CASE Families living in Illinois in 1910.
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This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here.

NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 241}
Joseph W
Surnames listed Cass
Odin, Marion 1854TennesseeHead
KateOdin, Marion 1865IllinoisWife
{Family 242}
EugeneSalem Ward 3, Marion 1875IllinoisBoarder
{Family 243}
Alice MDecatur Ward 2, Macon 1848MassachusettsMother-in-law
Emily BDecatur Ward 2, Macon 1886OhioSister-in-law
{Family 244}
Frank M Alton Ward 4, Madison 1853IllinoisHead
RoselAlton Ward 4, Madison 1868MissouriWife
FrankAlton Ward 4, Madison 1900MissouriSon
{Family 245}
SamuelHenry Ward 1, Marshall 1850OhioHead
SarahHenry Ward 1, Marshall 1852IllinoisWife
JamesHenry Ward 1, Marshall 1890IllinoisSon
{Family 246}
Alain B
Surnames listed Gase
Irish Grove, Menard 1889KansasHead
IdaIrish Grove, Menard 1884IllinoisWife
?? e Irish Grove, Menard 1910IllinoisSon
{Family 247}
OtisBois D Arc, Montgomery 1879IllinoisHead
Clara EBois D Arc, Montgomery 1883IllinoisWife
Beda FBois D Arc, Montgomery 1900IllinoisDaughter
Vergil GBois D Arc, Montgomery 1904IllinoisSon
Orvil ABois D Arc, Montgomery 1907IllinoisSon
Paul oBois D Arc, Montgomery 1909IllinoisSon
{Family 248}
ElbertBois D Arc, Montgomery 1876IllinoisHead
NellieBois D Arc, Montgomery 1875IllinoisWife
B FayBois D Arc, Montgomery 1905IllinoisDaughter
R ElmerBois D Arc, Montgomery 1908IllinoisSon
{Family 249}
John N Fillmore, Montgomery 1851IllinoisHead
Mary JFillmore, Montgomery 1861IllinoisWife
Clarence GFillmore, Montgomery 1887IllinoisSon
NellieFillmore, Montgomery 1891IllinoisDaughter
Jesse oFillmore, Montgomery 1893IllinoisSon
MableFillmore, Montgomery 1896IllinoisDaughter
EltaFillmore, Montgomery 1903IllinoisDaughter
{Family 250}
Clara Hillsboro Ward 3, Montgomery 1860TennesseeBoarder
{Family 254}
HarveyNokomis, Montgomery 1870IllinoisHead
Clavdia RNokomis, Montgomery 1878IllinoisWife
Cordelia VNokomis, Montgomery 1900VirginiaDaughter
Howard G RNokomis, Montgomery 1903IllinoisSon
{Family 252}
Surname listed Care
Nokomis Ward 2, Montgomery 1882New YorkLodger
{Family 253}
Joseph MLitchfield Ward 2, Montgomery 1848IndianaHead
Rebecca JLitchfield Ward 2, Montgomery 1855IndianaWife
Goldie ILitchfield Ward 2, Montgomery 1894IllinoisDaughter
{Family 254}
Charles BLitchfield Ward 4, Montgomery 1881IllinoisHead
JessieLitchfield Ward 4, Montgomery 1885IllinoisWife
CallrenLitchfield Ward 4, Montgomery 1909IllinoisDaughter
{Family 255}
William R
Surname listed Care
Witt, Montgomery 1889IllinoisHead
{Family 256}
Linda M
Surname listed Cake
Jacksonville Ward 4, Morgan 1859WisconsinHead
WarrenJacksonville Ward 4, Morgan 1889IllinoisSon
Mary EJacksonville Ward 4, Morgan 1890IllinoisDaughter
{Family 257}
RuthJacksonville Ward 4, Morgan 1857IllinoisPatient
{Family 258}
Elmer EEagle Point, Ogle 1865IllinoisHead
JennieEagle Point, Ogle 1870WisconsinWife
{Family 259}
ClarindaEagle Point, Ogle 1830ConnecticutHead
OrphiaEagle Point, Ogle 1857IllinoisDaughter
LukeEagle Point, Ogle 1889IllinoisGrandson
{Family 260}
HelenFlagg, Ogle 1878IllinoisServant
{Family 261}
ElizabethMarion, Ogle 1879IllinoisSister-in-law
{Family 262}
Robert G
Surnames listed Care
Marion, Ogle 1875IllinoisHead
Iva BMarion, Ogle 1881IllinoisWife
{Family 263}
Charles CPeoria Ward 6, Peoria 1874IndianaHead249
MetaPeoria Ward 6, Peoria 1876GermanyWife
Edward JPeoria Ward 6, Peoria 1899IllinoisSon
Clarence APeoria Ward 6, Peoria 1907IllinoisSon
Walter FPeoria Ward 6, Peoria 1906IllinoisSon
Emma LPeoria Ward 6, Peoria 1907IllinoisDaughter
{Family 264}
Elsie A
Surname listed Care
Peoria Ward 6, Peoria 1899IllinoisDaughter-in-law
{Family 265}
John E
Surname listed Cose
Peoria Ward 6, Peoria 1883IowaHead
{Family 266}
Carrie R
Surnames listed Cara
Peoria Ward 2, Peoria 1853IllinoisHead
BerthaPeoria Ward 2, Peoria 1879IllinoisDaughter
Montgomery BPeoria Ward 2, Peoria 1882IllinoisSon
{Family 267}
Albert M Peoria Ward 2, Peoria 1846IllinoisHead
Celeste JPeoria Ward 2, Peoria 1849OhioWife
{Family 268}
Surname listed Care
Peoria Ward 3, Peoria 1888IllinoisRoomer
{Family 269}
W GeorgePeoria Ward 5, Peoria 1878IllinoisHead
OrmaPeoria Ward 5, Peoria 1881IllinoisWife
B JayPeoria Ward 5, Peoria 1907IllinoisSon
{Family 270}
Eusley J Peoria Ward 5, Peoria 1852IllinoisHead
Janes EPeoria Ward 5, Peoria 1856IllinoisWife
Maurice EPeoria Ward 5, Peoria 1880IllinoisSon
Florence GPeoria Ward 5, Peoria 1884IllinoisDaughter

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