CASE Families living in Indiana in 1910.
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This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here:

NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 31}
Frank BMuncie Ward 1, Delaware 1848IndianaHead
JennieMuncie Ward 1, Delaware 1855IndianaWife
{Family 32}
Ouston C [Austin]Muncie Ward 3, Delaware 1853IndianaHead73b
Harrett FMuncie Ward 3, Delaware 1853IrelandWife
Emma LMuncie Ward 3, Delaware 1879IndianaDaughter
Huck A [Hugh]Muncie Ward 3, Delaware 1886IndianaSon
{Family 33}
AnnaMuncie Ward 3, Delaware 1883New YorkDaughter
EarlMuncie Ward 3, Delaware 1886New YorkSon-in-law
{Family 34}
Lambert LMuncie Ward 5, Delaware 1850IndianaHead
Mary EMuncie Ward 5, Delaware 1852New YorkWife
{Family 35}
William BMount Pleasant, Delaware 1853IndianaHired Hand
{Family 36}
Charles HWashington, Delaware 1874IndianaHead
MilesWashington, Delaware 1885IndianaWife
Wesley GWashington, Delaware 1903IndianaSon
{Family 37}
William HWashington, Delaware 1853IndianaHead
GannettaWashington, Delaware 1858IllinoisWife
Margret EWashington, Delaware 1885IndianaDaughter
Edna AWashington, Delaware 1886IndianaDaughter
{Family 38}
Dora A
Surnames listed Gase
Washington, Delaware 1883IndianaHead164b
Alice LWashington, Delaware 1884IndianaWife
Roba H [Reba]Washington, Delaware 1901IndianaDaughter
Lewis RWashington, Delaware 1910IndianaSon
{Family 39}
Jane PWashington, Delaware 1850IndianaHead
Mary TWashington, Delaware 1877IndianaSon
Ersie BWashington, Delaware 1890IndianaDaughter
{Family 40}
Elmer SWashington, Delaware 1877IndianaHead
CoraWashington, Delaware 1881IndianaWife
Carl EWashington, Delaware 1898IndianaSon
GilbertWashington, Delaware 1902IndianaSon
FredWashington, Delaware 1904IndianaSon
PaulWashington, Delaware 1906IndianaSon
CecilWashington, Delaware 1908IndianaSon
{Family 41}
MaryColumbia, Dubois 1891IndianaStep Daughter
{Family 42}
Lewis F
Surnames listed Cale
Elkhart Ward 1, Elkhart 1850IndianaHead
EllenElkhart Ward 1, Elkhart 1852OhioWife
{Family 43}
Henry SElkhart Ward 3, Elkhart 1852MichiganHead
Eva DElkhart Ward 3, Elkhart 1860IndianaWife
{Family 44}
Surname listed Care
Elkhart Ward 4, Elkhart 1874IndianaCousin
{Family 45}
James BElkhart Ward 5, Elkhart 1861IndianaHead
LomaElkhart Ward 5, Elkhart 1860OhioWife
Hazel JElkhart Ward 5, Elkhart 1890IndiaDaughter
NavanoElkhart Ward 5, Elkhart 1908OhioGranddaughter
{Family 46}
Frank HGoshen Ward 5, Elkhart 1865IndianaHead103
Florence BGoshen Ward 5, Elkhart 1875IndianaWife
Mary LGoshen Ward 5, Elkhart 1897IndianaDaughter
Ether F [Esther]Goshen Ward 5, Elkhart 1901IndianaDaughter
Margaret HGoshen Ward 5, Elkhart 1905IndianaDaughter
Robert LGoshen Ward 5, Elkhart 1908IndianaSon
{Family 47}
EugeneMiddlebury, Elkhart 1846IndianaHead203
MatildaMiddlebury, Elkhart 1858IndianaWife
LestieMiddlebury, Elkhart 1885IndianaDaughter
FrancesMiddlebury, Elkhart 1891IndianaDaughter
JohnyMiddlebury, Elkhart 1898IndianaSon
{Family 48}
Benjamin RWashington, Elkhart 1834IndianaHead252
May EWashington, Elkhart 1833?Wife
{Family 49}
Clinton Connersville Ward 1, Fayette 1853IndianaHead
RebeckaConnersville Ward 1, Fayette 1867IndianaWife
CliffordConnersville Ward 1, Fayette 1898IndianaSon
MildredConnersville Ward 1, Fayette 1903IndianaDaughter
DonaldConnersville Ward 1, Fayette 1908IndianaSon
{Family 50}
ClaudeConnersville Ward 3, Fayette 1876OhioHead
Iva PConnersville Ward 3, Fayette 1881OhioWife
MaudeConnersville Ward 3, Fayette 1901OhioDaughter
MarthaConnersville Ward 3, Fayette 1908IndianaDaughter
{Family 51}
HFranklin, Floyd 1865IndianaHead198
Maggie MFranklin, Floyd 1862IndianaWife
{Family 52}
Thomas A
Surnames listed Cass
Georgetown, Floyd 1858IndianaHead
ElizaGeorgetown, Floyd 1848IndianaSister
{Family 53}
EdwardGeorgetown, Floyd 1870IndianaHead
MaryGeorgetown, Floyd 1869IndianaWife
JohnieGeorgetown, Floyd 1892IndianaSon
EmmaGeorgetown, Floyd 1895IndianaDaughter
NettieGeorgetown, Floyd 1898IndianaDaughter
RaymondGeorgetown, Floyd 1902IndianaSon
{Family 54}
George W New Albany Ward 6, Floyd 1865IndianaHead
Ida M New Albany Ward 6, Floyd 1865IndianaWife
Cartha E New Albany Ward 6, Floyd 1899IndianaSon
{Family 55}
Marvin T
Surnames listed Care
Attica Ward 2, Fountain 1843IndianaBoarder
Mary EAttica Ward 2, Fountain 1845IndianaBoarder
JessieAttica Ward 2, Fountain 1872IndianaBoarder
{Family 56}
Clinton E
Surnames listed Carr
Brookville Ward 1, Franklin1867IndianaHead65b
Osa [Ora B]
Surnames listed Carr
Brookville Ward 1, Franklin1879IndianaWife
{Family 57}
Absalom RWhitewater, Franklin 1824IndianaHead239b
Jessie FWhitewater, Franklin 1857IndianaSon
Sarah JWhitewater, Franklin 1851IndianaDaughter-in-law
{Family 58}
RalphWhitewater, Franklin 1890IndianaHead239b
Nara J [Nora]Whitewater, Franklin 1884IndianaSister
EthelWhitewater, Franklin 1891IndianaSister
{Family 59}
Howard W Whitewater, Franklin 1896IndianaGrandson
HarrisonWhitewater, Franklin 1899IndianaGrandson
{Family 60}
Edward FWhitewater, Franklin 1871IndianaHead
Catherene EWhitewater, Franklin 1869IndianaWife
MarieWhitewater, Franklin 1897IndianaDaughter
HazelWhitewater, Franklin 1899IndianaDaughter
HaroldWhitewater, Franklin 1903IndianaSon

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