grant 1850IndianaHead106
Frine [Frone]Marion Ward 3, Grant 1856IndianaSister
AliceMarion Ward 3, Grant 1864IndianaSister
CelestaMarion Ward 3, Grant 1871IndianaSister
{Family 70}
La Rue Marion Ward 3, Grant 1852IndianaHead106
MariettaMarion Ward 3, Grant 1859IndianaWife
EthelMarion Ward 3, Grant 1883IndianaDaughter
ElmiraMarion Ward 3, Grant 1888IndianaDaughter
{Family 71}
John HMarion Ward 3, Grant 1845IndianaHead
Verginia LMarion Ward 3, Grant 1850VirginiaWife
FlorenceMarion Ward 3, Grant 1879IndianaDaughter
BesseeMarion Ward 3, Grant 1884IndianaDaughter
HelenMarion Ward 3, Grant 1885IndianaDaughter
{Family 72}
Chas CAdams, Hamilton 1885IndianaHead
Maude EAdams, Hamilton 1883IndianaWife
{Family 73}
CommieJackson, Hamilton 1873IndianaHead
StellaJackson, Hamilton 1880OhioWife
{Family 74}
Surnames listed Cass
Jackson, Hamilton 1843OhioHead
Sarah JJackson, Hamilton 1848OhioWife
{Family 75}
William JJackson, Hamilton 1863IndianaBrother-in-law
{Family 76}
Vicent [Vincent]Jackson, Hamilton 1856IndianaHead
Amelia FJackson, Hamilton 1854IndianaWife
Della BJackson, Hamilton 1891IndianaDaughter
{Family 77}
Fred AJackson, Hamilton 1879IndianaHead
Maud IJackson, Hamilton 1885IndianaWife
{Family 78}
Minnie ANoblesville Ward 2, Hamilton 1876IndianaHead
MabelNoblesville Ward 2, Hamilton 1881IndianaSister
PameliaNoblesville Ward 2, Hamilton 1884IndianaSister
{Family 79}
HowellNoblesville Ward 3, Hamilton 1882IndianaHead
LinnaNoblesville Ward 3, Hamilton 1886IndianaWife
DelbertNoblesville Ward 3, Hamilton 1904IndianaSon
MaryNoblesville Ward 3, Hamilton 1906IndianaDaughter
MyrtleNoblesville Ward 3, Hamilton 1908IndianaDaughter
AnselNoblesville Ward 3, Hamilton 1909IndianaSon
{Family 80}
Laos M [Lucy]
Surname listed Cass
Greenfield Ward 1, Hancock 1842IndianaMother
{Family 81}
Mary ATaylor, Harrison 1838IndianaHead
{Family 82}
TheodoreTaylor, Harrison 1858IndianaHead
Hattie BTaylor, Harrison 1864IndianaWife
Joseph OTaylor, Harrison 1885IndianaSon
Maggie ETaylor, Harrison 1891IndianaDaughter
Anne ETaylor, Harrison 1895IndianaDaughter
Nellie PTaylor, Harrison 1896IndianaDaughter
Jesse LTaylor, Harrison 1900IndianaSon
Roy HTaylor, Harrison 1903IndianaSon
{Family 83}
OrpheusCenter, Hendricks 1879IndianaHead36b
MurlCenter, Hendricks 1886IndianaSister
{Family 84}
Thomas HEel River, Hendricks 1846IndianaHead
LueEel River, Hendricks 1851IndianaWife
LouiseEel River, Hendricks 1870IndianaSon
{Family 85}
PeterMiddle, Hendricks 1838OhioHead
RosannaMiddle, Hendricks 1844IndianaWife
RuthMiddle, Hendricks 1884IndianaDaughter
{Family 86}
Beulah M Kokomo Ward 5, Howard 1905IndianaStep Daughter
{Family 87}
James WUnion, Howard 1878IndianaHead
LibbieUnion, Howard 1880IndianaWife
PaulUnion, Howard 1904West VirginiaSon
William KUnion, Howard 1906IndianaSon
Esak EUnion, Howard 1908IndianaDaughter
{Family 88}
William TLancaster, Huntington 1853IndianaHead
Mary ELancaster, Huntington 1858IndianaWife
NathanielLancaster, Huntington 1882IndianaSon
RabordLancaster, Huntington 1887IndianaSon
Eva ELancaster, Huntington 1892IndianaDaughter
BulahLancaster, Huntington 1898IndianaDaughter
{Family 89}
AlbertJackson, Jackson 1861IndianaHead
{Family 90}
Cecil EBearcreek, Jay 1811OhioHead
Clara BBearcreek, Jay 1864IndianaWife
Marie ABearcreek, Jay 1896IndianaDaughter
Kenneth VBearcreek, Jay 1904IndianaSon
Kennard DBearcreek, Jay 1904IndianaSon

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