CASE Families living in Illinois in 1910.
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This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here.

NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 151}
Albert Chicago Ward 27, Cook 1860IllinoisBrother147
{Family 152}
RoseChicago Ward 27, Cook 1882MichiganSister-in-law
{Family 153}
John AChicago Ward 28, Cook 1857ConnecticutHead
Bessie MChicago Ward 28, Cook 1870NorwayWife
{Family 154}
William DChicago Ward 30, Cook 1878MichiganHead
MinnieChicago Ward 30, Cook 1879MichiganWife
{Family 155}
William D
Surnames listed Cass
Chicago Ward 31, Cook 1859PennsylvaniaHead
Ida EChicago Ward 31, Cook 1861MichiganWife
Dula AChicago Ward 31, Cook 1879MichiganDaughter
Frank JChicago Ward 31, Cook 1891IndianaSon
{Family 156}
LucyChicago Ward 32, Cook 1836New YorkHead
IdaChicago Ward 32, Cook 1871ColoradoDaughter
JeromeChicago Ward 32, Cook 1877ColoradoSon
{Family 157}
Frank BChicago Ward 32, Cook 1870MichiganLodger
MarionChicago Ward 32, Cook 1875MichiganLodger
{Family 158}
Frank MChicago Ward 32, Cook 1872IndianaBoarder
{Family 159}
William H
Surnames listed Cose
Chicago Ward 32, Cook 1858IndianaHead
Velma FChicago Ward 32, Cook 1864IllinoisWife
Colby CChicago Ward 32, Cook 1892IllinoisSon
MabellChicago Ward 32, Cook 1887IllinoisDaughter-in-law
George JChicago Ward 32, Cook 1877IllinoisSon
{Family 160}
Katherine PChicago Ward 32, Cook 1873IllinoisLodger
{Family 161}
Clarence DChicago Ward 32, Cook 1880OhioHead
Kate LChicago Ward 32, Cook 1886IndianaWife
Allen LChicago Ward 32, Cook 1907IllinoisSon
{Family 162}
Sidney HChicago Ward 32, Cook 1842OhioBrother
{Family 163}
Ida BChicago Ward 33, Cook 1872Canada EnglishHead
Luella MChicago Ward 33, Cook 1892MichiganDaughter
Martha MChicago Ward 33, Cook 1894IllinoisDaughter
{Family 164}
Henry JChicago Ward 33, Cook 1884IndiaHead
AlmaChicago Ward 33, Cook 1884IllinoisWife
Earl HChicago Ward 33, Cook 1907IllinoisSon
Frederick FChicago Ward 33, Cook 1908IllinoisSon
{Family 165}
TonyChicago Ward 33, Cook 1884IllinoisHead
RossieChicago Ward 33, Cook 1907IllinoisDaughter
EsabelChicago Ward 33, Cook 1908IllinoisDaughter
CalvinChicago Ward 33, Cook 1909IllinoisSon
{Family 166}
Andrew RChicago Ward 34, Cook 1884OhioHead
MarthaChicago Ward 34, Cook 1883GermanyWife
DorothyChicago Ward 34, Cook 1910IllinoisDaughter
{Family 167}
Charles JChicago Ward 35, Cook 1846New YorkHead
HannahChicago Ward 35, Cook 1869IrelandWife
MargueriteChicago Ward 35, Cook 1895IllinoisDaughter
{Family 168}
FrankUnion, Cumberland 1881IndianaHead
AnnaUnion, Cumberland 1884OhioWife
Marrie EUnion, Cumberland 1906IndianaDaughter
Glen EUnion, Cumberland 1909IllinoisSon
{Family 169}
Melvin EDe Kalb, Dekalb 1855WisconsinHead
Ester LDe Kalb, Dekalb 1856WisconsinWife
{Family 170}
JamesArcola, Douglas 1854OhioHead
AliceArcola, Douglas 1854OhioWife
JamesArcola, Douglas 1888IllinoisSon
MelvinArcola, Douglas 1893IllinoisSon
{Family 171}
Gert EArcola Ward 3, Douglas 1875IndianaHead
Sarah JArcola Ward 3, Douglas 1880IllinoisWife
HelenArcola Ward 3, Douglas 1903IllinoisDaughter
LousArcola Ward 3, Douglas 1904IllinoisDaughter
HallieArcola Ward 3, Douglas 1906IllinoisDaughter
GeorgeArcola Ward 3, Douglas 1907IllinoisSon
ClydeArcola Ward 3, Douglas 1909IllinoisSon
JamesArcola Ward 3, Douglas 1886IndianaBrother
{Family 172}
PeterYork, Dupage 1833GermanyHead
ConstanciaYork, Dupage 1841GermanyWife
{Family 173}
John JYork, Dupage 1866IllinoisHead
Frances AYork, Dupage 1875IllinoisWife
John PYork, Dupage 1897IllinoisSon
Catherine EYork, Dupage 1899IllinoisDaughter
Frances NYork, Dupage 1900IllinoisDaughter
Constance LYork, Dupage 1900IllinoisDaughter
Clara AYork, Dupage 1902IllinoisDaughter
Lucy MYork, Dupage 1908IllinoisDaughter
{Family 174}
CharlesWest Chicago Ward 1, Dupage 1884IowaHead
NellieWest Chicago Ward 1, Dupage 1884IowaWife
AlbertWest Chicago Ward 1, Dupage 1905IowaSon
{Family 175}
Truman W
Surnames listed Carl
Effingham Ward 3, Effingham 1862IllinoisHead
MalindaEffingham Ward 3, Effingham 1863IllinoisWife
SpencerEffingham Ward 3, Effingham 1890IllinoisSon
NancyEffingham Ward 3, Effingham 1894IllinoisDaughter
TrumanEffingham Ward 3, Effingham 1903IllinoisSon
{Family 176}
Surname listed Cose
Edgar, Edgar 1904IndianaNiece
{Family 177}
Jennie LParis Ward 5, Edgar 1895IndianaStepdaughter224b
{Family 178}
ThomasRoss, Edgar 1865IllinoisHead
SarahRoss, Edgar 1867IllinoisWife
CharlieRoss, Edgar 1892IllinoisSon
{Family 179}
Carless Lone Grove, Fayette 1845PennsylvaniaHead
EvadneLone Grove, Fayette 1844PennsylvaniaWife
JamesLone Grove, Fayette 1874PennsylvaniaSon
{Family 180}
John WBenton Ward 1, Franklin 1876IllinoisHead
OnaBenton Ward 1, Franklin 1877IllinoisWife
PearlBenton Ward 1, Franklin 1900IllinoisDaughter
PaulBenton Ward 1, Franklin 1903IllinoisSon
ClaudeBenton Ward 1, Franklin 1906IllinoisSon
MargereleBenton Ward 1, Franklin 1908IllinoisDaughter
AudBenton Ward 1, Franklin 1909IllinoisSon

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